So my boyfriend is a commercial driver

My boyfriend is a truck driver and gone almost all of the time. How do I keep the spark going?

If your boyfriend drives for one of the larger OTR companies, they make provisions with their insurance carriers to allow passengers to travel with the driver. A LOT of drivers travel with their significant others, and during summer vacation you will see a lot of kids out on the road with their parent. Your boyfriend will likely need to pay for the additional insurance, which isn’t much and is paid monthly. He would also need to be a proven safe driver.

If that is not an option, you might consider driving to meet him if he is driving at least fairly close to your home area. I used to do this quite a bit when my husband was driving solo, and we kept it to within a comfortable drive for me (about 3 hours max) and when he had time to tarry a bit.

Play this right, and you can inject all sorts of magic into the relationship. Stay in a nice motel, have dinner at a nice restaurant…get him out of the truck for a while. Just be sure to get him back in time, and be sure the truck is in a secure place if you take him away for a bit. Don’t bother with truck stop motels, the staff will think you are a prostitute and treat you accordingly. Unless you are into that sort of thing…

Why do I constantly miss my boyfriend when I just saw him?

Why do you miss him? For the same reasons you like to be with him in the first place.

Likely he makes you feel good and he’s nice to look at.
He might say flattering, positive things to you.
Maybe he does nice things for you.
Maybe you feel safe around him.

These are all normal feelings.

It feels good to feel good.

And when that person goes away, even temporarily, you realize that you don’t feel quite as good when you are by yourself.

When someone cares about you, they have this way of making you feel like a better version of yourself.

It’s ok to miss someone but it’s important to not rely on them for your happiness.

Because if you’re always a sad panda when your boyfriend is not around then you’re selling yourself short. And you’re also discounting the other people in your life.

You don’t want to have your happiness depend on someone else.

It’s great when they are around and they make you feel good, and when they go, you miss them, but that feeling doesn’t take over your life.

I’ve known people who are very depressed when their significant other is away, and that’s no way to live.

Just remember: You are totally awesome whether you are by yourself or with someone else.

Who should pay the fines for these non-moving commercial vehicle violations...the owner/employer or the driver?

The Employer has a commercial business involving a pick-up truck with a pull-behind 2-wheel trailer to haul equipment. The Employer's regular driver is unavailable so he hires a citizen with a regular driver's license (not a commercial license) to drive the truck and trailer 300 miles for a job. This is the Employee/Driver. The trailer is connected/hitched to the truck by someone besides the Employer or Employee, including the tail lights.

Along the way, the Employee gets pulled over by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and is given 4 tickets for lack of inspection sticker on the trailer, defective tail light, improper chain connection, and unconnected trailer brake. The Employer/Owner of the truck and trailer is listed on the citation, but the Driver/Employee is listed as the Operator and the one being called into court. Total fines for these non-moving violations will be several hundred dollars or possibly over $1000.

While the court may have legal right to charge the Driver/Operator for these fines, will they or should they pursue the Owner for payment? If the court doesn't fine the Owner/Employer but makes the Driver/Employee pay, can the Driver/Employee sue the Owner/Employer for reimbursement of fines, court costs, travel expenses to get to and from this remote court out of town, and legal fees for representation?

So my boyfriend is a commercial driver?

So my boyfriend is a commercial driver and last weekend he was involved in a "accident" I put the quotes because I think that the man was just trying to get money so as we were going inside the parking lot of a Walmart there was a stop sign and we stopped at the sign the tires slid a little because it was raining and when it slid there was another car coming and he beeped his horn and my boyfriend got his truck to stop in time to not hit him, but instead of stopping the driver looked at him out his hands up and when he put his hands up he swerved my boyfriend did not hit him and the driver did not hit anything... And when my boyfriend got out the truck to make sure he was alright bc the other driver swerved the driver told my boyfriend that he needed to get his company insurance because he had a crack in the windshield from swerving... So of course my boyfriend had to give him the insurance and his company told him that he had to call the police and get a report and when the other driver was told that the police would have to come out then he tried to tell the company never mind but it was already too late he already called the insurance and filed a claim and when my boyfriend told the other driver that he had called the police he left the scene. So we waited for the police and they never showed and they said that they wasn t gonna show up because it was on private property, and now he just got a call that he has to go to the terminal on Monday for a safety issue and he might nice fired I was wondering if its best if he just quit now before he actually gets fired so that it wouldn t show in his record or should he just wait it out to see what they say

My husband is a truck driver and thinks I cheat. He had me put a tracking device on my phone. I do not cheat. I love my husband. Should I stay or leave him?

You may love him, but love is not enough to make a marriage work. It also requires trust. Without trust, it is absolutely impossible to have a healthy relationship.

Your husband doesn't trust you. Putting a tracking device on your phone is not garden-variety insecurity; that's pathological. You're in an unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship.

Can it be salvaged? Maybe. If he is willing to see a therapist, it's possible. I doubt your marriage can become healthy if he doesn't see a therapist, and even if he does, I would say the odds aren't good. If he has gone so far as to track your phone, be feels entitled to calm his insecurities by tracking and controlling you. That entitlement is hard to address even by insecurity, which is why emotional abusers tend to remain emotional abusers.

One more thing to think about: human beings tend to accuse others of the things they're guilty of themselves. It has been my observation that the people who scream "You're cheating! You're cheating!" the loudest are the ones who are cheating themselves. I'd lay you even odds he's doing the very thing he's accusing you of.

Is it worth getting your CDL if you don't have a perfect driving record?

Is there a job you can get without a drivers license?

Many jobs don't require a license so much as, "a reliable way to get to work." This means that you could drive him there, or he could take public transportation. Is he looking for jobs that require he drive on the clock? There are a lot of jobs that don't require driving, depending on his education/training, schedule restrictions, etc. How long will he be without a license? If it will only be a couple of months, he could start doing some holiday work until he can drive again. I'd also suggest looking into things within walking/biking/skating distance, or near bus/subway stops, depending on where you live.

My boyfriend wants to become a truck driver?

Does he need advice on how to do it or are you looking for advice on how to handle it.

For him to become a driver, he'll need a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). There are countless driving schools across the nation that offer this type of training. Once he has his CDL he can either buy his own truck and become an owner/operator or he could apply for a job as a driver at trucking company. The latter is the easiest way to get started.

If you're wondering how to handle it, that's tough. If he's going to become a long haul trucker, be ready to only see him on weekends or when he doesn't have a load to be trucking. It's not easy on wife and kids but plenty of families deal with it so it's not impossible.

Is adderall permitted for truck drivers?

As long as it is prescribed by a doctor for a diagnosed medical condition, your doctor certifies that it won't have an adverse effect on your driving, and you inform your employer, it should be OK.

Federal Motor Carrier Regulations state:

§382.213 Controlled substances use.

(a) No driver shall report for duty or remain on duty requiring the performance of safety-sensitive functions when the driver uses any controlled substance, except when the use is pursuant to the instructions of a licensed medical practitioner, as defined in §382.107, who has advised the driver that the substance will not adversely affect the driver’s ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.

(b) No employer having actual knowledge that a driver has used a controlled substance shall permit the driver to perform or continue to perform a safety-sensitive function.

(c) An employer may require a driver to inform the employer of any therapeutic drug use.

Could I be a truck driver being Bipolar?

I have a question very similary to yours. I'm a psychotic depressive and I want to be an over the road truck driver. In my research so far and with all the questions I asked here on yahoo. I've gotten mixed results. Some say yeah go for while other say there should be no people with mental illnesses on the road. I will share one thing with you. I went to the below website in acrobat reader and there is a form that your dot qualified doctor will fill out for your physical. If you scroll down there is a section that asks if you have a mental illness and if you take medication. If you scroll down further you will see a couple of paragraphs explaining what types of psychiatric disorders are potentially disqualifiying. I haven't acutally taken the DOT physical yet as I haven't found the time, but this will give you a little idea about what could happen in the interview.

I read a little futher one time. Your physical doc may have you referred to a psychiatrist to give you a give you a clean bill of health even if you do have a psychiatric disorder.

So in short you may be able to be a trucker and you may not. It all depends on the DOT physical. As far as stress goes you really won't know how it will affect you unless you get out and do it. So give it a try I might.