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A Really Important Friend Hating Me

My friend hates me now because I'm dating her ex what should I do?

She is immature, they had finished their relationship so you are free to date him. Probably she is sorry she finished with him and feels a little jealous. Other answerers here have also demonstrated their own lack of maturity.

What do I do if all my friends hate me?

First thing. Respect yourself don't devalue. Don't trade respect for attention.Try to communicate and try to find where is the problem.Clarify misunderstanding if any.Try to improve your 'personality'. Hit the gym.Be sensible with dressing.Develop Army officer like qualities.Focus on the way you walk, talk, sit.Just remember don't devalue yourself, keep your dignity. Dont change for her. Be natural. Be the deserving.Don't run behind her. The more you go back to her more you will loose respect.Take a break. Make her your absence felt.

I stole something important from my friend Help! PLEASE?

Well i'm still out of my house and before I got kicked out of my friends house because her mom hates me I managed to get my hands on 350.00$ and just had to take it I feel really guilty and all. but I had to take it because my mom won't let me in the house so I needed a hotel my friend will be very mad at me. How can I tell her?

Why do my friends hate me?

Before giving answers to ur this question I want to ask u that WHY in thy great universe do u think that ur friends do hate u.Is it because they ignored u somday or did they talked to u rudely or is it that they did they hurt u physical or ur emotionsThe alternate answer to all these scenarios other than FRIENDS HATING U can also be ,that their day isn't going on too well and that they r upset at that moment,or u misunderstood what they r really trying to say to u ,or if it's a group it may be also possible that they had planned a prank on u which had gone wrong due to mismanagement and wrong timings and many of these type of countless cases .But if u r sure and genuinely believe from the bottom of your heart that ur friends hate u , THINK.THINK and deeply think of the times u have spent with ur friends .Have u spoken some serious shit abt them ,their family members , people thee are close too.Itcan be knowingly or unknowingly​ .Do u have any habits that they don't like it may be substance related or just when ur showing off.If yes did it happen to be doing some ill to your friends,like damaging their reputation or their studies or relationship.It may also happen that u and ur friends may have miscommunication between ur selves.But non of the above mentioned assumptions are even worth an \U0001f41c (ant).If u are calling them ur FRIENDS then there is just no problem if it is a misunderstanding ,BUTBUTBut even if it is ur mistake a FRIEND would understand if u just approach him/ her .Talk ur mind off ,but done forget to listen and keep a blasted open mind ready to take in anything and give it a chance to analyze .Hate is nothing my dear friend ,it is a relative term off degree loving wrt degree upto which u know that person .No person in this world world can be hated if he / she has been explored and their reasons for actions are noted.

My best friend hates me since I told her im a lesbian?

Hey I'm 15 and a lesbian. I am not ashamed of my sexual orientation and would gladly tell the world I am but thing is I told my best friend since 5th grade I'm a lesbian six months ago via yahoo. The first thing she said was that if I had told her in person she would had slapped me because I have " offended her". She told me I was disgusting and then deleted me from yahoo, hotmail and facebook. I think she even blocked me. And she is in another school so I don't see her that often. Thing is I saw her today and she completely ignored me and then sent a hate e-mail saying about how much she hates me. I can't believe this! Our friendship was that of sisters and she meant everything to me! I even was dumb enough to say sorry to her for being a lesbian. That's like saying sorry for who I am. I don't have to say sorry for my existence but I still said sorry like millions of times since then but she still labels me the bad guy. She even went and told my other friends(which also meant a lot to me) and now they hate me too! Are this really friends? Even now when people ask me I say they are my best friends. I don't know what to do. The racism they offer me makes me cry each night and hurts! She tells everyone how horrible I am. My parents still don't know by the way. I plan to tell my dad first since he is accepting but my mom is like super religious so she is a big no no.
Anyways my question is are these really friends or not?

My guy's friends hate me !?

i am devastated... me and my boyfriend share a very special bond... natural.... but somehow his girlfriends, i am not able to adjust with.... they are not able to accept me ! they are so rude ! obviously they hate me ! but y ? they have their boyfriends and he is just a guy ! cant he have a girlfriend ? i really wanna be friends with them.. but they keep insulting me at the drop of a hat..... my guy doesnt know it... i dont wanna tell him.... i have made many attempts to befriend them..... i give up.... i dont wanna talk to him... i dont want to put him in a position where he has to choose between them and me.... help me ! pls !

My best friend hates me now. What do I do? (Please read details)

a good friend should treat you like a family. even if you had sent that message intentionally, a good friend who never want to loose your friendship will bring themselves infront of you and try to explain themselves. People who care about themselves than friendships would try to defend their self-esteem and move on. Considering the fact you are here seeking the help of other people to cope up with a loss of a friendship shows how much you cared about it. Meanwhile your friend doesnt even care to give you a chance to explain yourself means, your friendship is not on their priority list.Thats why families will never give up. No matter whatever the fight or situations may be, no matter whatever the words are exchanged, you mom is always your mom. you dad is always your dad. you brother or sister is always your sister. They dont move on. People who care about a relationship or friendship doesnt need space. they will try to fix it as soon as possible no matter how hard it is.if you fell down and got hurt and bleeding, the best thing to do is to treat it with appropriate medicine immediately. it may cause much higher pain but thats the best thing to do. if you get the medicine only after a month (which is similar to giving space) you dnt need it. you wound might have got cured by its own. but the scar will remain did your part. accept the fact that you are not so important for your friend.

My girlfriend's friend basically hates me.?

No I don't think your girlfriend's best friend can highly influence your relationship.

As long as you are nice to your girlfriend she will know you are a nice guy and won't listen to her friends.

One of my best friends had a boyfriend and all of her friends except me hated him and said she should break up with him, but she didn't.They just misunderstood him.

Just be polite and decent to your girlfriends friends and she will see that. Not everyone in the world is going to like you, no matter who they are.

Who cares about her friend, she hardly knows you so who is she to judge?

Just keep being a decent guy and stuff them.