What are the most disturbing and paranoid theories compiled in philosophy

What were the most chilling quotes ever said?

I have to second Rudolf Höss here (Rudolf Höss - Wikipedia). However, I refer to his autobiography, Commandant of Auschwitz, which he wrote after his conviction for war crimes, but before his execution in 1947 [FOOTNOTE 1].

This book is a smörgåsbord of memorable quotes and passages. Some items I recall:

He caricatured Jehovah Witnesses as fanatics who were just jumping at the chance to be “martyred” for their faith, and complained he would have been perfectly happy to let them live (provided they renounce their consciences).
He recalled a gay prisoner with undisguised disgust and makes an offhand crack that the guy’s death was ultimately due to his masturbation habits.
Höss was responsible for having the words “Arbeit macht frei” set up at Auschwitz, and he spends time trying to justify this, claiming he only wished to reform the prisoners by teaching them the value of hard work.

But the quote that got me (so well I actually wrote it down at the time; this was years ago) involved a single incident Höss wrote about.

One of Höss’ SS colleagues got in trouble for insubordination. This SS man was sent to arrest one of his friends, a rather harmless German communist. And then:

“Out of kindness the SS officer had let [the communist] pay a last visit to his home, to change his clothes and say goodbye to his wife. While the SS official and his colleagues were talking with the wife in the sitting room, the husband escaped out the back…The SS officer was actually arrested inside the Gestapo building while reporting the escape…One hour later he was sentenced to death…”

“The condemned was a respectable man in his middle thirties, married and with three children, who had hitherto carried out his duties faithfully and conscientiously. He met his death with calm and resignation. I cannot understand to this day how I was able, quite calmly, to give the order to fire.”

History often throws out things that we just couldn’t make up.

(execution of Rudolf Höss)

FOOTNOTE 1 - I read a rather old copy from (appropriately) the Skokie Public Library. I’ve heard that more modern editions cut out some passages as being overly inappropriate, such as Höss’ aforementioned comments on a gay prisoner (who was a Romanian nobleman, if anyone wants to check that out). I’ll let Quorans guess what I think of such censorship.

These events just can't be a coincidence. (Synchronocity)?

My philosophy is this: If similar situations, people or occurrences keep presenting themselves to you, you are doing something or thinking in a manner that brings them to you. You need to look at the situation carefully and see what you need to learn from it. Maybe there's a personality trait in you that needs to be dealt with - not saying it's necessarily a bad thing - that these people bring out.

I had a serious relationship with a man when I was in college. It lasted a few years and I broke it off. Eight years later, I met another man who drew me in the exact same way the first one did - love at first sight. Their birthdays were 1 day apart. They were so similar in so many ways it was uncanny. I married the second one and I still complain about some of his behavior - the same behavior that I left the first guy over.

But what is significant is not that they were similar to each other, but that both embody SO MANY characteristics of both my parents. I feel I'm being presented with situations that perhaps I didn't deal with early on and now I get a second, third or fourth chance to deal with it rather than run away. I left home to get away from my parents and I left the first guy. Now I'm working on these issues with my husband and myself.

So for you, perhaps it's not over, and maybe there is a reason for the similarities. I think that the similar numbers may not be as significant as the reason you don't speak to the first friend. Perhaps there are issues within yourself and the way you deal with others' behavior that you need to examine and learn to deal with, rather than run from. I would just guess that, from the extreme emotional distress and the paranoia you speak of, perhaps you could use the help of a good psychologist, pastor or someone whom you trust, in order to sift through all this.

Best of luck from another Aquarian!

P.S. If violence was an issue with the friend - don't go there with the man. Deal with that one from a distance.

Which conspiracy theory makes too much sense to be ignored?

Well perhaps you should look into the Mandela effect.

Ever seen wizard of oz ? Fly my pretties fly ?Nope it's now fly fly fly

Did the scarecrow have a gun ? Answer…. yes of course he did (wtf)

How many people were in the car when JFK got shot. 4 or 6. Answer. 6 With a bullet proof glass shield in the middle as well. (Wtf)

What colour is the A team van ? Black with red stripe. Or black and grey with red stripe ? Answer…. Black and grey with red stripe. (Aargh)

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I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. Oh is that I don't think we're in Kansas anymore ?

All these things are things that are now real. They haven't changed. They have always been there. A bit like Sri Lanka has moved as well.

Welcome to the Matrix.

And for my UK friends. Walkers crisps have never sold salt and vinegar in blue packets…. Ever

What was the most paranoid time in American History?

What was the most paranoid time in American history?



We have met the enemy, and he is US!

When President Eisenhower was leaving office, he gave a speech in which he warned us about Military Industrial complex. Originally he was going to call it the Military Industrial Congressional complex. Why didn't we heed him?

The Military Industrial Congressional complex now has complete control of the nation and runs this country for the benefit of the 1%.

On 9/11, they discovered the perfect tool with which to control the American people….



President Theodore Roosevelt said that the greatest threat to America was not from outside our borders, but internally, from Malefactors of Great Wealth…

We have the strongest military in the World by far…yet the President propagandizes us that we are weak… Do you live in fear of lightning? Your chances of being killed by lightning are much greater then being killed by terrorists.

These are just some of the things they have brainwashed us to live in fear of;



North Korea








People of color

How do they control the minds of the American people? There is no liberal media… you've been tricked into thinking that there is…. The Mainstream Media is controlled by 6 corporations. Who do you think controls those six Corporations?…The United States is now in an alternate reality, separate from how the rest of the world sees things. The rest of the world sees America as the greatest exporter of Terror.. we have destabilised the entire Middle East… We are living in a state of denial..


What are the most disturbing and paranoid theories compiled in philosophy?

True philosophy is based on clear thinking and logic and is therefore neither disturbed nor paranoid.

Oddly enough, however, the majority of people you'll encounter in this particular forum are either disturbed, paranoid or suffer from another of a multitude of mental issues. Paranoia? Depression? Schizophrenia? Narcissism? Psychosis? Substance Abuse? Antisocial? Bipolar? Obsessive Compulsive? Misanthropic? Mysoginist? dysmorphic? Suicidal?

Yup, we got em all here, and more.

Has Philosophy any answers for, or even any questions for...our THEORY of Evolution ?

Philosophers were responsible for the creation and development of the scientific method, the scientific philosophy. It began with ancient skeptics and physicians like Aristotle, and during the rennaisance was refined into an actual theory and methodology by political/scientific theorists like Francis Bacon.

Charles Darwin's Descent of Man, Origin of Species, and other works were heavily influenced by this historical framework, and spoke to a generation of thinkers including philosophers and scientists. Things like deductive and inductive logic, theories of logic itself, realism, all have a great deal to do with science and the theory of evolution. Theories of Ontology, metaphysics, logos, even the ancient greek nomenclature are telling signs of the philosophical roots of science and evolution. Ironic.