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A Funny German Dvd With English Dubbing

Why do some people think English dubbed anime is horrible?

I don’t dislike “English dubbed anime”.I just dislike badly dubbed anime. It just happens that in 99% of the cases, one of the following is true:The dubbing quality is bad.The person who wrote the script understands neither English nor Japanese.The original is just way better.For me, the phrase that describes dubbed anime isVoice actors in Japan are treated as celebrities (the major ones). They are paid lots of money, and there is honor in their profession. When it comes to dubbers, very often you have unprofessional voice actors just looking to make a quick buck. And it doesn’t help that they aren’t seen as proper voice actors by the general population.Also, dubs are quite weird to watch.Hey, if you’re gong to watch a Japanese anime, with all elements Japanese as well as being made in Japan, better watch it in Japanese right?Would you watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S with a bad dub?No?Then why would I watch something like this?The voices make me cringe too…Basically, dubs lack emotion, clarity, and feel.This is not to say that all dubs are bad. There are good dubs too, but many of them are outclassed by the original.For example, Steins;Gate has a great dub. But the Japanese voice acting is so far beyond even it’s own fellow Japanese voices that the dub hardly any attention.There are some dubs though, that are way better than the original. Hyperdimension Neptunia for example.But the dub for Ghost Stories takes the number one place for BEST dub ever.The original bombed so hard, so that the company told the dub voice actors to do whatever they want. This resulted in a hilarious dub.So there you have it.Majority of the dubs are bad, and among the good dubs, the original is almost always better.Bonus clip: From Dragon Ball Z’s Big Green Dub (see comments)

English Subbed/Dubbed Anime?

Preferably Dubbed but if its really really good then idc. Romance/Drama/School types is a preferred genre. Yaoi/Yuri is awesome too, a plus actually. Absolutely not wanting Lolicon/Shotacon! Incest and old-school graphics aren't desired either. Though if it's like Vampire Knight I don't mind. Don't give me the following(I've either watched them or aren't what I'm looking for);

Case Closed
One Peice
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Strawberry Panic!
Blue Drop
Vampire Knight
Junjou Romantica
Mai Hime
Mai Otome
Kannazuki no Miko
(Many other that I can't recall, if they come to mind I will add them!)

In X-men 2 X-men United what does Night-crawler say in German when Storm and Dr. Jean go and get him?

What I would recommend doing is (if you own the movie) using your DVD player to change the audio on the disc with your remote to another language instead of English. If you change the audio to Spanish or French the over-dubbed audio is a bit clearer than the English version. I noticed at first Nightcrawler says what sounds like "Gehen sie aus" but that is as far as my German understanding goes. I only took it for once year in high school and that was over a decade ago.

Is the movie La Dolce Vita spoken in English or Italian with english subtitles?

That guy below is a loser! I can't believe he gave it away!

This movie is beautiful!!!!

La Dolce Vita is in Italian with English subtitles However you could rent the English version called A beautiful life. Personally I think you should watch it in Italian with the English subtitles. You will get more feel for the movie!

I loved this flick I could watch it over and over. I'm not into romantic movies and I hated the notebook because it was a little to cheesy but this movie blows every romantic movie out of the water!

two thumbs up ... enjoy!

Carpe Diem!!!

Recommended anime in english dub (please read discription below)?

im looking for anime that is in dub, has a lot of action in it like bleach. Or is a romantic comedy like Ouran hshc. i have already seen the anime below, please list as many as you can. And thanks ^^

Naruto/ shippunden
wolf's rain
code geass
ouran HSHC

Do you recommend watching Attack on Titan dubbed or subbed?

In general, I like subs over dubs, but I've actually watched both. They're both equally good, in their own ways.First thing I'll address and just get it out of the way: EREN'S DUB SUCKS. Not to be rude to the voice actor, but this was not the role for him. It sounds really REALLY American which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it really can take away from the serious scenes. In fact, I nearly found myself laughing at him in some bits. Also, when he goes into titan body, he goes into what's been labelled 'edgen' mode by fans, where his voice gets really grissly and sometimes inaudible from all the anger in his voice. It may just be the editing, but it almost sounds comical.BUT. Most of the other voice acting is pretty good. The voice actors of Levi, Hanji, Erwin, Jean and Mikasa show the best performances, and Armin's voice actor pretty much nails the scream where Eren is eaten, no matter how memed it gets. The rest of the voice actors sound pretty genuine and natural as they speak, except occasionally Bertold, Connie, and Sasha, but in my opinion, it doesn't take away from the anime.So, dubs are okay, if you can sit through Eren's strange accent.Then you come to subs. The subs in my opinion, are fine. The voice acting is great for all characters (as expected) but there's always the down side that you constantly have to look down at the bottom.I did find I was occasionally confused with what was going on, but that was more from my slow reading than anything else. Usually, there wasn't talking in the action scenes, so the subs didnt take away from the action, but on the rare occasion, it only sometimes took away from the scene. So, the sub was pretty great in general.I think I have to say that I recommend the dub to the sub, but only because I personally find it easier (because I’m a slow reader), and occasionally got left behind. But, they're both quite good, and even though I'm giving Eren's dub a bit of stick, it's tolerable when put up with the other dub voice actors.