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A Quote About Religion Being Like A Pearl

What page is this quote from The Pearl?

The Pearl The Supernatural Quotes
Chapter 2, 14th paragraph

Juana, like many in her village, is superstitious. She believes that the Gods do not like vanity in people. The Gods give and take away as they please. They do not like individuals to drive their own destiny, “It is not good to want a thing too much,” she muses. “It sometimes drives the luck away. You must want it just enough, and you must be very tactful with God or the gods.”

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What is your favorite quote?

I am doing a cover for a binder, and I want to cover it in quotes.

So what is your favorite?

PS you can write as many as you would like, the more you write the better the change of getting a best answer. ;)

Eddie Vedder quote???

"Pearl Jam rocked Nationwide Arena on May 6 – the National Day of Prayer, as duly noted by frontman Eddie Vedder during some between-song banter. “We were thinking we should apply to the government to have our band recognized as an official religion,” Vedder said. Well into a bottle of wine at that point, he no doubt intended the comment to be taken tongue-in-cheek. But don't bother trying to tell that to the Pearl Jam faithful in attendance, who roared their allegiance in response.....After a particularly scathing “Comatose,” Vedder finally addressed the Columbus crowd with his amusing PJ religion proposal. “There's only one commandment: Don't be an a**hole,” he said. “And the only thing that's forbidden? Can't f****n' Twitter. Hate that sh*t".

How can I tell my cousin to stop sending me religious text messages?

I am not religious, I am agnostic.
She sends me a religious text message once every 2 days or so - the text messages have pictures of Jesus and other religious images, along with a religious quote or something of that nature.
It is getting SO ANNOYING!
It makes me roll my eyes every single time, and I never reply to her, yet she keeps sending them.

She doesn't know I'm agnostic, and I can't really tell her because she is my dad's favorite neice or whatever and she'll probably tell him, and my dad is very religious - he's catholic. I haven't told my dad I'm agnostic, and I don't really care or feel the need to - It's not that I'm lying to him, I just don't want to come out and tell him...he'd be really upset if he knew I was agnostic. We haven't talked about religion in a long time considering I don't live at home anymore.

My cousin is in her 40s, by the way.
What should I do?
How can I stop her from sending me these stupid text messages, without telling her I'm not religious?

What are some good quotes from Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale in the Scarlet Letter?

"I do forgive you, Hester," replied the minister, at length, ... with a deep utterance out of an abyss of sadness, but no anger. "I freely forgive you now. May God forgive us both!" (17.21)

Thought: Dimmesdale finally comes around and forgives Hester, but only after hearing her passionate plea. If a minister has such a difficult time forgiving someone, especially someone he loves, then we begin to understand more and more just how intertwined religion and law are in this society.

"God knows; and He is merciful! He hath proved his ... mercy, most of all, in my afflictions. By giving me this burning torture to bear upon my breast! By sending yonder dark and terrible old man, to keep the torture always at red-heat! By bringing me hither, to die this death of triumphant ignominy before the people! Had either of these agonies been wanting, I had been lost for ever! Praised be his name! His will be done! Farewell!" (23.35)

Thought: Dimmesdale believes that God has forgiven him, and finds proof of his mercy in the years of self-torture and mental struggles he has endured. This seems initially like kind of a contradiction, that God shows mercy through pain.

What does "Take the pearl, leave the shell" [Rumi] mean?

"Outer passes, essence abides.Why kneel before some jug of clay?Let it be- start seeking water.Take the pearl and leave the shell behind."The entire verse tends to convey a single message - seek the essence and leave the dogma.Two metaphors have been used to convey this message.1st of a jug & waterRumi asks us not to bother about the jug for what's worthy in the jug is water it houses. So He says, "why kneel before the jug of clay? Let it be". It does not matter what's the shape of it, what colour it is, where its made, or who made it. All this information is crap. What's important is the content it carries. What's worthy is the water it contains. So He says - "start seeking water".Then he further reinitiates the same message using the 2nd metaphor of pearl and shell.He says, what's really worthy in a shell is the pearl it carries. Shell Is just the vassal that carries the real thing. So seek the worthwhile, not the shell.According to me, the message in the above verse is that religions are not important. What's important is the mysticism or spirituality that comes packaged in the shell of religion. Rumi lived at a time when Middle East was passing through a great upheaval. Islam was on the rise and was fiercely competing with Christianity, Judaism and other pre Christian mystic sects of the time. Rumi probably belonged to one such sect that was under severe pressure to imbibe itself in the folds of Islam.The above poem would have flown at such a time explaining that the various religious orders are like shell. It does not matter what they are. For what's really important in a religion is the spirituality it carries. The outer structures that carries it are not important. One should not bother about the sameThe above is based on my understanding. Please pardon if I got it wrong.Love

I do not weep at the world- I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife"?

There's a saying, "the world is your oyster".

And inside an oyster shell is a pearl.

This quote could be a reference to that, in the sense that, instead of sitting around, Hurston chooses to seek out the pearl in her oyster.