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How to politely tell people they are going to rot in hell for eternity.?

Well, usually trolls are not too concerned with their politeness.
In consideration of such, true Christians, are not concerned as to which persons are and are not going to be destroyed by God.
For a Christian, to even suggest they have some hand in the damnation of others, is for said 'Christian' to have overstepped their authority, and to have found themselves as Satan, in the fact that they are attempting to usurp the authority that belongs to God alone.
There is no such thing, as a Christian telling someone they are 'going to hell' for they forget that it is God alone who makes the determination as to who he will forgive.
That is why Jesus, the master teacher gave the illustration of the talents.
This was to expose the hypocritical thinking of the religious leaders, who considered the people to ALL be sinners, and be unworthy.
For a Christian, to take on this negative trait, and become like the hypocrites, is for a Christian to become like the Pharisee, and thus be self condemned.

My step-dad hit me for no reason what so ever, and my moms not doing anything about it.. at all.

Today.. My step-dad yelled for me to come and feed our dogs. I walked downstairs.. and when I got finished, I was washing my hands. He yelled for me to come into the kitchen.. I walked into the kitchen.. and for no reason what so ever, he grabbed me by my hair and through up against the stove. I started crying, cause he through me pretty hard, and my back was hurting pretty bad.. He yelled 'STOP ******* CRYING' and grabbed my hair again, and pulled me up to my feet, and punched me with his fist right in the stomach. I feel to my knees, and started crying harder,, He said something like.. 'What did I tell you about crying..' He grabbed me by my neck, and pushed me against the fridge, and hit me in the lip, and left eye.. By this point, I was sobbing. He grabbed me again, and pushed me on the ground, he started kicking me in the side with his foot.. After he kicked me several times, he told me he was leaving because he couldn't stand to see my ugly face anymore.. Then he left, I got up, I went back up to my room.. Later, about 2-3 hours later, my mom came home from work.. I yelled for her to come upstairs, because it hurt me so bad to walk.. I honestly don't know how I got UP the stairs.. But anyway.. I yelled for her.. She came upstairs, I told her that he hit me, I showed her all the marks I have.. Then she said 'What did you do to deserve it??' I said nothing.. Cause I don't think I did anything wrong..She just stormed downstairs.. I started crying..
My question is.. What do I do about this..? I told my mom.. She's not doing anything about it.. Do I stand up to my dad? What..? Do I tell the poilice..? Can they do anything about this..?

I know some people are going to be asking these questions: I'm 15 years old..
my eye is bruised, I have a couple bruises on my sides , my lip was bleeding but it stopped, but its swollen.. This was the 2nd time he hit me, the first time was just a slap across the face..

Roommates from HELL..what's your story?

I recently had a temporary roommate (she only needed a place to stay for a few weeks, end of month she was supposed to be gone). She told me she would only be there sometimes on the days she had to work and otherwise at her other friends houses. I agreed and she moved in. This was a mistake I soon realized just a few days after when I saw her in my kitchen preparing food with no top on..I mean no bra either! I was so embarrased I went back in my room, she said this is how she walked around the house. Didnt take long for her to be gone after I am scarred for life. No more roommates!