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How do I get clients for my new startup social media agency?

Its all about Cold Calling and Driving around your Local Area!If your anything like me you’ve probably spent hours reading about how to find more clients online. Thats the Golden Question! These are my methods.Heres what worked for me,COLD CALLING - This got me 5 locations. I searched on yelp for people in the marketing business for local shops. I called all of them up and offered to just manage the social media aspect of their business for them. I offered $275 per account I managed and after the 50th agency I called it worked. The call landed me 5 account all paying $275, making $1375 a month. You Just need to hit the Phone!!!!!Cold Calling - I got 9 locations. This time I called up individual stores. I started with restaurants. I went on yelp and called all 200 restaurants in within a 20 mile radius. The goal is always to set up a meeting on the weekend with the owner. Call >>> Meeting >> Follow Up >> Close!Email Marketing - I’ve read about this a ton, it doesn’t work. Sent out 1000 emails with a great script. Not a personal enough connectionInstagram DM’s - Got 3 Locations. These are big, first you need to build up your account over 1k followers. Then use a Hashtag, say if your looking for barbers, use the hashtag #barbershop. Then DM 100 people a day everyday who own barbershops. Explain what you do and how you can help with their Social MediaJob Sites - Upwork, Indeed, Zip-recruiter, Glassdoor. These are all great ways to find people who are LOOKING for a Social Media Manager Already!! Its not that hard to convince someone looking to hire a social media manager to work with someone who owns a Social Media Agency.To sum it up, You Have To Hit the Phones! I can’t stress this enough it works!! These are my numbers150 Calls = 5–10 Meetings = 1 Close (conservatively)CALLING ALL YOUNG PEOPLE: Feel free to reach out to me at Anytime for FREE business advice. I love helping other Young Entrepreneurs!!!!!!Jimmy Duke - - - - - -