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Abt My Height How To Increase My Height M 23yrs Old My Height Is Just 5 Feet . Wt I Need To Do

I am 21 years old, and I weigh 45 kg. How can I increase my body weight?

I want to share my real life experience with you ..I hope this will help you . I am 5'9 and in first year of my college i was 51 Kg . I was too much skinny and always dreaming about gaining some good weight ..Its not like i was eating less but due to my fast metabolism it was not getting it into my muscles . Then after lot of research over internet i managed to gain some good amount weight (around 12 Kg ) in two years .Good weight means most of them are muscles not fats.So for this you need :Take small but multiple meals (5-6 meals a day)- Should be rich in protein, carbs and healthy fats.Weight training ( 3 days a week ) - Do compound exercise like bench press , squats , Dumbbell press etc. If you do not have a gym membership do push ups ,pull ups , crunches etc.Take heavy breakfast. Consume 600 more calories than your BMI requires.Home made weight gain shake - 250 ml milk + 1 table spoon peanut butter + one cup powdered oats + 1 table spoon extra virgin olive oil +1 banana + 1 scoop whey protein (optional) you can take this in early morning. this will contains around 700 -900 calories and around 30 gm of protein ,carbs and healthy fats.7 to 8 hours continuous sleepMotivational workout music helps a lot during workouts.You will find lots of free muscle building program online they will give you lot of information.Being consistent: Its the most important thing. You need to be motivated for this. I hope you will gain some good amount of weight.

I am 20-year-old male, my height is 6 feet, and my weight is 48kg. How can I increase my weight?

Hey , thanks for A2A.Well , a person has low body weight because he has a very fast metabolism .Also one reason may be that person's body growth is not yet complete. So in order to gain one must just eat a lot so that the calorie excess leads to weight gain.And its just basic science. Eat any damn thing out there, if you are taking those appropriate amount of carbs , fats and proteins, you are going to gain weight, irrespective of weather your diet is vegetarian or non- vegetarian or you are a ectomorph or a endomorph.So if your BMI falls in a extremely underweight or a underweight range, to gain weight ,  JUST EAT A LOT.There is actually nothing else to tell here. You don't need a very sophisticated diet plan for that initial weight gain.(if you are underweight) .You asked me. So here is  my experience on what I did.For the initial two months I didn't take any supplements in fact I started it after a year.I just took my meals  i.e breakfast , lunch and dinner on time and just added around 2-3 whole eggs and around half a lit of milk to my diet and kept a approximate track of daily protein intake of around 70-80 gms at . For lunch and dinner , I ate like 4 chapatis each session , dal and rice .That's  it . and with this workout plan and diet I gained nearly 7-8 kgs in my  first 5 weeks. And did very basic exercises daily for 1 hr.(for initial 2 months ).DAY 1 . Body weight: 49kgsAFTER 35 DAYS. Body weight: 56kgs AFTER 2 YEARS  Body weight: 70 kgsSo as you can see what I gained in those first 35 days , was nearly the same to what I gained in the next year. Yes, if you are underweight , that initial weight gain is actually that easy.But it gets tougher and tougher as you progress. It is then when you'll need some cool diet and workout plans . But as for now , YOU JUST NEED THIS.I know I am not still that big and you would probably find 100's of people who had some legendary transformations but atleast you can have a rough judgement of how much is actually achievable for an ordinary guy , like I am not some kind of fitness trainer or some one who gets paid for showing his body. What I did is actually doable in around 15-16 months if done properly with just 1 hr workout and proper diet daily..That's it .Just pm me if you need any help.Good luck :)

If someone is 1.82 linear in height, how many feet and inches are they?

I'm pretty sure they are meaning metric. 182 cms is 71.65 inches or bascially 6 feet.

I am 23 and my height is 5.3 feet. I would like to grow up to 5.8. What should I do?

Face the reality that you’re never going to reach 5′8″ or even 5′4″. Here’s a chart showing height by age. Notice two things: First, almost all the growth is over by age 20. At 23, you’re not going to grow any more. And while I don’t know your nationality or genetic makeup (the chart below is based on heights in the United States), you’re short and you’re going to stay that way.Still, you can accomplish plenty even though you’re short. My son is somewhere between 5′2″ and 5′3″. He’s also an MMA fighter (with a 5–1 record), a college grad, a martial arts instructor, and more. And, if it matters, he’s got women chasing him. If you’re healthy, be thankful for your health. Height becomes insignificant.The picture below shows him after winning an MMA fight. Note that he’s standing on his toes (after the announcer had made some light-hearted remark about his height), and he’s still much shorter than the ring girls. The audience loved it. His height doesn’t bother him. Yours shouldn’t bother you.

I am 22 years old, what weight is normal?

You can follow a weight chartselect your height and right age. you can know what should be your ideal

My height is 5 ft and weight is 42 kg. I am a 25 year old female. What should be my ideal weight and proper diet chart?

WHAT IS A WEIGHT CHART?This chart determines the ideal weight for your height. The ideal weight depends upon your gender. You can check your weight against your height to see whether you fall within the ideal weight for height zone.UNDERWEIGHTYou could be underweight because of several reasons. You can work out to increase your body mass, or talk to the experts.IDEAL WEIGHTNow that you fall under this category, you must already be feeling awesome! Continue to eat a balanced diet and keep working out!OVERWEIGHTOne may be overweight due to many reasons. The most common cause is excessive body fat. Concentrate on reducing your body fat through diet & exercise!All the best

Hi i m 17 yrs old female and i m underweight .plz help?

hey hi ..
see its really getting serious if u r getting dark ...
the thing u can do is .....
i can suggest u food and other things .. but i dont know the place where u live ... coz some foods are available only area wise ...
but still u can try is ... u need to eat good .. good means the protien rich .. and chapatis u really need .. that will give u the real energy and power ... then beans are must with chapatis ...they will provide u vitamins .. fruits u must eat in ur free time ... drink lots and lots of water ... dont bother abt pee ... then .. after one week .. or 4-5 days .. when u urself feel that something has gone into u ... then start exercising plus yoga .. that will help to circulate the blood more fastly... and will help u TO BECOME PINK AGAIN .. IT WILL GLOW up UR FACE ... dont directly go on to exercise without eating ...
if more assistance .. i wud love to help ... mail me ...
thanx .. tc ...rabb rakha /...

What should be the weight of a girl whose height is 5'?

there is a ratio for this that you can try by your own its called body mas index (b.m.i) for women the interesting thing is that they store their fat under their their skin hence its not a much risk factor compared to men where their fat is stored under different organs like heart,kidney,liver etc.

What should be the weight for 5.5 height?

Please mention the Age and gender.For normal adult male,the height of 5.5 feet (165 c.m), weight should be 54–66 kilogram.For 5.5 feet (165 c.m) height,normal adult Female, the average weight should be from 50kg-62kg.Again,weight may vary according to bone structure of person to person. I have mentioned the average normal weight.