About The Patriarchy Can You Explain This

Can someone explain this patriarchal paradox?

Even in countries that are clear patriarchies by even the strictest of standards, men are the soldiers. In fact, it's in more progressive non-patriarchal countries, where women are also soldiers.

The draft is oppressive, though of course incredibly classist. I agree that drafting people is oppressive. However, that doesn't mean that patriarchies don't and haven't had drafts.

What's the patriarchy?

I've got an essay question for school "Explain the causes and effects of the development of the patriarchy from the Paleolithic to Neolithic Eras" and I don't have a clue what that means

If the patriarchy exists, how can we get rid of it?

The answer is always the same. Realizing & acting on some version of the following:The meaning of life is - To Learn. Understanding morality is no kind of social & psychological construct is crucial. It is an outgrowth of our biological capacity for empathy. Out of which Love emerges that we exercise, because we are also intrinsically social creatures. Everything important in the most practical terms, attempting to express itself in sublime ways is mostly composed of Love - Integrity, dedication, authentic sincerity, honesty (especially with oneself), courage, honour etc. & must be a component of everything done or its worthless.This is why emotional intelligence & empathy are just a form of this & the inevitable reason why it is the best predictor of all levels of the most profound happiness, fulfillment, success & prosperity in life. All happiness results from living your life from the inside/out. All misery comes from doing so mostly from the outside/in. This means you need to figure out who you are or nothing can ever truly make sense. Introspection & self awareness are therefore nonnegotiable.People have to exp[end considerable energy to override our most fundamental instinct to be empathetic. Yes, testosterone will do that on occasion but eventually it will always come back to the positivity of empathy. Everything else is detail.

How can anorexia be explained by embodiment and/or patriarchy - I just cant see link between the 2 !!?

Well, the short answer is that the media and standards of beauty are largely controlled by men. Some people (mostly young females, statistically, although other people can become anorexic too) internalize these impossible standards of beauty until it becomes a mental disorder.

Of course there is much, much more to the link between anorexia and the patriarchy, but there's not enough room on Yahoo Answers to address it properly.

What are the defining elements of patriarchy?

I don't know about defining elements, I'd say it's a whole, from big stuff to details.No female president in the US or in France.The man is seen as the human being by default. In an ad for vacation, you'll put a beautiful girl in the swimming pool. Yet men and women go on vacation. Dancers on TV are usually female and lightly dressed. For male.You can say you're a misogynist and people won't cringe much. Say you're a feminist and they will look down on you.Nice guys don't want to hear about #MeToo. Women speaking about abuse make them feel more uncomfortable than women being raped.In a debate where women will talk exactly as much as men, people will think that women have been talking more.In France women still deal with 70% of the house chores. Even working as much as men.Men seem to think it's okay to catcall and insult women in the street. They think they exist for their own pleasure. They won't listen if a woman says no.We look down on what's perceived as feminine, while what's considered masculine has more value.Men get raped too. They're also victims of patriarchy. But it will be more difficult for them to find someone to speak to, because a man is supposed to always enjoy sex, according to patriarchy values.Basically men have the power and don't need to be aware of their privilege. And they get annoyed when women aren't satisfied with the situation.I know it's not all men. It's way too many men.