Who is the most demonized hated man in world history next to Hitler

Who is the most hated currently living man in the world?

You have to simply pop into social media to know the answer. It will most likely keep reminding you that, ever since he unexpectedly won the 2016 presidential election, he has put the entire world into chaos. Donald Trump is an outrageous serial liar who does just about everything politicians (and often even regular people) are expected not to do, but that didn’t stop a significant portion of the nation from voting him into office. Not only people in the US hate him, but also around the world, so much so that, anywhere he goes he draws protest from scores of activist groups and thousands of people. He has united even feminists and anti-feminists to march against him shoulder to shoulder. Any decision he takes, be it building walls within the borders of his own country or restricting immigration to US, or pulling out from climate agreement, draws hatred and vitriol from all over the world. More than the apartheid system in South Africa or Zimbabwe, more than slavery in Qatar, more than human rights violation in Saudi Arabia, more than child abuse in South Asia, more than the slave labour camps in developing countries, more than the 100,000 bombs dropped over 6 different countries by his predecessor or even more than the terrorists themselves. Fewer people would have any clue about Al-Baghdadi than Trump.

Yes it is Trump who has trumped another man to the title of the most hated man alive, who seemed to have had firmly secured his place, until Trump became the President.

Who is the most hated by the German public, Adolf Hitler or Kaiser Wilhelm II?

The differences between Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler are those between a fool and a sociopath.

The Kaiser was a vain, self-willed, insecure man who did not carefully think through the implications of what he did or said, either before or after he said them. He surrounded himself with yes-men and toadies and rejected advice that went against his view of his own importance. Had Bismarck used more forethought in creating the Second German Empire, Wilhelm would have been a constitutional monarch whose powers were circumscribed by the German Reichstag, as the powers of most of the monarchs of western Europe already were. Unfortunately, the flaws in the German Imperial constitution and Wilhelm’s personal flaws meshed in a way that gave this silly man the power to create or encourage war without adequate institutional checks. If you read scholarly biographies of Wilhelm, you come to the conclusion that his biographers have generally come to the conclusion that he was a fool.

Hitler cared for nothing and no one but himself. His power to hate was enormous, but his power to love was atrophied; look at his treatment of Eva Braun, or even of his dog Blondi. His dominating characteristics were his hatred and his ambition. His hatred was so blind that it led him to do things that harmed his own cause. At bottom, he cared for nothing but himself. At the end of the war, he issued orders for his retreating forces to engaged in scorched earth tactics even within Germany. If Albert Speer and some others had not interfered, the resulting destruction of Germany would have been many times worse, and the recovery of Germany and of Europe would have been much delayed. Whereas Wilhelm II is revealed by scholarship to be a fool, no amount of truthful whitewash can make Hitler anything other than a villain.

This is as clear to educated Germans as it is to us. Those Germans I have had any chance to discuss this with (an admittedly small number) agree with the above: Wilhelm II was a fool, Hitler was a villain. Wilhelm is ridiculed; Hitler is despised.

Is Emperor Hirohito demonized in Asia just as Hitler is demonized in the Occident?

Kinda no but only because the hatred extends way beyond dead individuals to the national governments and even the nation as a whole. Germany has done a far better job of reconciliation with it’s neighbors and as a result people hate Hitler and the nazis but not Germany. From the standpoint of China and South Korea it was Japan that invaded them and Japan that hasn’t reconciled with them. They hate Japan.

Japan is most strongly disliked as a nation by South Korea and China. How much? Let’s compare France and West Germany to South Korea and Japan postwar since all four are and have been U.S. allies.

France and West Germany joined Nato in 1949 and formed the precursor to the EU(the ECSC) in 1952. They formed a customs union in 1957.

South Korea didn’t recognize Japan as a country or have diplomatic relations until 1965. They didn’t fully lift a postwar ban on importing Japanese media until 2004. They do not have a military alliance even with the threat of North Korea. They entered an intelligence sharing agreement in 2012 and it led to a political firestorm in South Korea. They don’t even have a free trade agreement.

War Crimes trials in Germany happened immediately after the war. They happened in Japan in 2015.

They still have territorial conflicts(always a sign of joint nationalist anger towards one another).

The South Koreans feel all of Japan’s apologies have been insincere.

They ain’t over it in the least bit.

Who is the most famous person in the history of the world?

The most famous man in history? Highly subjective! Depends on which field we think of. And what about women? Don’t they count? Or must we place women in a women category secondary to men? Highly debatable in the 21st century!

I checked a list where, according to Time, the magazine has ranked the 100 most famous persons. Interesting, but I will say also Time has here been highly subjective! For example has Elvis Presley been ranked higher than Robert E Lee and Lenin, and far higher than Otto von Bismarck. As I said highly debatable! And Charles Dickens is ranked the second most famous author in the world, only next to Shakspeare……..! And Theodore Roosevelt is ranked far higher than John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan….!

The 8 first rankings of Time are:

1. Jesus 2. Napoleon 3. Muhammed 4. Shakespeare 5. Lincoln 6. George Washington 7. Hitler 8. Alexander the Great

Where is Buddha? Where is Einstein? Ok, he is on the list, but far down. And to us Norwegians, where is Roald Amundsen? And where is Thor Heyerdal? And where is Henrik Ibsen?

What is the most hated or disliked country in the world?

Who is the most demonized/hated man in world history (next to Hitler)?

World’s most hated men revealed - And George Bush is ahead of Stalin and Genghis Khan
GEORGE W Bush is considered more evil than dictators Stalin and Lenin – at least among students.
By Helen Barnett
PUBLISHED: 18:31, Thu, May 21, 2015 | UPDATED: 08:49, Fri, May 22, 2015

Why did Ayn Rand call Immanuel Kant "The most evil man in the world"?

Here's a [sort of] brief summary:

"Kant’s expressly stated purpose was to save the morality of self-abnegation and self-sacrifice. He knew that it could not survive without a mystic base—and what it had to be saved from was reason."

"The implicit, but unadmitted premise of the neo-mystics of modern philosophy, is the notion that only an ineffable consciousness can acquire a valid knowledge of reality, that “true” knowledge has to be causeless, i.e., acquired without any means of cognition.
"The entire apparatus of Kant’s system, like a hippopotamus engaged in belly-dancing, goes through its gyrations while resting on a single point: that man’s knowledge is not valid because his consciousness possesses identity. . . ."

"A man’s self, [Kant] maintains, like everything else, is a part of reality—it, too, is something in itself—and if reality is unknowable, then so is a man’s self. A man is able, Kant concludes, to know only his phenomenal ego, his self as it appears to him (in introspection); he cannot know his noumenal ego, his “ego as it is in itself.” Man is, therefore, a creature in metaphysical conflict. He is so to speak a metaphysical biped, with one (unreal) foot in the phenomenal world and one (unknowable) foot in the noumenal world."

There's plenty more to her explanations.

Ouch, three thumbs down for providing an exact answer to the question, purely in the form of quotes from the person in question with no added opinion of my own? Why do you hate direct answers?

Fame and Mass Popularity: Who is the most recognizable living person in the world?

I think it would have to be Vladimir Putin .

Mr Putin has been demonized by the MSM all around the world over the last 10 years , his face is everywhere and has quite unusual features which are many times distorted in many different ways which makes him even more recognizable and sometimes sinister.   Furthermore he is an extremely accessible man having many public broadcasted  meetings and even walks the Moscow streets with just 1 or 2 bodyguards , something Obama would not dare do .Puitn is hated by the American administration and many US people but he is honored and admired by many more from all around the world .  

The most recognizable person in the world has changed hugely over the last 200 years. With the onsite of  freely available newspapers with photographs, from  1870 on,  famous people could then be seen by everyone . Before that time most people did not know what these people even looked like unless they saw them in person at a rally or a meeting etc. Books with photos  were expensive and relatively rare and most working class people never owned many anyway . Obviously in the middle 20th century with the onset of television and it becoming a global phenomenon famous people became very recognizable indeed ,all around the world , everybody new who and what Elvis looked like in 1965 . Nowadays we are inundated with fresh high def images of  every man and his dog and now there is thousands of famous people we recognize .