What word is the male equivalent of brunette

What do you call the male equivalent of a maid?

In the household that had servants, there was a strict hierarchy among both the female and male staff. The female servants answered to the housekeeper, and the male servants to the butler. The butler was certainly not the equivalent of a maid. He had a managerial role, and was answerable directly to the head of the household.

But there were different kinds of maid. To be a lady’s maid meant that you attended personally on one particular lady, helping her with her clothes and so on. The male equivalent was a valet. This was quite a high position, because you take orders directly from a lady or a gentleman. (Jeeves, the character created by P.G. Wodehouse is a valet and not a butler. He is Bertie Wooster’s only servant, and his only job is to take care of Bertie - he doesn’t have other servants to manage).

A housemaid, on the other hand, was much lower than a lady’s maid. She would be responsible for cleaning jobs around the house. I think that a footman would have been considered more or less equal to a housemaid.

For a more complete list of ranks, see here: Article 046--Servants--Their Hierarchy and Duties

What word is the male equivalent of "brunette"?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary says "brunet: a person having brown or black hair and often a relatively dark complexion —spelled brunet when used of a boy or man and usually brunette when used of a girl or woman."

However I have been around a long time and never seen that word used. I don't recommend using it.

What's the male equivalent of the word 'brunette'?

Brunette describes a dark brown hair colour. Presumably it is the same colour whether on a male or a female so why not use the same word? Does colour have gender?

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What is the male version of Brunette?

This Site Might Help You.

What is the male version of Brunette?

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What is the male equivalent to beautiful or gorgeous?

Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful-- but not beautiful like a girl, beautiful like an amazing sunset that you want to look at forever. (be specific, ie beautiful eyes, amazing smile, etc.). Really really super duper attractive. But really, I think it's actions and your expression when you say these that speak loudest here. Like, saying you're so incredibly attractive and pulling them towards you into a hug and a kiss (or whatever...).

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