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So my boyfriend is a commercial driver

My boyfriend wants to be a truck driver

Traveling together is a good test of a relationship. Being constantly together in such a small space will really show you if you could actually live together. You will get to see a lot of the country, (but on the down side, you wouldn't really have time to stop at too many places to just enjoy the attractions).

On the down side of things, if he does not own his own truck (or rent his own truck) and has to drive a truck for a company, he may not even be allowed to have passengers. (insurance issues.) If he does own or rent his own truck, that will be a big expense out of his income just in the upkeep and payments for the truck. It could end up being almost as expensive as just renting a cheap apartment and working a regular job to try to save money for a house. You would not be able to get a job, so the only income you would be saving from would be his.

It is a very tough call. I really don't know how much a truck driver can earn. I do know it sounds like a lot when the companies are trying to get you interested in driving for them. I had a brother in law that left his full time factory job to drive truck because they where advertising that they paid $1,000 per each load hauled. (this was about 10 years ago) He was gone for three to four days at a time and had to pay for his own fuel in the truck. By the time he finished each load, he was making less money per day than what he had been making in the factory. (consider the cost of eating while you are on the road too. You'll have no place to cook meals, so restaurants and fast food or convenience store foods can get expensive)

It really doesn't earn as much money as some may think it does unless he can get into a really good situation. It is just like any other job, you have to get into the right company or the right contract, and some pay better than others. If he really wants to try it, go for it. Plan on doing it for one year and see how much you have saved in that year. Then if it isn't working out, you can always change your situation and start looking for other jobs. If he doesn't get the chance to at least try, he will always look back at this time in his life and wonder if it would have been different if he had been able to do this.

My boyfriend wants to become a truck driver

its a field of work that can be VERY prosperous and is in demand. IF he has a perfect driving record id suggest going to the larger companys applying for a job. the big companys will often train and license people and start them on a job asap. however, he will be away from the house for possibly a week at a time or so...

Can a truck driver use phentermine

Yes its ok if he has a prescription from a doctor. No problems.

What happens if you get caught driving a Small commercial truck without the CDL

well tell him to go get his cdl and show up in court with it and the judge is likely to dismiss the whole thing. or sign up and get the course or take the test, if he needs more time just go to court and ask for a continuance of 90 days because he is in the process of getting his certificate. The reason for this is he will end up making more money anyway. I guess you should be glad he has a job at least eh? he could be home drinking beer, passing gas, and asking you to get a beer and find the remote, before you have to go to work.

Dont know drivers license number how to find out what it is

You'd probably need to go into the local DPS (Dept of Public Safety) office and have them look it up. Check here for your local office

Nails or screws when to use each

There are several reasons to choose one over the other.

Screws tend to have more holding power specially in terms of being pulled out. If you were trying to attach a handle to a door or drawer, using nails would not be a good as using screws.

Screws can be removed and reinstalled more easily than nails. So of a lid that might need to be removed from time to time, screw would be an obvious choice.

A not so obvious use of screws is in modifications to existing construction. Framing lumber can become dry, hard or brittle over time. If you were trying to make a change to a portion of an existing framing member, screws with pre-drilled holes might work better than trying to hammer in nails.

Nails go in quickly and even faster with a nail gun. They work well for any type of fastening problem where pull out is not a big problem.In glued construction, they are specially good to hold two pieces of wood together until the glue sets. They are good for temporary work or most structural framing as well as house trim work and flooring.

In the case of materials like MDF, in certain applications nails seldom do well whereas screws specifically designed for MDF will work if installed properly.

Of a general nature, nails tend to be cheaper and quicker to use in those applications where there is no clear choice between screws or nails.

Can you get a CDL without first having a regular driving license

No, you can't obtain a CDL without first having held a regular operator's license for at least 1 year. It does you no good to get a CDL without having a driver's license first, because almost no company will hire you to drive a truck when they have no driving record on you. See what I mean?

If he wants to get a CDL, he'll first have to apply for, and pass the tests for, the standard operator license. Once he's gotten that, and if your dad's company isn't very big, he can get a CDL and start driving. Most large scale trucking companies won't take someone with less than a year's driving record, though.

Can i get a lineman job even though i have a criminal record

Most trade schools also offer job assistance for it's graduates. Try talking to them there. Also, call one or two utilities around and see what their policies are. There is no underlying reason that I can think of where a lineman would have to meet a higher burden than any other employee at a utility. The only exception would be most lineman must either have or be capable of getting a commercial driver's license.

Also, a lineman is an occupation almost always in demand. It can be hard work, and, while many people stay one for life, a lot of people change along the way.