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What would happen if there were no penguins in the South Pole

What would happen if someone took about 1000 penguins from the South Pole and took them to Canadas far north

My comic answer is there would be a marked increase in obese Polar Bears.

My reality answer is as long as food sources remain the same, they would adapt quiet well as they can of course handle frigid temperatures because of their super insulated tuxedo suits.

Darryl S.

Why do polar bears live in the north pole and penguins in the south pole

This is actually quite an interesting question.

Polar bears are descended from continental bears that lived further south, over time they evolved their white coats and other characteristic to live on the sea ice. Bears can live in the arctic because the arctic has a lot of seasonal ice. the bears can go out on the ice, which isnt very thick, and capture seals that come to the surface to breath. Because the Antarctic is not connected to the continents, there was no way for ancient bears to migrate there.

Penguins can live in antarctica for exactly the opposite reason. There are no bears! And no foxes or other land predators. None of the ancient ancestors of todays land mammals could get there. So penguins were able to swim there, and set up their colonies.... maybe they flew and afterwards evolved to have no wings - or rather, to have wings that were too small to allow them to fly. They don't need to fly because there are no predators to catch them. In the Arctic there are birds very similar to penguins (different bird family) same kind of coloring, same ability to swim, but the Arctic birds have not lost their ability to fly.... if they had, they would have been wiped out - the arctic bears and foxes would have gotten them.

What happens to dead penguins and polar bears

Penguins that die at sea get eaten by sea creatures such as fish, squid and crustacea. Penguins that die on land are cleaned up by skuas and giant petrels in Antarctica and on sub-Antarctic islands and by scavengers and insects in South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Penguins do have natural enemies on land in Antarctica. While adult birds have no predators, eggs and chicks are vulnerable to attacks by skuas. Further north, they are at risk from snakes, foxes, cats and other terrestrial predators.

How come there are no penguins in the North Pole

Cold-adapted creatures like penguins can't travel between the Poles because they'd have to go through the hot places in between them. So for them to exist at both Poles, they'd have had to evolve in both places separately, which is practically impossible.

Unless of course you're a Fundie, in which case penguins don't live at the North Pole because God said so, and if you dare to question His word you'll burn in everlasting Hellfire, so there.

Why cant penguins survive near the north pole

Some penguins were released into the Arctic in the past, in an attempt to replace the Great Auk (a flightless bird that is similar ecologically to the penguins but unrelated). The Great Auk was hunted to extinction due to human greed. There is evidence that the introduced penguins survived initially and even reproduced for a few years, but then they became extinct. No one knows why these introduced penguins did not make it. The reason penguins do not get to the Arctic by themselves is the warm water temperatures around the equator. Penguins evolved near the Antarctic, and they have evolved a thick layer of fat under their skin to keep them warm. If they get near the warm waters near the equator, they will overheat and die.

Since the South Pole became a continent why isnt the north pole a continent

The South pole is not a continent. A continent is defined as a large land mass (with some other specifications). A pole is a point, not a land mass. It is located on a continent called Antarctica. The North pole is a point located on water, not on land, so it can't be on a continent.

Can Polar Bears live in the Antarctic

I am concerned about that too. I think that polar bears could survive, relatively unchanged, there. However, I think that moving polar bears to the Antarctic might be proved disastrous to some of the native species. I am particularly thinking about the penguins. They (at least some species there) spend the winter months caring for their egg. They stand in large colonies and carry it on their feet. With a couple of polar bears there, an unknown predator, and an egg on their feet, the situation looks pretty grim.

Polar bears will survive, as they have habitat on Canada and so on, but their feeding habits will have to change. They will most likely evolve to resemble the Brown bear in appearance, and habits.

Can Polar Bears be moved to the South Pole to save the Species

I agree, and think that is a fantastic idea. Even if the "experts" don't think they would survive, surely it would be worth trying !!

Why penguins are not in the North pole

Fossil evidence suggests that the first penguins evolved at a lattitude between 40 and 50 degrees South. From there penguins have spread to many places all over the Southern hemisphere, from the equator (Galápagos penguins) to the Antarctic mainland (the Adélie and Emperor, the only two species of penguin to live on the Antarctic mainland itself). Other penguins live on and around Antarctic islands, the coasts of Chile and Peru, The Falklands Islands, South Africa, Southern Australia and other Southern Ocean, south Altantic and south Pacific islands.

Apart from zoos, escapees and the northernmost Galápagos islands, no penguins live in the northern hemisphere. Their habitats have no land predators, whom they would not be able to cope with, and the northern hemisphere is full of these, restricting further expansion. Also, warm waters are not as productive food-wise as cold waters, those penguins who live further north from Antarctica live on coasts where cold water is up-welling from the depths, allowing for the growth of lots of food. This is why the waters around the Galápagos islands on the equator are so cold.