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A Good Setting For A Horror Story About A Haunted School.

Any ideas on a setting for a gothic horror story?

I'm trying to find an idea for a decent spooky setting for my gothic horror story, but I didn't like the idea of a haunted house, or a castle etc. because it seemed too common...
Thanks, and extra points for any key words I could use!

How to write a non cliche horror story?

for grammar were writing short stories about anything. i'm planning to do a horror one but nothings stuck me so far. i'm thinking having 3 kids look for their dogs in the woods and finding a haunted house... since it cant be too bad since its school. any suggestions on how to make it stand out?

What is a good 2-3 minute short film idea for my high school filmmaking class?

How about this cupcake:A movie about a writer who’s in a midlife crisis. He struggles with he’s next novel and needs help to draw inspiration (so he doesn’t come off as a hack like Lucas). He’s studying the human depression of books like “The Happiness Trap” and “Anxiety Rebalance”, for he’s next novel.You can make it interesting and engaging by the power of film making as many director have done before. Take a plot line that’s not interesting on paper but amazing on the big screen.JUST DO IT!

Any Horror Story Ideas?

Yes. I have a great idea. This is a website that features actual reported haunting in all 50 states. Check it out - you may find there is one right in your town!! I was shocked to read my former college dorm was listed. It would be cool to add an actual local haunting to your story. Then you could tell your class about it. It would even be cool to visit there on Halloween! Just look up your state.

They're, Their, There - Three Different Words.

Careful or you may wind up in my next novel.

Pax - C

Which are the best horror movies in Hollywood?

MkLet me try… ummm this list (personal review) has got to be the scariest… here it is-10. Mama09. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghost of Georgia.08. The Haunting in Connecticut 1.07. Insidious 1,2 & 3 (I couldn't decide which is better).O6. Annabelle 2.05. Conjuring 2.04. Room 1408.03. Conjuring 102. Paranormal Activity Sequel(but part 4 has my vote).And my personal favourite, the movie that haunts me till date. The one and the only… omg…help me… please don't let me dream about this…. The movie in number one…is….01. The Exorcism of Emily Rose.Edit: Another one to the list will be the movie**) ITAlso I watched two horror movies of 2018. They are not bad, so I am gonna include it in the list**) Insidious: The last key**) Winchesternote: image source google

Overused settings in books?

I have to agree with everyone above, high school. High school is a minor setting in my novel... the main setting is Chicago, and later, New York. I think small towns are also a little overused. I haven't read many books that go from one big city to another, and that's basically what I'm writing.