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Advice I Really Need Help

HeLp!!! Boyfriend AdViCe really needed!!...?


i just need some advice my situation is -

Me and my boyfriend were togetha for 2years... we went on girls/lads holidays and both cheated on each otha (him being worse) we still carried on seeing each otha but broke up afta a year.
We spilt up for a year and now were back togetha as abit more grown up now and do really love each otha!.. my girl mates booked a holiday to magaluf with out me knowin and payed for me (which i wud love to go to) how do i tell my boyfriend? cause i no he wont like it? if he does finish with me ova it shall i not go? i dont no what to do please help!!!!

Help!!! really need to know what type of advice that Henry David Thoreau would have given to...?

just think about what the transcendentalists believed and then go from there...

Really need help!!!?

okay so a straight line is a 180 degree angle.

first, draw a 110 degree angle. label one line main and one line 3rd.

next, continue the lines so that they intersect with one another.

so you know one of the people turned at 110 degrees, tyrone must have turned in (180-110) degrees.

i believe the answer would come out to:

the angle of tyrone's turn is 70 degrees.

if you have any questions, my email is

i could send you a picture if you need it.

good luck with your homework!


oh, and ps the guy below my answer means supplementary. i don't mean to be rude, i just wanted you to know that. heh. good luck!

I really need help with my relationship/self. Can I get some advice?

I found I had to start loving myself and see my good parts. I had to release all my fears and forgive all those who harmed me. Then I made amends to those I hurt. I learned helping others was a way to get out of myself and that feels good. I describe this in detail in my book, “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You” at Amazon. It works. God loves you if you do not love yourself, it is your pride.

I'm Getting Bullied Everyday, and I Really Need Help And Advice. (Read All)?

Sorry to hear that others are making your school years a living hell. But in all the negativity is still a sparkle of hope and I'm actually going to quote you on one thing.

"And even though I tried so hard to fit in, I never can."

Try to not try to fit in too hard. Yeah, it's a tricky sentence, but it's true. I may sound very harsh and to the point, but give it a try. People don't become friends with people that want to be their friend really badly, becoming friends happens naturally, because of common interests, or because they live next door, or close by, or because parents are friends. Acceptance comes naturally as well; you can't force people to accept you.

You're very smart, that obvious, because when you're youngest in class and still get straight A's, you've got to be doing -something- right! Have some confidence here! I wish I had straight A's!

Think about yourself, keep getting good grades and speak up when you disagree. Speak up when they push you around, show them you've got a voice, show them you are the one saying what happens to you. It's okay to tell teachers you're disappointed in their way of treating you, that you really want to fit in, but that the class is not helping.

The comments people tell you should be brushed off without even paying attention to them. I know in theory it all sounds great and in practice it's much harder, but when someone gives you a comment again, tell that person that you know for a fact that that's not true. Outsmart them if you can't fight them.

Hang out with the people you want to hang out with, do what YOU like. Your mom is not you and it's okay to tell her that those people your age and younger are your friends and that you want to spend time with them and hang out with them. Be friends with whoever you want. I had a couple friends from 2 and 3 years below, back in the days and many people were whining, but they're still friends. It was my choice to hang out with them and I don't regret it for a moment. Neither should you! :)

I would advise you to find your schools counselor/guidance person/trusted person and talk about this. Many people are bullied each schoolyear and I'm sure you're not alone.

Good luck!

My first time bottoming, and i really need help and advice!!?

so, im 25 and i ve never bottomed before, i have tried in the past and it hurt too much and id always would stop and the people who i tried with i didnt really want to any way... now im in a relationship with sommeone who i really like, and we ve been trying but it always hurts like hell, and the past couple times i ended up getting cut.. the lube we use is the KY liquid.. is it the wrong lube? or is it just me? i always try to relax and everything, but it always hurts like hell!!! i really want to be able to have sex with him, but me being so tight, and him being really big is a major road block.. and i also think it could be a mental thing with me.. like what if i cant hold my bowels afterwards? and i ve been a virgin so long its kind of like i m scared to not be one anymore. the guy i m with is completely patient and totoally understanding, but i dont want to make him wait forever , and like i said befoe, i really really want to do it with him.. i dont have any gay friends to ask for advice and its too embarrassing to ask one of my female friends.. can any of you guys helps and give me any advice? What d you do to make it work with your first time?

Help please, really need advice. Stress is ruining my life!?

Hey Fritter

I know what you mean. it's just some thing about being alive that stresses you out, even when there is nothing to stress about you find some thing, right? Well that is because you are basing all you problems on stuff that is just there. There really isn't any thing to stress about, unless you lost your job, your house is being foreclosed on, your car just broke down and you have no food for your kids to eat beside losing your boy toy. If you have any of these things going on in your life other than your ex, then you have every right to be stressing, but if not, then you just need to relax.
Go watch a movie, take a walk or go to the beach, do some thing to take your mind off of the little things that are stressing you out. Go and have lunch or dinner by your self in a little restaurant not the kind for couples but like a hot dog and hamburger place just to get out and people watch. When doing little things like that it helps to occupy your mind with other things other than the every day stuff.
Don't focus on the negative stuff around you, if you see some thing that makes you squint roll your eye and shake your head in a manner that says you don't agree with what it is, but don't dwell on it go to the the next thing and so on and soon you will learn not to stress the small stuff. Some times you just have to say "what the f**k" and leave it at that. You just have to say "oh well what ever" and move on to some thing that makes sense to you and makes you feel good.
I find reading stuff on the net like Y/A helps take my mind off of the junk stuff going on in my life at the moment and time, so maybe you can do that, just do any thing and soon you will feel better about your self and every thing around you enough so that you are not stressing out any more....
Take care and good luck to you....
Keep the Faith....peace....

Do you advice students abroad for IELTS writing? I really need help from someone expert in IELTS, I keep getting 6.5 and I need 7.

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