What would you like to do but cant afford it

I can't afford to live anymore. What should I do?

First of all are you in a warm climate? If not do whatever you gotta do to get to a warm climate all year long.

Next find 24 hour locations near you. Gyms, Walmart's, Grocery stores etc. These will be instant bathrooms, showers, electrical outlets and shelters if you need them. Stay relatively close to these.

Then find a good employment agency. They should be able to find you work almost immediately. Once you are in their system, as long as you’re drug free and punctual - They will always have work for you.

Housecleaning and moving help are instant cash jobs that can pay anywhere from 15–30 an hour.

Start here - just to get some cash flow and paychecks and you can modify in a few weeks if you need to.

Get a cheap car because this can be a dirt cheap dwelling if need be. Enterprise car rental is a great place with used cars - for cheap, because their money comes from rentals and they aren’t as desperate to sell next and current years models.

If you are healthy - donating plasma is instant money.

I don’t know where you are at, But there are a lot of church groups that provide food for the homeless.

I can't afford a dentist... what do I do?

First.... you need to sit down and ask yourself "why on earth am I eating sugar when I have two teeth that are rotted so bad they need to be taken out at the age of 20 years old". Stop doing the things that are causing the problems. I have little sympathy for that situation. Also... if you're not brushing after every meal and flossing twice a day you might want to have a conversation with yourself about that as well.

Second.... you need to accept that this is America.... land of opportunity.... and you make as much or as little money as you choose. Get a 2nd job.... work extra... babysit... whatever you have to do to take care of yourself. It's your responsibility to take care of yourself. It's not fair to ask others to either pay for your treatment or to give you their services for free. If a man can go from homeless bum to one of the country's leading stockbrokers you can make enough money to have a couple of teeth taken out (probably less than $300)

Third.... there are clinics that operate on what is called a sliding fee scale. They will adjust their fees based on your income. Again... they will not give you something for nothing. These places also tend to have long waits and will not kiss your butt or beg for your business. You're going to need to take the initiative.

I don't mean to be harsh... but the reality of the situation is what it is.

What do I do if I can't afford braces?

Most orthodontists offer interest free payment plans to fit your needs. They are more than willing to work with you on payments. They really do care about you and will try to accomodate you as best they can. If I were you, I would call around and get some info. Take the very best offer/price/payment plan you find and talk with your mom. Offer to help pay if you can - babysit or try to find some chores to do at home to help pay. Tell your parents to not give you allowance or spending money - instead use it for your braces. You need to tell your mom that you don't want to smile because of your teeth and let her know how much this means to you - maybe you guys can work something out. Good luck!

What to do ? cant afford ballet classes....?

Hey dude, don't stress, I know exactly what you mean. My passion is ballet too, and I'm 14. People think that just 'cause we're teenagers we don't know exactly what we want, but we completely do.
It sounds like you're really dedicated, and you can find a way to get the money.
First, give your grandpa a few more tries. Offer doing chores around his house or helping him out in some way in return for the money.
If not, like some people have said, start making your own. Babysit, tutor little kids, things like that. Maybe if you can pay for half of it, your parents or your grandpa can pay for the other half, especially when they see how important it is to you and that you're being really responsible about it.
Congrats on the SFB audition, that's awesome. Maybe you can get a half or full scholarship there, so don't miss that audition.
And until you can get to your next class, PRACTICE. Stretch and pratice every single day for an hour or more so you don't get out of practice.
Good luck (:

I can't afford the payments on my truck, what can i do?

It's hard to advise you without knowing details you may not want to reveal. How much is i worth in the worst case which would be trading it in? What is the least you would have to spend to replace the vehicle after it was gone? What is the current interest rate and remaining payments for how many months on this vehicle? It's all a numbers game. You may indeed be better off letting them repo the truck, but it will hurt your credit, and depending on the contract and the law, you may owe for unrecovered balance after they sell the truck. From the age of the vehicle, I'm assuming you bought the truck used. The last thing to worry about is your credit. Your credit will get almost as trashed if you refinance the vehicle. Believe me, you'll pay more in interest, but you won't have much trouble getting credit for vehicles in this nutty country wheatever your credit score is. If you do refinance, you can be sure of paying a huge interest rate, and paying a ton of money for the truck beyond it's worth and usefulness. Just sit don and total up all the numbers. This could be the best thing that ever happened to you if your still young. It will teach you to forget the buy now pay later nightmare. I can only imagine how much you hate that truck and the burden it represents to you.

I can't afford a girlfriend?

i think that it's very thoughtful of you to think like that. if you really want to take your girl out, save up some cash and just go out to a nice place, doesn't have to be expensive.. but really if the girl really cares she'll be fine with you not being able to afford things for her. she shouldn't expect to be spoiled in the first place. im 19 and i've been with my bf for a bit more than 2 years and i still think that he shouldn't have to pay for things when we go out, we pay separately and when we both have the cash and can spare the money thats when we can get eachother gifts or something along those lines....
hope it helped.

What should i do when i cant afford my dog anymore?!?

I have a small Llasa Aphso ( i dont think i spelled it right ) He is a boy, & i bought him 3 year's ago. A very short while, after we got him, the pet shop closed down. & we found out, he had 'Cherry eye', so we operated him. Everything was fine, but then money started to become a problem. We also found out, he has 'Thunderstorm phobia'. & He has an incredible amount of hair, it grows very quickly. & We can't afford him anymore. ): We tryed giving him away to a close friend, but he began got depressed, so after a couple days we got him back. We just cant have him anymore. PLEASE HELP! & do not insult me & say that i shouldnt have gotten a dog. you dont know what its like to be me!

I can't afford life!!!?

Anyone can afford life, just quit being a tool when it comes to spending money; may seem blunt but it's true. I'm only in my 20's and I see my friends do it everyday, luckily I took the smart route and never have to work another day in my life.

When I was 18/19 I worked at Wal-Mart, lame right? Hah think again my friend. I saved all the money I could while living at home until I had over $1000 and invested that in Forex trading using a trading system. I continued to work at Wal-Mart WHILE making money doing Forex trading (the software I personally used was automated).

I took half of my paychecks/profits from Forex trading and saved or spent it on important stuff and put the other half into Forex trading (increasing my capital). I followed this step for over a year and then quit my job, now Forex trading takes care of my entire income and I have more than enough saved; I literally never have to work again. Now I own a house, 3 new (2007-2008) vehicles and more importantly spend my day how I WANT to.

What you do (and what I did) is make sure the trading system has a 60 day money back guarantee first; then make sure you can use a demo account. A demo account let's you play the trading game with "play money" so you can see if you can profit from the trading system without investing your real cash.

Use the demo account for 59 days and if you see you can make profit you keep the system and invest your real cash. If there's no profit to be made you get a refund and try another system; there's literally no risk when buying one.

If you're interested I found reviews of the top 3 Forex trading systems:

Poll: What would you like to do but can't afford it?

Buy a nice home. Not too fancy but decent sized with HUGE closets and at least 3 bedrooms. I have no room where I am now always looks cluttered and it stresses me out

What to do if we can't afford a honeymoon?

Tosh, my girl, be glad it is snowy, better weather to snuggle or else in. If anyone is so, and yes the correct word is still, downright nosey enough to ask, simply tell them you spent it in bed and if anyone is ignorant to ask "other than that", simply say, well, we saw the sights. Ha. And leave it at that. Old nosey parkers. You do not have to give anyone an explanation and the last time I looked a honeymoon was not about where but with who or whom, whichever is correct. If you must pick out theme days for each day of the week, ie, Paris one day, or one day will be bubble bath day, the other will be dinner by the fire or heat vent,whatever, another (forgive me, I may be old but I ain't dead) a day to discover the many and varied uses of whipped cream, chocolate and marischino cherries, it really doesn't matter, a bottle of wine and a blanket on the floor, cheese and fruit and Mother Nature and an inventive mind(not much needed if you are young and in love) is all that you need. If you are "in love" you will cherish this week together in your new home with no interruptions--I did---with one exception, atleast I hope your MIL is not dumb enough as mine to try to come "a callin". I met her at the door in my gown and she said Oh, and turned around and left. Idiot!!! And if your co-workers still persist, say , well let's see, I can't tell you about the day we spent in whipped cream or the day we discovered how good honey and peanut butter taste together. Shock 'em!!! You are wise, you cannot afford and no use going into anymore debt, credit cards are KILLERS!!!! Been there, done that. Have fun, decorate your new home/apt. whatever with new stuff, hopefully you get at bridal showers, or whatever, you get and have fun playing house in your maid and butler outfit. This is not a dilemma to use your word, so do not make it one,make it a challenge, who or whom is this about, them or HIM????