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A Serious Question Needing Well Deliberated Answers. My Dad Is Of A Worse Kind. He Does Not

Need serious responses please?

just recently i have been building a relationship with a guy and it seems to have had its ups and downs and i really fell in love with him and he said he did with me as well.
i have been in serious mourning because my father just passed away on thursday.and it has gotten in the way of my relationship with this guy because i just seem to jump to conclusions but today i tried calling him and he told me that he was talking to somebody and that he will get back to me later.i was really hurt by that because i have had a worse day then i did the last couple of days and he just dissed wasnt what he said its the way he said it that hurt me deeply i just cannot seem to make him understand what i am going through.he does something then turns it around on me i just cannot handle the way he is acting with me.he told me he was going to be there for me and instead turned his back on me when i needed him the most and that really hurts.
any advice for me as to what you think i should do?

I need serious answers to a moral dilemma!?

My fiance is currently in a custody battle for his daughter. He is only looking for shared parenting, not taking her away from her mother. He filed papers as soon as he turned 18 and has had one mediation session. Up until now he tried so hard to work things out peacefully with his ex and her family (email, letters, calls, gifts, money, offers to babysit, above all making it very clear how much he loves his daughter and wants to be with her) He was told to F*** off and has never been allowed to see his little girl. So that is why the court case is in session. His ex is pregnant again and is going through hell. Her mother was caught cheating on her father and is now kicked out of the house. Her life is upside down and now she has this to deal with. Her father messaged me asking us to postpone the legal dealings until after she had the baby and was better able to cope. I said we'd consider in an effort to be sympathetic and of course for the good of her unborn child, but I am so tempted to just hit them hard right now after all the years they have put us through hell ( by the way I've been with him for 3 years, almost the entire time his daughter has been alive. He tried to stay with the mother, but all nine months she was pregnant she told him to get away. So when his daughter was about 3 months old we got together.) but I don't want to be an insensitive prick and neither does he! I suggested to her father that the mother make some sort of informal agreement to let my fiance see his daughter until after the new child is born and then we'll pursue making things legal. I don't know if she'll agree, but what should we do? Also I found all the family stuff about her mother through another one of the family members. She told me all the details, but then changed her mind and asked me to delete the messages. I haven't because I am sure they will be useful in court to prove what kind of environment this little girl is in. I don't want to do anything to win, but my first loyalty is to my fiance and getting this court case over with! The sooner the better for everyone involved, especially his daughter.
by the way the ex is about 25 weeks along so I think she is due in May. The court date is currently April 3rd so we'd have to ask for a continuance

My dad is having some serious issues and I need help getting him help.?

first thing you should do is try to contact your mother and get her help, if that does not work then if you have someplace to take your sister you should get her out of that situation before she gets hurt. check on your father when you can and try to let him know your still there for him when hes ready to get help. also check with the state your in and see if there is any more you can do. if there is anything i can do to help you can contact me at
also the person who posted about working online i dont know if it is a legitamate site or not but dont send anyone money to register for the site the real ones are free to join.

Serious question- so no dumb unrealted answers. ok.?

Because humans are aspirational creatures.

We aspire to be like the people we admire or think we admire. As advertising become more sophisticated our natural tendencies to want what someone else has is being even more influenced.

Its not only about materail things its about relationships health spiritual progress anything.

The fact is we all need to understand that not evrything we see that we want is as perfect as it first appears, the people with the perfect relationship may be all front, people with the flash car may have big borrowings etc.

Only when we get the things do we suddenly realise that it wasnt the thing we craved but the emotion of acheivement that went with it. The answer is to continue to stretch yourself learn a new language ( learn two or three maybe) learn to play the piano or other instrument, take up judo and move through the coured belts.

Anything that will allow you to progress will give you the same feeling once you feel as though you are getting somewhere.

Learn to understand that you have attained some things that others still aspire for and that whilst you are becoming blase others think you ungrateful because they are still on the path to that objective. Catch yourself from sounding ungrateful but at the same time look for the real motives of wanting something.

In my experience, a narcissist, covert or overt, does not see anything wrong in their behavior. They may admit and be brought to face the consequences of their behavior BUT they feel no empathy or remorse, and they are able to very quickly remove any idea of blame. And if they have not done anything wrong then why should they change.Even experienced psychiatrists and psychotherapists have openly admitted that NPD is perhaps the most difficult personality disorder to treat. And you are expecting to find answers here that will allow a narcissist to manage himself?That says more about you than him. I totally understand why you would think you can find something like that. You think there is some way that first of all you can convince him or show him he was wrong. And his behavior needs to change. Probably because you can see and feel that he is a good person basically just scared or unruly. He needs help and even though you have been the victim, you will help him because you know you are so good yourself, so giving and caring, so strong in your sense of justice that you will be able to show him the right way.If he is a narcissist, you are the supply. And you are feeding his narcissism. Research the subject. Very very few narcissists (less than 6%) have ever been treated at all, and even those did not stay treated over five years. The ones that were considered treated were under intensive therapy with expert psychiatrists.All you are doing is dancing to his music. As long as your attention is on him he is getting what he wants.

Serious People Only- Family Relations Question-?

Honey, I'm sorry you're dealing with this. My personal advice to you is to give yourself some time with your dad. It's easy to put all the blame on him right now because he was the one who cheated. But I will say that no one really knows the truth of what goes behind closed doors in a marriage. You'll find that out one day for yourself. It's sad and it's unfortunate right now. But for now, you do what feels right in your heart. Don't allow anyone to make a decision for you before it's time. If you don't feel like talking to your dad now, then just tell him that. Tell him you need some time. But in no way do I think you should be disrespectful of him. He is still your father. And it sounds like he's provided for you very well over the years, correct? These types of family crises take time. If you want to maintain a relationship with your dad, you most certainly should. Just because someone makes a mistake in their lives doesn't mean that everyone should turn against them. Maybe even put yourself in his shoes for a minute. It's far easier to put yourself in your mom's shoes right now. That's cut and dry. She is the one who was betrayed the most. But for your dad, he is hurting too, I'm sure. He's afraid of losing his relationship with you whom I'm sure he loves very much. I am divorced too so I know how things like this feel. But I never wanted my son to hate his father or reject his father in any way. I am healed now and I'm glad that they have a wonderful relationship. If you want to e-mail me personally, feel free. Take care and good luck.

I sympathize with you for having to live in these conditions your entire life and believe that it has been very hard for you. It’s fairly obvious your father hasn’t looked out for your feelings in any way and has been abusive. I’m sorry for you and can understand your strong feelings about wanting to get even.Your nemesis has created in your mind a need to connect with his evil pronouncements and thus far at least you have conceded to his demands and engaged with him in a dance created to hurt and demean and it has worked well to his advantage.Meanwhile you are left seething with feelings of revenge and worse in your mind. Parents are supposed to be fair and reasonable and he is neither. He has succeeded in removing your trust that the world is fair, a fantasy best kept a secret until the transition from young person to adulthood, when you are better prepared to understand it.It’s a father’s job to take a child by the hand and lead them through the vagaries of life and show them detours around danger. It isn��t fair to you that he failed his responsibility to you and instead treats you like a chambermaid whose job is to please him.You can’t change your father and I have no magic remedies to draw from that will magically change him. That leaves it up to you. Your best revenge is to turn him off like you would a lightbulb on a pull string. This automatically removes his power over you and if he gives you orders say nothing and do the task as if it’s a duty and continue the silence.Whatever he says, turn it over in your mind  and place no value on it because it has no value to you. He has lost his hold over you when you no longer respond, no matter the outrage, be prepared to turn it off.Your refusal to engage is going to create serious questions and doubts in his mind and his sureness about his misogynous and sexist beliefs will be tested as you refuse to participate in his mind games. You will have total revenge when you leave the house to make it on your own and avoid him until he apologizes for his inappropriate behavior and put downs. He may never do this but you have still won the battle for your own spirit because you escaped by simply giving up and tuning him out.I wish you well and thank you for a heart wrenching question that I’m sure applies to many other young women out there who feel enslaved by a father or significant other. You’re very brave.

My dad has serious issues. please help!?

Please, please, please do no longer take yet another minute questioning that's your fault or which you're overreacting. seek advice from a depended on instructor, a practise counselor, a acquaintances parent, your wellness practitioner, a police officer, or call baby social amenities your self. pass to any community enterprise with the massive yellow triangle that announces "secure place" or click on their cyber web internet site link under. they could get you out of that abode right this moment. %. up some property you desire to take with you, save it on your college locker or at a acquaintances abode or on your practise counselors place of work in college. i comprehend you do no longer could desire to make a huge fuss and disillusioned all the kin yet that in basic terms can not be prevented. you could desire to get out of that abode and be in a secure ecosystem. Please do no longer delay in this, and don't tell your dad you're questioning of doing this to get him to straighten up. it won't artwork and could desire to reason him to act out of worry of being prosecuted. His being a instructor would not remember in any respect. There are nonetheless people who can assist you to get faraway from him. in basic terms determine you tell the reality, dont embelish incidents to cause them to sound worse than they even have been. don't fret approximately what all people is going to think of of you. concentration on getting your self right into a secure ecosystem.

There are some important details that you left out.Does he smell this when he is out of the house and not near you or his wife?How does he describe the smell? What does it smell like to him?Is he bothered by the smell? (can’t eat or sleep. etc.)'Phantosmia' is the medical term for an imaginary odour (phantom smell).It is also known as an "olfactory hallucination".The smell is unique to the person and is usually unpleasant, spoiling the taste of any food or drink.It is also known as an "olfactory hallucination".The smell is unique to the person and is usually unpleasant, spoiling the taste of any food or drink consumed. It can be in one or both nostrils.Most phantom smells go away in time and are not caused by anything serious. But if the problem persists and you're worried, see your can be in one or both nostrils.Most phantom smells go away in time and are not caused by anything serious. But if the problem persists and you're worried, see your physician.

(Please, help me) How do I make my dad understand that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and need treatment?

I'm seriously needing good advice..

He is almost 50, and with these sorts of things he is very skeptic, and stubborn.
I've explained to him a thousand times about how serious my disorder is and real it is, but he thinks it can just go away and I have to "control my mind" on my own as if I could. He says he believes me, but sometimes he's like because I can reason like a normal human being that I don't have anxiety. Does intelligence have ANYTHING to do with this?

I also have Social phobia, so I can't relate with people. I have no friends and my dad is the only person left for me in the world.

No matter what reinforcement I give myself, the next day I'm like crap again.
Because, I know I'm not healthy. I don't think like a normal human being and besides the anxiety disorder, i'm also depressed because I think in committing suicide everyday,and the impulses of doing so are getting stronger daily. Apart from my anxiety now, my life is like crap so that contributes immensely.

I'm 18, but I just recently moved to Panama with my dad and I don't know the city very well, see.
But I guess i'll have to go get treatment on my own ya? Because apparently, my dad doesn't seem very enthusiastic about taking me to a therapist. I used to take a lot of medication back in the states, but they ruined my life too made me feel worse, so i stopped them. Also, I had insurance there, here I don't.

What should I do? Should I go back on medication or just Cognitive therapy and be patient? How do I make my dad understand me and help me out, if possible? At least emotionally through the curing process.

If I'm going to try to have a life, I can't live with anxiety anymore. it's killing me and I can't take it anymore..