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A Surprise For My Gf But I Don

Why are people surprised that I have a girlfriend?

I'm not the romantic type, I guess I look lonely, and I know I'm not attractive. But why are people shocked to find out I have a girlfriend? And there's more to it, apparently some people were surprised that my girlfriend is black, when I'm hispanic. I don't find anything wrong with my relationship.

Seems some people don't like the idea of an interracial relationship. I know this other black girl, and some people describe her as "that black girl with the white boyfriend." Are people at my school really that immature and racist?

Why are girls surprised that I don't have a girlfriend?

Yeah, never had a girlfriend, been single for 19 years, I haven't had anytime for girls (I know you must be thinking yeah what a joke, but I seriously have had no time for girls) I told one of my girlfriends and she was seemed so shocked, she was like how is this guy single, you like gorgeous! also one night we went out another friend she kept asking me why I don't have a girlfriend yet? She was literally like shouting it in my face etc, like I have no girl experience I wouldn't consider myself as anything special so I don't understand why people are so shocked that I don't have a girlfriend?

Why does surprising my girlfriend with coffee while she's studying make her so happy?

Girls love attention. They love someone who will go the extra mile to take care of them. They love someone doing special just for them, just to make them feel better. And I bet she likes it when her friends see you doing this for her, too.I’ve been married 24 years, and when my wife gets her nails done, I like getting her coffee (and sometimes a little flower) to bring to her inside the salon, so that her friends can be jealous. My wife will say, “Don’t do that!” but she really loves it.But here’s the thing: NEVER stop doing those little things for her. Never stop bringing her coffee or flowers, never stop rubbing her feet when she’s tired from work or taking care of the baby, never stop opening the door or helping her with her coat. Never stop being a gentleman who goes that extra mile. For instance, there’s two times that flowers are required: on all mandatory days like anniversaries and birthdays and such…and on random days “just because”. And “just because” is the very best reason why. Don’t forget to do that!I say this because the worst thing that husbands do is to think, “well, we’re married now, so I don’t have to try so hard anymore.” Don’t stop trying, never stop trying. Never stop courting her, until death do you part. Yes, it’s sometimes a pain in the ass…but it’s got a few side benefits in that it keeps the fire strong for both of you - both of you will be better able to resist temptation - and you’ll be the envy of all the other couples…and best of all, your kids will look up to the two of you and want to follow the example you set.I haven’t done a lot of things right in life, but one thing I did right was to never stop courting my wife. Remember that!

What are ways to surprise your girlfriend?

Best Ways to Surprise Your Soulmate on Valentine's Day - Get Well ForeverLoving without expressing is like reading without understanding. In order to make your loved one feel special, you need to vent out your emotions but in the language of love. Here are some creative ways in which you can surprise your soulmate and pour your love in the silent language of love-:1) Act as if you don’t care:The stupidest thing one can do in love is to avoid their partner so act weird in front of her as if you don’t care about this Valentine. Call her in the evening to meet up for an urgent piece of work. Surprise her by taking her to the nearest flower shop, kneel down and present her a bouquet.2) Tell him that you are sick and plan a romantic evening:When one of the partners is sick the other one is always concerned about their well-being and suggest having a complete bed rest. So just apply this formula and tell your dear one that you aren’t well. After having a nice chat on the phone, tell him to see you are feeling well now. Decorate your place with flowers, put up a nice table mat on the dinner table, adorn it with a flower pot and lit a candle. Order some food and surprise him with a romantic candlelight dinner at your place.3) Take her to her favourite place and sing a song for her:You can tell your sweetheart to meet up and surprise her by taking her to the place where you first met. Make the moment special by singing a romantic song for her.4) Go old school write a letter for her:If you are bad at expressing your feelings then you must try this out. You can write a letter for her-describing how your life has changed since the day she entered your life. Take her for a long romantic walk and surprise her by putting the letter in her bag. I can vouch, when she’ll open her bag and read the letter, tears of joy will run from her eyes like the broken pearls from a beautiful necklace.5) Ask her to meet at the restaurant where you had your first date and propose her there:You can ask your sweetheart to catch up at the restaurant where you had your first date. Make some special arrangements and surprise her by asking her hand. To add a pinch of romance just take a ring with you and propose her. She will be impressed by the courtly gesture of yours.Check out the 20 ways in which you can surprise your soulmate- Best Ways to Surprise Your Soulmate on Valentine's Day - Get Well Forever

What should I say when I don't like the gift my GF gave to me?

I like a lot of the answers here, and you've gotten some great advice, but I didn't see one that said what I was thinking exactly, so I figured I would throw my two cents in here...Let me say something about successful relationships. A good one, of any kind, has many of the same qualities as the others. This is true for work, families, social friends, and yes, even lovers. If you want a relationship to last, be harmonious, and for both sides to be happy, then recognize something: your first response to situations shouldn't be to say, "What about me?!" because guess what? It's NOT about you! It's about them. If both sides in a relationship are only ever thinking of themselves, it won't last. If you care about this girl, truly, and care at all about the longevity of the thing, then do things to make her... happy. Simple, I know. If not, then continue to act like it's all about you. You'll be looking for a new GF in no time, and doing no better next time. WO HOPPEN? The fact that you're asking the question in the first place means that what you've been doing HASN'T WORKED. So don't be defensive about the feedback. She cared enough to try, and this is the critical point, as so many have said. "But I didn't like it!" So what? In the relationship, she was doing her job, i.e. trying to make you happy. You did NOT do your job, which was to try to make her happy. You made it about YOU, and surprise, the shinola hit the fan. I'm sorry to tell you, but many times in relationships (again, of any kind) you have to make sacrifices to keep the other party happy. Saying thank you and smiling sincerely when you receive a gift is a VERY small sacrifice to make someone happy. But hey, maybe you'd rather stick to your "no house of lies" moral high ground. You'll be up there alone, by the way. Understand the difference between lying and not saying EVERYTHING THAT GOES THROUGH YOUR HEAD. It's a restraint mechanism that most folks enjoy.

I want to kiss my girlfriend for the first time but i don't know how or where. help?

Here's what you do. Lead here away from the crowd. Tell her to close her eyes because you have a surprise. Then kiss her on the lips for at least three seconds. If she kisses back and does stuff like wrapping her arms around your neck then wrap your arms around her waist. No @$$ touching yet! Things you can do are reposition a few times (Like in those cheesy make out scenes in the movies, they move around a little instead of holding their mouths in the same spot.) If you want, get your tongue in there.

(If you are afraid of chickening out, Have a small backup present it your pocket. But don't be a chicken, that is lame)

If you've ever seen the 6th Harry Potter movie, When Harry and Ginny are in the room of requirement and she hides the book, they kiss. Do your kiss that way but swapped because Ginny kissed Harry when in your case it'd be like Harry kissing Ginny. If you haven't seen the movie then screw that thought. :P

I want to play a song on the guitar for my girlfriend but I don't know how to play the guitar. How long would it take me to learn just one song from online tutorials and what not?

A2A (Thanks, Blake). This general question has come up a bunch of times on the net, particularly over in Yahoo Answers. While some seem intent on handing out a warm fuzzy to a one-shot troubadour, that doesn’t get it done. Bear with me… There’s at least two things going on, or not.Learning to play a guitar in any decent manner takes months, even using the fastest approach - live lessons. Most of us still suck for about a year, if we even keep trying, which most starters don’t - because they want easy & fast.Meanwhile, there’s love/romance/crushes, etc. Totally unconnected with playing guitar. Some objects of our interests may be warm to any clumsy thing offered, but many will become uncomfortable, embarrassed, etc., particularly if the thing offered oozes kissy-kissy stuff that is way ahead of the relationship. Songs do that a lot. Offering it in public is very high risk. Sideways: Did she ask you to?Hey, if she’s already really your girlfriend, despite the fact that you don’t currently play the guitar, she had her reasons. Build on your strengths.Getting a guitar to get women is extremely overrated.

I want to break up with my girlfriend but I don't have any reason to break up with her. What could be a reason to break up with her?

dear friend, I don't understand why you want to break up with her.. Please don't disappoint any girl.. it may give very bad impression. .Many of us don't have true loved one.. still waiting. .  you found your true love.. why do you want to break up with the life, fight, anger are normal. don't take this very serious. . be cool..All the best!!..

Why don't some guys like to give their girlfriends flowers?

Did he really say he doesn't want to give you flowers or does he just not do it. If it is the latter than that is a question that has been a mystery to alot of women for many generations. It also depends on how the girlfriend reacts to gifts. There are some greedy girls out there who would be angry it wasn't more than flowers. It is not really the gift, it is really the loving thoughts behind it. Have you tried baking him a surprise food that he enjoys. It is a partnership in a relationship. It should not just be up to the guy to give surprises. There are some men that are just plain clueless. Maybe they didn't grow up with a Father or had one that didn't learn these acts of kindness from his Father. My Husband does surprise me sometimes. It doesn't have to be flowers. I am diabetic and Love Russell Stover sugar-free chocolate, so he brings me a bag home sometimes when I am sad or he missed me, just to make me happy. A friend of mine had a problem with her hubby never giving her flowers. I worked with him in a Garden Center. We got fresh-cut flowers in during certain holidays. I showed a bouquet to him and asked if his wife might like these. He said he didn't know if she even liked flowers. I told him she would love them. He said he would give it a shot. Now he surprises her regularly with little gifts. You may want to have a friend of both of yours kind of sneak the topic in like I did with my friend at work.