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Would you tell me what this it refer to thank you

Can someone tell me what does this vietnamese harlim o dau vay mean Thank you

Harlim may well be a proper name of someone. "O dau vay" means "where". So, this question means "where is harlim?" in English.

Could anybody kindly tell me what does this sentence mean thank you so much

Well, I'm going way out on a limb here, but it occurs to me that after World War II, there were many displaced royals in Europe, people who had been princes and princesses in their home countries before the war, and after the war, when the Soviet Union took over half of Europe, they wound up living in a different country, often in poverty.

So, it COULD be referring to that somehow, but, without more info from you about the sentence and where it came from, that's kind of a long shot, really.

Good luck!... ☺

What does Passive Aggressive mean

Passive aggressive can be compared to a puppy who is licking your face while pissing on your feet.

Basically pretending to be nice with unkind motives for your own personal satisfaction. Passive aggressive people have a hard time communicating and confronting a problem in an assertive way so they resort to Passive Aggressiveness.

For instance. I have a friend who has a husband who is very much an alcoholic. Usually she gets very upset with his drinking. One day she had it and peed in his whiskey bottle. Just so she would have a reason to smile when he drank! This is totally a passive aggressive move.

The person you barked at through the speaker at Mcdonalds who spit on your hamburger only to serve it with a smile, reacted in a passive aggressive way.

Passive aggressive can also be the person who pretends nothing bothers them and all is well. The person who is always a duck letting things role off the back but usually holding it in only one day to explode.


just say ur welcome and do u like me back?? it will work because i told my ex that and we started talking and we ended up dating then something happend and yea and we are friends now and closer than before we started dating.
so go for it!!!!!!!!! good luck

What does you can thank me later mean

It depends on how it is said.

If someone has done you a favour and you tell them that you don't know how to thank them, they could say: "You can thank me later" in the sense of that you can do them a favour later and help them with something.

If someone does you a favour and you don't thank them for it and don't seem grateful, they may say in a joking or sarcastic way: "You can thank me later" as a gentle or subtle (even unsubtle) reminder that you should be grateful to them.

If someone gives you a word of warning or tips to avoid you getting into a crisis and you think the advice is unnecessary, they might say: "You can thank me later" or "you'll thank me later" in the sense that although you don't take their words/actions seriously now you'll eventually realise that they were right and will be grateful to them - even if you're not grateful now.

It really does depend on the context/situation.

What does it mean when you tell a guy you like him and all he says is thanks

ALL answerers are wrong. It means he has poor communication skills, he became shy or embarrassed, or he has difficulties showing the love, the attraction back to you. I studied psychology as a hobby and I can tell what's going on in his mind. This shouldn't mean "thanks but I'm not interested". Some people just don't know how to react. It's like that episode of 7th Heaven when Mary says "I love you" on a date and he said thanks.

Human mind doesn't work like laws of physics. Saying thank you, doesn't means uninterested. Some people are just different. I wouldn't say that but because I have a wild, different personality, I would say thanks whenever I'm thankful that someone actually likes me.

But don't shoot yourself in the foot. Ask him if he likes you back, before you find someone else and he becomes shocked that you already found someone else. I can already tell that he is that shy kind that just doesn't know how to act in love. Then years later he might commit suicide because he will be thinking of this embarrassing moment and how the gurl left him, he'll be saying "I'm such a loser, I can't attract anyone" and jump off a Golden Gate bridge. Every day someone somewhere commits a suicide and usually it is an issue of not being very attractive or they can't function in love.

You need to have an open relationship and talk with each other. No one should hide anything and if you ask him why he said "thanks", he should tell you the truth without trying to be something else, like if he is trying to impress you by being Giacomo Casanova or Don Juan. I think he is just shy and doesn't know what to say back. What do you say when someone says that to you? Lots of people just get shy, but now when I have good communication skills, I would know what to say back, but I would probably hug back or give a peck! That's me :D You have to know that some people just aren't that "average type" and they behave differently, like me or this guy. Ask him and you'll know if he really likes you.

Is it thank you in advance or Thank you in advanced

Thank you in advance.

Thank you rosali but can you tell me maybe what common word is mousy in my sentence thank you again

I think what you're trying to ask is, what type of word is mousy, and the answer is: an adjective.