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Swimming with a group of friends with big boobs

Anime like Free Iwatobi Swim Club and K On

Free and K-on are produced by Kyoto Animation. Basically anything they produce is similar to what ypu want.
From what ive seen :
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Tomako Market
Kyokai no Kanata

Stupid boob question but please answer

Without knowing that something is up?
Go right ahead into the bathroom. I'm positive that you're being too worried that they are watching your every move. If you've matured faster than your friends, it's natural to want to cover yourself up, because your body doesn't look like theirs. It's more matured. They'll understand when they mature.
I'm 13, 34b also, and have pubic hair. My best friend is a little flat stick, and I can't change in front of her. It's just too..weird.

Is it ok to show your guy friends your boobs

Um...those guys are disrespectful jerks who could have raped you. Now that you showed them your boobs, they are not going to stop asking to see more boobs and they're not going to stop there...they will soon want to see you naked and they will gang up on you and rape you. You did not do the right thing. Do not for a second, think that these guys like you and do not get your self-esteem from a bunch of idiots wanting to see you naked....they would want to see anyone're nothing special to them which is why they treat you like a piece of meat. Someone who respects you and likes you will never ever do that type of crap such as pulling on your bathing suit or yelling like a ghetto piece of trash to take your top off. I feel sorry for whoever is flattered by that. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN AND DO NOT HANG OUT WITH THEM ANYMORE...its dangerous!!!

My friends keep commenting about my breasts

Bottom line, every stare is a compliment, and you seem confident and comfortable with yourself, so I don't think you really have anything to worry about - you're well endowed, it is a mixed blessing, but you'll probably enjoy the benefits more than you regret the wandering eyes. Two things.

1. Be who you are and wear what you want. If you don't like the comments and looks, then dress more conservatively and avoid the comments. Wear a t-shirt when you're around folks that can't help but staring.

2. tinypic us. See what I mean about the mixed blessing?

Dose bf mean boy friend or best friend

can mean both very confusing i know

Umm Multiple Questions Girl answers prefered but Male Answers are Not Declined

Migliore risposta:  Are you drinking milk or soy milk or something? 24 ounces a day should help, and they both have protein and calcium as well. Your diet sounds pretty healthy but you could probably eat more if you're trying to gain weight. Your breakfast is where I see you need the most improvement. You need some protein added, as well as some fruit, although the whole grains in the instant oatmeal is a good start. Why not have your scrambled eggs as well as some toast with smart balance on it with your oatmeal, and have some yogurt with fruit for your snack instead? You could also use some nuts (besides the peanut butter) in your diet, because they provide important good fats. You could have a handful with your banana during your afternoon snack. Raw nuts are best.

Oh and about the dance- all of us have different body types, and the trick with dresses is just to get something that flatters whatever type your body is. So just try on different kinds and have fun!

My nipples stick out but I ve not got any boobs