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A Friend Of Mine Wants To Get Into Sm Entertainment But Does Sm Take Brown-skin

Auditioning for SM Entertainment?

I would like to know a few things.
I know it's been asked quite a lot of times on here but... yeaah.

1. I'm really really good at dancing. I've been in quite a few of dance competitions when I was younger. The thing is I'm not really good at singing.. well just the high notes, so will they train me if I get in?

2. I'm was in Thailand but I was raised in Australia. Are Thai people allowed to audition.

3. My face isn't flawless like those kpop idols. I just have acne scars so will that affect me getting in ?

4. I'm fluent with Siamese&Lanna&English. I know basic tagalog, korean and mandarin.

5. If I've become a trainee will I get to see other kpop idols around the building.

6. I've heard that entering SM is like another way of entering hell, is that true?

7. Do they look for people who are skinny and tall because I'm 14, around 164 cm and 45kgs. ( People say that they'll kill to have legs like mine. ) People say that I'm really pretty&cute and have really die for body. I fit the golden ratio so will that help me getting in ?

8. I'm really bubbly and confident and get along with everyone so will that help too?

9. If I've become a trainee, do I live with people who I'm going to debut with or do I get to live alone. I'm only 14 so I don't want to live by myself. Do I get to bring someone with me to live with in Korea.

10. Do I get to go to school. To be honest, I would rather concentrate on training. But if I have to then I'll go.

11. I'm a fast learner(on dancing) but I can't really freestyle. So am I allowed to do choero from their group. What type of dancer do they want, like powerful or sexy. Cause I can do both.

I want a guinea pig. how much does it cost? (Philippines)?

I want to have a guinea pig because i find them very adorable. And i really want to have a pet. My mom wouldn't allow me to have a dog either. But this is my first time so i'm afraid they might die soon because i have no experience having a pet... so as a beginner i have few question.
1.) life span?
2.) how much a guinea pig cost?
3.) food?
4.) shelter?
5.) other things they need?

please never mind my grammar. :p
and if you have any other info about guinea pigs, pls share it w/ me. i'll appreciate it very much. thanks in advance.!

Why am I constantly tired? I take iron and vitamin D tablets, but they are not working. Why could this be?

Because in the great majority of people who feel tired, but no iron nor vitamin D deficiency has been demonstrated, taking them at random won’t ever help, at the most at placebo level.Many, many physcially healthy people feel fatigued, only a small minority of them has an underlying physical problem.In most young people feeling tired has nothing to do with having physical problem, being (chronically) stressed out, in some being depressed, saps you of all your energy, thus you feel tired. Some people work too hard for too long, the why would be evident too, some just can’t say no when asked to help out, so will do lots and lots of extra work on top of their usually very busy schedule, no wonder they are tired.There also is a condition we don’t exactly know what it really is (some say it’s our immune system reacting the wrong way), nor how to effectively treat it, we call Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), in spite of sometimes serious symptoms we in the last decade have never found any underlying physical problem explaining the symptoms.Of course there is a long list of possible underlying physical conditions, to name just a few:-anemia (low hemoglobin), in many females due to heavy periods or having been pregnant often, these people having an iron deficiency will benefit from iron supplementation. But, there are more underlying problems causing anemia, in developing less hygienic places, and people having been there, hookworm investation can cause an iron deficiency anemia too. These people need to be dewormed. In others it’s the first symptom of having an otherwise asymptomatic mainly right sided colon cancer.-hypothyroidism-in some having a large neck circumference it could point to Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), which by obstructing the flow of air in the throat causes the person to frequentely wake up during their sleep, so sleep badly and are tired after waking up.This can be treated by wearing a CPAP mask during sleep, the raised air pressure in one’s throat will by acting like a kind of splint prevent the throat from closing when during sleep muscles are relaxed-being short of breath: asthma, COPD-heart failure-other chronic diseasesso if you keep feeling fatigued, while there are no psychological problems see above, see your doc to have these excluded.

Help me (glasses acne AND braces????!!!!?!?)?

I don't like how I look at all. Everyday I go to school and I'm embarrassed because I have too many flaws. I know that they will go eventually but I want to enjoy the rest of middle school. I have three big flaws? Any help?
1. Glasses. I've been wearing them since I was 8. I hate them. I hate that they bend and break easily and they are a huge distraction when I do sports. Also I hate them because in science when we have to use goggles I look like a retard. Good news- I got contacts. Bad news- I CANNOT put them in and take them out. Any tips on that? If there was a good way to do it, I would be wearing contacts a month ago. I just hate them. Any tips??? I also hate when I am in pictures. (school, selfies, etc) theres a huge glare. That's how I ruined my class picture in 3rd grade. Any tips on contacts? Please.....

2.Acne. I've been dealing with this since I was 11. Most of its on my forehead. It peels so easily and I have a lot of it. I don't pick at it but sometimes it's all red and it's crazy. I had to start wearing makeup in 5th grade because of it. In 6th grade, I ruined my individual picture. I had this HUGE zit right in the middle of my forehead. I was in the bathroom for a long time trying to cover it up but when I get the picture back, there was a HUGE red dot on me. The worst part is that my mom handed that picture to everyone in my family. Any ways to get rid of it? Good concealers? Powders?

3. Braces. I have had braces since I was 12. I knew I was going to look like a fat nerd. I just don't like them. I have a wicked small mouth so it's harder to take care of them and is there a way to speed it up? I've had them for a year and a half.

Thanks! I just want all these things gone and I really want a better school year.
I think that nobody wants to talk to me because of my looks and I get embarrased when someone looks at me.

Tips? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!