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Accessing Hard Drive On Hp Touchscreen Desktop

I have an HP Pavilion fx2000 touch screen. A while back it started to give me this problem 0xc0000098. How do I fix it?

I called Microsoft and they basically said "You are screwed and we will screw you further by making you pay $200 to send you a new OS disc cause your year warranty is expired"

When I bought my laptop it didn't came with a disc and was never given one eventhough I wrote to microsoft monthly about it. So no I dont have a Windows 7 OS disc.

When I turn on my laptop it takes me to this screen I can't avoid it or go any further. F8 and/or ALT+F8 does not work and the laptop starts to beep then it takes me to the 0xc0000098 screen.

ESC takes me to the boot manu which I tried booting from internal drives and takes me to the 0xc0000098 screen.

I gave up on getting a windows copy so I went to linux and booted it to a USB but when I try booting from a USB it still takes me to the 0xc0000098 screen.

I downloaded a software that promises that will fix the problem but all programs need to be install in the laptop before they can fix it. How am I suppose to install or make the command prompt come up if the 0xc0000098 screen is all I get?!

I can't get passed the 0xc0000098 screen. The laptop does not load the windows screen. I can't access the command prompt. I can't boot Linux from USB. Everything I do it takes me to the 0xc0000098 screen!

Can some one help me figure this out?

Thank you

HP TOUCHSMART 610-1280 start up hp Logo on screen then goes blank? Need to backup files as pics and videos?

Ok ill try to be short,I was having a problem with my hp touch smart on feb 22, it was acting up as in slow trying to open up my Internet or even open my files,so I called hp and they told me I have to restore it to a different date on when it was working good so she pin point me on how so I picked feb 21 that's when it was good,so it was doing the restore and out of no where it went black on me,left the house came back 3 hrs later and screen was still black so I turned it off and all it does now it turns on boots to hp logo and windows and after that a blank screen. I'm just mad due to the fact the hp should of told me to backup my files because now I try and do a system recovery and do backup files and I keep getting a error message I tried 3 different hard drives and no luck. Don't want to do a system recovery because then for sure my files will be gone as in a yr worth of pics and videos of family my music can get deleted I can always get that back,just feel like hp was at fault and now they are not trying to help but keep telling me to take it to a repair shop and pay money out my pocket for something they did, in that case I should of just left my pc at it was slow but my pics and videos was still there. Has anybody had a problem like this that can try and help me out please Thanks sorry for this long story

How do I access BIOS menu on a Sony Vaio E series laptop so that I can boot from USB?

This is for Sony Vaio E-series laptop:AIM : Install a new OS from my pendrive> Press power button> immediately press + hold F2> boot menu appears> use navigation keys (arrow buttons) to go to boot tab> set “external device” boot enable> change boot priority so that External device comes first(to change value use F5and F6 buttons, see botttom of screen for more)> press F10 for “Save and Exit”>it will restart automatically, now go with your OS instllation.

How can I access the boot menu in my HP Pavilion laptop?

Almost all HP notebooks come with same boot keys combination.It’s very easier to keep on pressing the ESC button on your keyboard until your startup gets paused.After this, you will find several options like:F1 for System InformationF2 for Hardware DiagnosticsF9 for one-time boot menuF10 for BIOS.NOTE: You can also directly press the mentioned key to access your desired menu directly.

How do you access the boot menu in a Gateway PC?

As pointed out by others, the Boot menu on a Gateway PC will show a screen when the pc and tell you which keys to hit to access it.A little background.Gateway was one of the few PC companies (and may be the last one left) that stores BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) information on the hard drive. Other PC makers put BIOS on CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-conductor), which is non-volatile memory charged by a button battery,Gateway BIOS has to be stored on the Boot sector of drive 0, so it is actioned first. Then the OS can be directed to boot. They usually have a restore disc stored here too, which is a terrific idea. Not so terrific when hard drives were smaller.I found out about this quirky setup when I tried to replace my nephew’s hard drive with a larger one!

(HP Laptop) Fingerprint System Owner Password?

I can't register my Fingerprint, on my HP Elitebook. When i register, it is asking "Fingerprint System Owner Password" first. What is it? And how can i bypass or recover that password anyway?