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A Movie Where The Kkk Are The Good Guys

What's the movie where two black guys joined the KKK?

its not a whole movie, but that did happen in bad boys 2. they didnt knw they were black until they took off their robes. maybe..?

In movies, why are the bad guys almost always European?

When the bad guys are not American businessmen, bosses, politicians, gangsters, street gangs, serial killers, soldiers, cops, CIA, KKK, neo-Nazi’s, and rednecks; Mexican and South American bandits and druglords; African terrorists and warlords; South African white bigots; Middle-Eastern terrorists and warlords; Indian cult leaders; Russian KGB, communists, and soldiers; Chinese tong, communists and soldiers; Japanese soldiers, yakuza and ninjas,; and non-human robots, computers, space aliens, monsters, demons, and gods; all you really have left are Europeans. And Canadians, but Americans don’t take Canadians seriously as villains.

Whats that ku klux klan movie that the guy killed black people and went to prison and got raped?

American History X. I don't really think it's a KKK movie, the guy was just involved in Neo-Nazi because his dad was killed by a black drug dealer and he killed the black guys who was trying to steal his car.

Why D.W. griffith in the movie the birth of a nation portrayed the kkk as the good guys?

because he was adapting a book to film. And the book portrayed the KKK as the protectors of white women and white culture. You have to remember, the majority of Americans looked upon Blacks as inferior. The stereotypes of Blacks seen in the movie was believed by many to be an accurate presentation of how Blacks were. While the movie is a masterpiece of cinematography, as was Triumph of the Will, both are examples of great art being perverted to evil purpose.

Why do black people always die first in horror movies?

Because this would never happen in real life.Not to be offensive, but my family found it rather interesting that in a video of people fleeing the scene of the 9/11 tragedy, there was a black man running for his life while others (not black) walked away.It's a common joke among (many of us) black people just how quick we are to flee the scene - no questions asked. If something terrible/horrific happens, we split.On the flip side, there's of course, the rampant racism in the movie industry. (My prior reply is partly serious, by the way, art does not imitate life in this case).Black bodies are expendable, and black characters are little more than an answer to the call for "diversity" and the expected complaints that the producers/director/etc know they would get without at least one black face. So, they stick one of us in there in a rather sarcastic manner "See, we have a black person in the movie!".Ever notice, that black person is almost always romantically involved with another black person... yeah, interracial action doesn't sell too well either.Finally, killing black people is an ancient pass time. Well, maybe not so ancient, but just look up "Racism: A History" on YouTube, and after you watch that and take it in, you'll never see another movie the same way again.Can't lynch 'em in real life? Do it on screen. No one will notice.

Was the movie American History X based on a true story?

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