Whats the difference between lying exaggerating and bluffing

What is the difference between lying and bluffing?

Bluffing has a distinct and perfectly honorable reason for being done. Furthermore bluffing is not lying because it is done in a manner which lets the bluffee make a decision based on wether or not they think the bluffer is telling the truth.

Many perfectly honorable games involve,an element of bluffing.

Lying is an intentional attempt to deceive the person being lied to ….not always for bad reasons.a white lie in a good cause to a child for example is a way to simplify an explanation of why or why not something is, or isn't or should be acted upon or not.

Lies told to deceive another for personal gain at that persons expense in a dishonest or dishonorable fashion are just lies.

Ommision of fact is not lying. I don't tell everyone my companies,business when I am asked, that is just common sense. Depending on circumstance ai may even offer up incorrect information when giving no answer at all would be awkward.

That is omission simply to get through the day pleasantly without having to tell friends, aquaintences and customers in a blunted fashion that it's non of their business or I can't tell you that.

My best shot at it.

Whats the diffrence between sarcasm and exageration?

Not at all. Sarcasm is a tone of language which is usually used to taunt someone in a condescending way. You may be confusing exaggeration with understating something, which is the opposite of exaggeration and can misinterpreted for sarcasm. Exaggeration is simply twisting the truth to make something appear better than it is. It is overstating opposed to understating, which is a commonality of sarcasm. Of course, exaggeration can be used in sarcasm to state the obvious. This can often be noted in the tone of voice. I hope that it isn't too complicated. They are both different concepts, yet exaggeration can sometimes be used in the form of sarcasm. That's probably why you are confused. ~

What is the difference between lying and not telling?

For me both come under the same category of trying to deceive someone and pervert the truth.

Lying is a distortion a perversion something that has a twist into it or spin or particular bias. The motives of the person have to be examined to find out why and what for. It's really dangerous when it comes to character assassination.

Now All Truth and Absolute Truth belongs to God. We can only recall facts and details to the best of our ability at the time of writing or speaking so as of that date what I have declared is truthful and accurate to the best of my ability and knowledge and deliberate omissions and lies can carry certain consequences depending on the documents you are signing or trying to apply for, especially if you are under an oath. The above proviso is not an excuse to deliberately mislead someone.

There could be imprisionment, penalties, deportation or other sanctions for wilful and deliberate lying. Especially if you are an accessory to cover a murderer and then perverting the course of justice.

For me, not telling the truth might be inadvertent and not intentional but it is still a falsehood. It could be done innocently but are you really conscious, you are in essence trying to deceive someone or something. If people believe the lies this could have devastating effects depending on what it is and the level of authority you carry in life.

The ramifications for lying could be severe Adam ate of the fruit in the Garden of Eden when his wife presented it to him. He hid from God (Genesis 3:10). Upon his divine inquisition he was found wanting and his excuses were very flimsy and so he was expelled from the Garden of Eden with his wife. Notice, in Genesis, God “covered” Adam & Eve’s sin. But God did not “cover up” their sin. God confronted their rebellion and sin and dealt with it.

Someone who lies is a person who intentionally wants to misrepresent and pervert the truth. The danger happens is do they become a pathological liar and if one day they do tell the truth will anyone believe them?

A persons credibility and integrity can be smashed to pieces when lies are exposed. Our testimony and truthful statements represent our character. How much price and value do place on Truth?

Now, the converse is also true, should you shoot yourself in the foot for being so transparent that you put yourself in trouble? In America you can plead the 5th Amendment to protect yourself.

What's difference between lying and betraying?

This is story of 6 years old Chinu,

Chinu was getting ready in the morning but he was unable to find hair oil, at the same time his older sister Sia entered in the room. She saw Chinu was trying to find oil and became frustrated by the time. Something struck in her mind, there was wicked smile on her face. She took some weird gel from her shelf and asked Chinu to apply that gel and told him that it would set his hair well. Frustrated Chinu trusted her and applied that gel on his hair without thinking for a second. Suddenly itching started in his hair, his hair got freeze in weird fashion and rotten smell started coming from his hair.


Chinu started screaming and Sia was laughing like she had never laughed before. Suddenly they heard something, someone was at door and calling Chinu. By that sound they were pretty much sure that it was Honey's voice, the girl next door, a year younger than Chinu and Chinu's first ever crush. Chinu got goose bumps all over his body, his heartbeats were louder than ever and sweat was all over his body. It took few seconds for Chinu to come back to his senses. Then he begged Sia to open the door and hold Honey that he was not at home and come back later, with great difficulty Sia stopped her laugh and agreed to Chinu.
 So Sia went to open the door. Chinu held his breath and stood close to the door so that he could hear their conversation. After opening the door, Honey asked if Chinu was at home and suddenly Sia said," Yes Chinu is at home and he is waiting for you". And opened the door.


What is the difference between acting and lying?

I really don’t know the answer but I can share what came into my mind while reading this question

For me acting is a advanced way of lying and its hard to find if someone is real or acting. I used this method when I do something horrible wrong (something that can make parents really angry) I try to act.

I am having a great face which can clearly show what is going through my head, If I lie my face will announce that I am lying and it makes my situation worse. In such cases I imagine the lie in my mind and make it feel like it really happened. After this while talking about this I wont be having the feel that I am lying,

Lying is shallow and Acting is deep. Anybody can lie, it’s pretty easy. Acting is just like using mask to cover up your face

Its easy to detect lie but to detect act its too hard

People consider lying as okay because humans will be having a natural tendency to lie to protect themselves but acting is considered as horrible. While doing that we cover up our true nature

What's the difference between lying and bullshit?

Typically, the audience would most likely say "this is bullshit" to mean that the information presented to them is either
- a lie
- false
- something they disagree to

Bullshit would probably refer more to:
- A lot of lying, constant and continuous
- Lying in the form of completely making up information
- Anger caused by dishonesty

An example of what could be more of a case of bullshitting than lying could be:
"A donkey was crossing the road typing a message on Quora on his mobile phone".
This statement is completely made up.

An example of more what could be more lying that bullshitting would be:
- Did you see John crossing the road?
- No, I didn't.
(When actually I did)

What's the difference between lie and fraud?

What's the difference between exaggeration and lying?

Exaggeration is making a true event into a bigger event than it really was. Example: "I have answered 1000 questions today on Yahoo." Lying is making up everything from scratch. Example: "I started the wed site, Yahoo!" But they are both non-truths.

When someone says there bluffing, what does it mean?

The purpose of a bluff is to fool or trick someone into doing something. In cards you are bluffing if you bet even though you don't believe you have a good hand, but you want the other player to think you do and then drop out by not matching your bet.