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A Number Is Such That 10 Less Than Twice The Number Is 5 More Than The Number Write An Equation

Twice a number is 24 greater than its half. What is the number?

Let the number be n. Now the equation is2n = 24 + n/2, or4n = 48 + n, or3n = 48, orn = 16.Check: 2x16 = 32 and this is 24 + 16/2 = 24+8 = 32. Correct.The number is 16.

Translate the expression 5 less than twice a number?

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1. 2x-15 less always means subtract so you do times a number minus 15 2. 3x+17 incresed means add so three multiplyed by a number 3. 9x-6 product means multiply and decreased means subtract 4. 7x/30 5.2(x+5) you add 5 and a number and multiply by 2

What does "Ten less than a number is twice the same number." mean?

For all three, let a variable (in this case I will use n) represent the number in question. For the first one, set the two conditions equal to each other.

n - 10 = 2n

After that, just solve for n.

-10 = n

The other two would not produce an answer for n, but you will get an expression. For the second one, it's worded as it is: a number is doubled and then 3 is added.

3 + 2n

The last one requires parentheses, as you're multiplying 3 to a sum.

3 x (n +5)

Five more than twice a number?

The answer is x=-13


1)First you have to take x from the right side. (It actually doesn't matter the side but teachers like x to be on the left side I'm taking it away from the right.)
-x -x
Since you have to do the same thing on both sides, you are left with on x+5 on the left side and -8 on the right side.

Now you have to take 5 away from the left side and also do the same on the right.
-5 -5
Now you took away the 5 form the left side. So you are left with on x on that side. To do the same on the right side, you have to do (-8)-5. To do subtract a number from a negative number, you have to do the same/change/change rule. So that changed the problem to (-8)+(-5). That equals (-13).
So x=-13

If 4 less than 3 times a certain number is 2 more than the number, what is the number?

I’ve been pointed out that something may be wrong with this answer, so now let me write a correct version (I’ll preserve the old one).3x-4=x+2Subtract x2x-4=2Add 42x=6Divide by 2x=3This is primary school arithmetics. I would solve it the way I learned it when I was 12.3x-4=2xSubstract 2xx-4=0Add 4x=4The number is, thus, 4. For another way to solve it (before learning the algebra above) you can create line segments: On the first line, you put 3 segments.On the second line, you put 2 segments and a third continuation, which you know is 4.You can deduce that the third segment from the first line is also 4, and you know all of those segments are 4.And a segment is the number. So the number is 4.This is the arithmetical method I have only used when explaining to my younger cousin (4 years younger, was in primary last time I explained him that)

Twice a number is 52. What is half of the number?

Let n = the desired number.If twice the number is 52, then we can write this mathematically as:2n = 52(2n)/2 = 52/2(2/2)n = 52/2(1)n = 26n = 26One-half of the number is = (1/2)(26)One-half of the number is = 26/2One-half of the number is = 13 CHECK:2n = 522(26) = 5252 = 52

Twice a number is 12 more than half the number. What is the number?

Let x be the no.Acc. To questionx/2=2x + 12x=4x+24 (multiply the equation by 2)X-4x=24 (adding -4x both sides)-3x=24X=24/(-3) (dividing the equation by -3)X=-8-8 is the required no.

Help me with these equations. please best first answer gets full 10 points :)?

1) Five times a number decreased by 11 is 19. Find the number.
Let x = the number
5x - 11 = 19
5x = 19 - 11 (subtracted 11 from both sides)
5x = 18
x = 18/5
x = 3 3/5

Try the 2nd and 3rd questions using the above as an example.

4) In one season, Kim ran 18 races. This was four fewer races than twice the number of races Kelly ran. How many races did Kelly run?
Let r = # of races Kelly ran
18 + 4 = 2r
22 = 2r
r = 11

5) The length of a rectangle is 5 more than twice the width. Its perimeter is 88 feet. Find its dimensions. Use P = 2l + 2w.
let l = length and w = width
l = 5 + 2w (eq1)
88 = 2l + 2w (eq2)

Sub eq1 into eq2, 88 = 2 (5 + 2w) + 2w
88 = 10 + 4w + 2w
78 = 6w
w = 13
Sub w = 13 into eq1 to find l,
l = 5 + 2(13) = 5 + 26 = 31

Try the last question using question 4 as an example.

If three times a number is equal to 25 more than half the number, what is the number?

Lets call this number n - then it can be expressed as quite simple algebrahalf n plus 25 is 3 times nn/2 + 25 = 3nI’d get rid of the 1/2 first by *2 throughoutn + 50 = 6ntake n from both sides (and switch sides)5n = 50n = 10…We can (and should) always check algebra by checking against the question 1/2 of 10 is 5; 30 is 3 times 10.. 30 is 25 more than 3…. Voila!Have Fun with Maths!