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Why doesn’t my boyfriend want to have sex anymore
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Why doesn’t my boyfriend want to have sex anymore

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to have sex with me anymore?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year now. We're both 19 and we are in college and are living together (as of the end of August). After summer break ended and we saw each other again we were constantly having sex. It wasn't an issue. About a month and a half ago we started fighting off and on about various issues, so we weren't really having sex then. Now everytime we have sex (if we have sex) my boyfriend would only last about 2 minutes. Prior to this, he would be able to go much, much longer. He feels like he can't perform well in bed anymore, so he says he "just doesn't want to have sex anymore". No matter how I try to advance on him, he shuts me down. It's to the point now that when he kisses me, it isn't as intimate, because that turns him on. The part that bothers me is that he has no problem receiving oral sex from me, he just won't engage in intercourse.
I KNOW that cheating isn't the problem. He also doesn't watch porn and masturbate to it.
I've tried talking to him about the issue and he gets upset and asks me why can't I just "accept it".
I love him and I don't know how to resolve this issue. It's not solely the no sex thing. I feel undesired. And I know he finds me attractive. And feeling undesired for over a month leaves me searching for flaws...

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to have sex anymore?

One common problem that happens is this. I have been there and done that. You have to figure out what it is first that is destroying your sex drive. If your on medication like birth control or anti-depressants that is something to think about and do research on. Other then that it could just be stress, maybe the kids, really anything that makes your life stressful can do this and lower the libido.

One thing I tried that seemed to work while I was doing it was exercising. I just felt sexier doing it which kind of boosted my libido. However it wasn't the best solution for me. My friend told me about these herbal enhancers that are made from natural herbs and don't cause any side effects besides having wild sex. She said it's the female version of viagra. I had to find out.

I would always have a weak orgasm too (if I had one at all), which after trying this sex enhancer, it boosted them tremendously. I don't get multiple orgasms but I've had plenty since being on these herbs. It's seriously like the best vibrator ride you've ever experienced. These things make me horny all the time, some days I don't even take them because the urge is just too strong.

Don't try out single herbs because they don't do it like the blend of herbs these scientists and researchers pick out. I've tried a couple of them by itself and they did crap. The stuff that I'm on is called Hersolution, at the time I saved money on it at herenhancement.com . Make sure you get the 3 month supply that way you fall under the guarantee/return policy if the herbs don't work for you, you can return them with no questions ask. I bet they will work though and you won't have any problems. Also if your on medication of any sort, check out the gel because if your like me, you wouldn't want to swallow any thing that might react with the medications your already on.

Well have a good day and hopefully you solved your problem.

My boyfriend doesn't want to have sex with me anymore. What should I do?

Hi! I hear you, sweetie. You are right about everything. Unfortunately ;)

I had the same thing happen to me more than once. I've had 35 years to think about why it happened, plenty of time and experience to confirm for you that your instincts are right on.

Depression is what's doing it. In fact, lack of desire is very common among depressed people. Depression doesn't mean you are sad, though that is part of it. The worst thing about depression is that it makes you not want to do anything. The best word to describe it is anhedonia, which is the opposite of hedonia or hedonism. Here is a definition: https://www.google.com/search?q=...

It's very hard to go through life not being excited about anything. It's awful to go through life not wanting to have sex too. He should be in some kind of treatment for the depression, but you have to be ready for that not to help very much. If you really want to stay with him, you should perhaps be in some kind of therapy too. Only you will be able to say how much of your life you wish to devote to his depression.

Personal note: I have been married three times. Each time, the basic reason for me leaving the marriage has been lack of sex. I am also the depression sufferer in each case. I see it from both sides. In my case, being depressed makes me an adrenaline junkie, which is to say I tend to go for awhile being depressed until something big and shiny and self-destructive comes along to shock me out of it. Historically, this has been a new love interest. I mention this only as anecdotal evidence. Be on your guard for overt behavior from your guy as he works through the depression. And, please understand: the depression is his. He has to find a way through. You can't do it for him. You can't fix him. You can learn about ways to help him cope, but you can't fix him. You can't talk him out of it. It is a part of him.

And, finally, be prepared to leave. It will be wrenching and sad if it comes to that, and man oh man is it guilt-inducing to abandon a depressed person. It might become your only option though if you decide you just can't do it anymore.  This is very hard stuff, so think about it and get help for yourself along the way. Good luck! I really mean it!

Am I a nympho? Why doesn't my boyfriend want to have sex as much anymore?

Girl your not a nympho so dont stress. As a man though thats been in a commited relationship for five years now though I know myself things do get "old." Men like the "chase" and for myself knowing I can have sex whenever I want sort of makes it much less important. Also like your guy I've done it at times simply because she wanted to, and she's done the same for me at times. It's part of being in a commited relationship. Theres also that after a time things can get stale ya know, same positions, same moves, same old same old every time. My best advice to you is just for awhile maybe play a lill hard to get which will get his intrest back up, and shake things up a little in the bedroom. Try out some diff things on him, maybe rent some porn to watch together and try some of the things you see. Or for fun go to a sex shop without him knowing and get a toy or two, and I know it's awkward but next time your getting friskey with your man say something like "I was thinking maybe we could try these" and break out your new toys to play with. A simpler way to get things back is for you to maybe tease him all day when your together. Maybe like at the store or standing in line snuggle in close and whisper in his ear something like "I cant wait to suck your c%%# later" or just say I cant wait till we're alone, lightly touch his packadge in public when nobody is watching, kiss his neck, nibble his ear, grab him and lay a really hot kiss on him someplace where he cant do anything about it. Just tease him all day to keep sex on his mind, and then later in bed dont just dive right in, force him to wait with lots of teasing foreplay, stroke him off, back rubs, maybe a BJ before the main event. Point is to get him thinking of you as not only his partner, but as a sexy sex object again.

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to have sex anymore..?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. We were friends in high school and graduated together but I'm only three months older then him. We hangout all the time basically. We used to have sex up to maybe six times a week. But in the last few months it's went from three times a week to maybe once or twice a month.. it frustrates me because of the such drastic change. He works a big boy job now and works long hours on occasion and always wants to sleep so I sometimes blame that but I honestly think there might be more. I don't think he is cheating because I know his sister would tell me or his best friend. Whenever I ask him about it he always seems to just ignore it and make excuses like "i'm tired" or "i'm not in a good mood" and trust me if i wasn't in a good mood i wouldn't ask for sex. I also think it's because we always hangout all the time, but we always have and at the beginning of our relationship even when we weren't dating when we were "talking" we had sex all the time. I used to ask for it, but I feel like whenever I do he just does it to shut me up or something and that upsets me. I've tried to get through to him but it doesn't work. And he always brings up my past and how I flirt with other guys -which I really don't and if I do it's not intentionally.. someone please help me. & i'm legit I don't want any answers saying find another boyfriend or he's cheating on you cuz trust me I would know if he was i've gotton cheated on in the past and found out about it before he told me. I want legit answers to why he might not wanting sex so much, and why he doesn't like talking to me about certain personal things dealing with out relationship. HELP!

Why don’t I like intimacy with him anymore?

6 months ago I asked my friend if we could start experimenting but no sex.

So recently I decided that we should have sex and i was happy to lose my virginity to him since he’s my best friend. I asked him and he said we would have to wait until he got his own place. Eventually after though I told him I wasn’t ready anyways and he never asked me out like I wanted him to regardless. I thought our intimacy would bring us closer together and I thought the entire time that he had feelings for me.

Well today I had a talk with him and I finally asked if he had feelings for me. I had just started realizing that I didn’t like the thought of kissing him anymore and I didn’t like kissing him physically either. I just felt disgusted and I hated myself for it not knowing why. He said he wasn’t sure especially since he was trying to figure himself out financially and get his life together, but he admitted to liking me and the past. I even said I was happy that we were on the same page now since I was confused.

I then perform oral on him and didnt like it I had seen his penis once before but I didn’t like it so he put it away and we did other things. But if I’m so ready for all of this why don’t I enjoy doing these things with him anymore? I get chills down my spine when I see him and I love him dearly as my friend but I end up getting disgusted anytime he kisses me and I was when I performed oral on him. But here’s the thing I wasn’t when he did things to me which I guess makes sense.

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to have sex anymore?

We've been dating a little over six months, and before him I hadn't done anything sexual at all. We didn't have sex until the third month of dating, and we would probably only have it 2 times a week, but we did other sexual things 2 other times a week. Now he doesn't want to do anything sexual at all. It all started when we both went on vacation and didn't see each other for two weeks, but we sexted almost every day. Then we had sex twice right when he got back, but other than that we haven't had sex in 3 weeks. I'll do sexual things for him, like give him a ********, but he hasn't even touched me throughout these whole three weeks. I talked to him about how it was kind of unfair that I'll always give him a bj, but he can't even do anything slightly sexual for me, and he said he felt bad and that I should feel lucky that he doesn't only think about sex because "a lot of relationships get ruined by sex." But its just frustrating. He always has some dumb excuse as to why we can't have sex. Once he said he was too hungry, and that we could after I made him breakfast, but after breakfast he just went to hang out with one of his guy friends. Another time he said because his parents were home, but they were asleep and we've never not had sex or done anything sexual just because his parents were home... Were both 17 by the way. It just sucks because I love him so much, and sex makes me feel much closer, intimately closer to him, and it kind of makes me feel bad or inadequate that he doesn't feel the same way. I just feel like he doesn't romantically like me as he used to. Now when we do hangout, we either hang out as a group with all of our friends or we just watch a movie. Like strictly watch a movie, barely cuddling, no talking, no kissing, just sit there and watch. It makes me so sad, I gave him everything.

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