Would you let your cousin live with you permanently

My mother wants my cousin to come live with us, she's female and I want to avoid being tempted to feel anything for her, what do I do?

Your head is in the right place by taking concern to this. However, it also isn’t because you deem her as someone to consider just for the sole fact she is a female. Cousin or not, you should not ever view interactions with those of the opposite sex automatically as a possible sexual/romantic encounter. You might create a possible self fulfulling prophesy by doing so and convince yourself you fancy your cousin when you would have just thought she was alright. Go into situations neutrally involving the opposite sex. Looking at new bonds with females as conquests greatly objectifies them. Consider that just because she is a girl does not mean she is attractive, is straight, will make you fall for her.

I don’t exactly know what you mean when you say you don’t want to do anything inappropriate. But definitely don’t flirt, check her out when you think she’s not looking, be too touchy. Including with hugs, don’t be one of those guys that give those tight *too long* hugs to feel her boobs (yes, it’s a thing). Basically, don’t do anything that makes her think you have the hots for her. You will have to live with her and you want to have a comfortable situation. Lastly, she is your FAMILY. So long as you want to remain a member in your family with no discomfort don’t let yourself slip into this if you think you’re falling. She is not just any girl. She is someone you’re almost guaranteed to see for your entire life. You want your relations to be healthy. Even if there is mutual interest, it’s best not to have your family be your ex lover; or current for that matter.

Would my dog get sad or sick if i leave him for overseas permanently?How would my dog feel about being left?

Well, if he has been visiting with his 'cousins' all along and gets along fine with them, that sounds like a wonderful thing to do. So many people selfishly make the dog do the journey with them - you are very sensible and loving, and it's refreshing to see someone doing the reposnsible and difficult thing for their dog.

If Browni gets along fine with the rest, then there should be no reason to believe it won't be the right thing- they do sometimes get a bit confused when people don't come back - but dogs do adjust very well, and especially when its someone familiar, there's a lot less adjustment to make.

Just do make sure to update all of the information with the microchip company so they call your cousin should something happen - and have your cousins take extra precautions like putting up a baby gate before the main door to the outside, so there is less likelihood that your dog tries to go out by himself. You will also have to transfer ownership with the veteriarian's office, so they can have the dog treated.

Good for you, for doing what is right - it's a loving sacrifice far too few people are willing to make.

What is wrong with dating your cousin's ex-girlfriend?


I don't think there's anything wrong with dating, you could date almost anyone and is a free world, the only problems you will face now is coming face to face with that girl and your cousin, the reason why many people don't date people who your family has been with is because it can destroy a family, second people will think your doing it for a revenge, to get back at someone, i’ve personally wouldn't ever date someone my family or my friends have been with, even my enemies because I live with a principle and some people don't, so nothing to be ashamed about everyone is different person

the best thing you can possibly do, is speak with your cousins and let him know that your sorry, chances were at that time your cousin didn't treat this girl but it didn't mean he didn't care about her and you came in the middle, working out problems is the better route in life

Would you let your cousin live with you?

depends on the situation. Maybe for how long would have to see in stone first.

Your 4 cousins have chronic fatigue & can't live independantly. Would you rather take one of them in permanently or...?

Or would you rather help them live on their own? They'd need help with finances, upkeep of a home, to be checked in on weekly to check things like whether or not they got to the grocery store or whether their phone is still on for safety. If the washing machine broke, you'd repair or replace it. You'd make sure the lawn got mowed & the snow got plowed & their disability checks are continuing.

What should I do if I physically assaulted my cousin for 7 years when I was 7 till 14. I regretted a lot because I didn't knew what I was doing?

It happens sometime. Just because you too were a kid and every kid needs attention, don't bother now. What happened can't be changed now. And, also if you now have good relation with her and she understands that you were wrong but not anymore now; it's O.K..

Being a child no matter if you are elder to your younger siblings, comparatively; You still count as a child. Sometimes parents don't understand this situation and they let the younger one having the privilege of getting every advantage. That leads the elder one to do something get their attention.

In my opinion, its time to love her and support her as much as you can. Being a girl (both of you) can share and cherish every other moment with each other.

Be her Hero.

Be her Inspiration.

Be her Support.

Be her Friend.

Be like her Second Mother.

Like is too long to hate and too short to live happily.

So, Be with her all the time she need and ENJOY!!

Would you let your second cousin live with you?

I would probably offer a window of opportunity to get that person back on their feet. Bu as far as living with me permanently, I may not be comfortable with that. I'm very protective of my own space and household and enjoy my privacy. I don't want to worry about anything else additionally. Maybe if I had a really big house it wouldn't be a problem, but if I have to face this person daily, and having to deal with their ways, habits, etc., it might be a problem.

Would you let your second cousin live with you permanently?

There's not enough details here to give a yes or no answer. For example, you didn't even say if you like her! But it's a little odd she can't work. People with CFS do well with home based jobs, some of which require a little training (like medical transcription) and others just basic computer knowledge. You work at your own pace. Others with CFS find part time work.

I mention it because these things rarely turn out well, especially when someone isn't working. That's the first thing I'd address, because you'll lose all the privacy in your home if they never leave And if they have no money, you're supposed to pay their way?

Anyway, if you do decide to go ahead with this, you could consider a short term arrangement. But whether it's short or long term, it's imperative you lay out all expectations in terms of household help, food contributions, etc.

What is the definition of a third cousin?

"Third cousin" is about how far up the ancestry tree you have to go to find a common ancestor.

1st cousin = go up twice (parents are different, but grandparents are same)
2nd cousin = go up three times (parents are different, grandparents are diferent, but great-grandparents are same)
3rd cousin = go up four times (parents are different, grandparents are different, great-grandparents are different, but great-great-grandparents are same
"Cousin three times removed" is about how many generations apart you are.

Cousin = same generation
Cousin once removed = differ by one generation; if younger than you, the children of your cousins; if older than you, the 1st cousin of your mom or dad.

Cousin twice removed = differ by two generations; if younger than you, the grandchildren of your cousins; if older than you, the 1st cousin of your grandmother or grandfather.
Cousin three times removed = differ by three generations; if younger than you, the great-grandchildren of your cousins; if older than you, the 1st cousin of your great-grandmother or great-grandfather.
In some cultures, anyone who is of an older generation, but not a parent  or grandparent, is called an "auntie" or "uncle" but many of these  relations are some kind of Nth cousin M times removed.

"Second Cousins," "Once Removed", and More Explained in Chart Form