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Advice Need To Know Soon.

Need advice as soon as possible ?

okay so my parents told a close family friend that they where worried about my relationship. they aren't worried my boyfriend might try to talk me into sex.......They are worried i might talk him into it. They trust him more then me and referred to the "horny teenage girl." Not once have i ever said anything about having sex to them, except for the one time i told them i wanted a purity ring to promise to myself and the world i was going to stay pure. So what the heck why do they think im the one who would try to force him into sex.

This is a huge problem for me and im deeply hurt by my parents, they are supposed to be there and support me and love me not talk about me behind my back on how much they don't trust me. They swear to my face that they trust me but this remark makes me know better. I would go to them and talk to them but i am sworn not to because the family friend doesn't want them to know he told me.......

This could ruin my christmas, what would u do in my shoes?

Getting braces soon and need to know what to do?

ok ive had my braces on for 2 years now and u do get used to them so dont be scared! well for breakfast eat some tortilla chips or doritos or something bc once the braces are say bye bye to hard things (like chips) u might wanna eat some apples and oranges bc its a major hassle to eat them once ya get say wait to take the pain killer and Advil works best... take the advil right AFTER bc it will get to workin right when ur mouth starts to notice the changes... if u play an instrument (like me) or do sports (like me) then u might have to wait to play bc ur mouth will be sore for about 2 weeks and all ur gonna wanna eat is mashed taters so be ready for that !ur not allowed to eat ALOT of things so eat as much of them that u can before ya get the braces!
tortilla chips
hard candy
bubble gum
pizza crust
there are many foods that u just dont wanna eat bc they are just a big hassle to out of the braces so eat...
granola bars (hard like nature valley)
corn on the cob
chicken fried steak
fresh bread (hard crust)
pizza (pep. and hamburger get stuck)
soda (it eats away at ur teeth and u shouldnt drink it)
chicken strips
sandwiches (bread gets stuck)
honestly the list goes on and on............... so eat as much of the food listed above bc ur not gonna eat it for awhile... now about the brushes and stuff ur ortho should give u all the stuff u need... and just some little tricks
sugarfree gum (doesnt stick if you just HAVE to get gum)
popcorn (eat no more than 2 pieces @ a time bc the kernels wonts get stuck that ways)
lemonade (good sub. for soda)
licorice (the cherry bites of twizzlers are gummi and are easier to eat)
steak and chicken (cut into very very small pieces so it wont get caught between brackets)
ice (crushed ice is better)
those are all my tricks! hope u have fun learning about the care, responcibility, and joy of braces!jk
remember it will be worth every single second in the end:)

I am turning 15 soon. What advice do you have for me?

Exercise consistently, NOW. In a few years, you will reach peak bone density (19–20 years old). Thereafter, bone density remains stable for a number of years, until the gradual decline begins. If you don’t continue exercising, the decline will be much more than just “gradual”. A trained osteologist can theoretically look at a bone tissue sample from an individual of that age and tell if that individual is likely to get osteoporosis in the future.Physical activity has been shown to increase bone density, either indirectly through hormonal signaling or directly through mechanical stress. However, I do not think the exact mechanisms are understood.In a few years, you will be “too busy” to exercise. Prevent that thought from ever occurring NOW by building this habit of exercise into your daily routine.You will be stressed from an ever- increasing workload → exercise.Your metabolism will eventually slow down → exercise, keep exercising, don’t stop.-From a tired and out-of-shape 19 year old with white hair, bad posture, creaky joints, and who wishes she could go back in time and kick her 15 year old buttAlso: I just read your description. It’s good to have that kind of ambition- don’t lose sight of it. Try to re-evaluate your goals every few weeks. Being focused on yourself is good, but don’t pass up opportunites to learn about other people and what they’re interested in. Be open and receptive. Be arrogant, but ever conscious of your ignorance. Be brave. Life is an adventure.

I am starting a new job soon. Do you have any advice?

Here’s a tip that my mentor told me a few years ago before I started my most recent role and it CHANGED. MY. LIFE.I report to the CEO of the company I work at and he is incredibly busy and pretty hands-off of my work. So when I was starting my new role I decided to try this tip to impress him right off the bat.Here is what my mentor said: Bosses are busy. Busy people like to react, not create.REACT. Not CREATE.What do MOST of us do when we see our boss is super busy and stressed?We ask: How can I help?That’s mighty fine.But what SHOULD we do?Find ways to contribute and give them something to REACT to.The tip is to create a “reaction document”. Which is a fancy way of saying a rough draft of ideas for a person to react to.The crazy thing is, even if what you come up with is wrong, and they want the complete opposite of what you came up with, that is still excellent progress. Because many busy leaders don't know exactly what they want until they have something to react to.Imagine if I told you to describe your perfect house.You’d have a lot going on in your, noggin may not know where to start. But then I put photos of 4 different houses in front of you and asked you which one you liked the best.You’d probably say, “Well this one I like the best overall because of the windows and ceilings, but this other one has the best yard because I love trees and don’t want a pool.”And suddenly our conversation of designing the perfect house made tremendous leaps and bounds forward because I gave you something to simply react to.Probably none of those 4 houses I presented to you in the reaction document are you dream house but it got us much closer.Warning! DO NOT: put lots of research and time into a project before your boss reacts. That is a huge waste of time because they may hate it. I’m talking directly to you perfectionists out there. Get comfortable sharing documents before they are far from perfect.Now, you’re probably asking, what does a real-world reaction document look like? Well a reaction document can take many different forms, but it can feel daunting if you’ve never made one. Check out this video where I walk through an example reaction document.This has become a way of life for me…all thanks to that mentor! Wishing you the best!

I plan to move to california soon but need some advice...?

i live in milwaukee, wisconsin and am fed up with the weather and the state alone. I plan on moving to long beach or LA and need to know around how much $ i would need to just up and leave and what the job market is like?

I am going to turn 28 soon. What advice do you have for me?

When you are in your late 20s. You have lots to doTravel around. Solo trips or gang trips. By this time you should have travelled and visited most of the places. Because travelling teaches you alot. Different people, different culture,different life of the best things about travel is seeing the world pass by outside your window and being able to be detached with it,In your own bubble.Away frm it allRead alot. By this time you should have read atleast 25000 books. Reading is precious. You will feel it once you do your money. Savings will give you big surprises always. Make you feel strong and happy. Save a little each movies.Engage yourself in outdoor sports activity.By this time you should atleast know horse Riding,swimming, something which is life saving or thrilling. Let me say you an rough example, once there was a priest and a Man who was on the boat had a discussion about ramayana and mahabharatha. Priest asked the man, do you know about ramayana. The man said no i dont know, priest replied you wasted 15 yrs of your life time. Priest asked again to the man, do you know mahabharatha, the man said no i dont know, priest replied you wasted 15 yrs of your lifetime. The man found a hole on the boat, asked the priest, do you know swimming? The priest replied no i dont know! The man replied you have wasted entire life of yours.Advice is the cheapest thing which comes free on your way. Dont underestimate it. When you follow it, it becomes priceless.Be a good listener.Try to solve the problem, instead of giving reasons.Concentrate on your physical fitness. Keep your heads up.Be bold and confident.Good luck, cheers\U0001f600

I'm going to turn 20 very soon. What life advice would you like to give to me?

I have a lot of advice for you. But most advice needs to be tailored to the individual. Thankfully your new beginning is right at the beginning of your life. Also, believe it or not, your brain is not even fully developed yet. Your decision making process is not fully rounded until around 23 or 24 years of age. Your brain is extremely plastic right now so anything you learn now will be easier than after 24. After 24 you may have different love interests than now, you might have a different preference for work as well. Don’t let this become apparent when you are 30 and have had 10 years of a career under your belt. Spend a couple of years searching ruthlessly for what you are inherently good at and what you absolutely love doing. Surround yourself with positive individuals. The types that are like what they are doing and have good things to say about life in general. Drop anybody that has a victim mentality, they will weigh you into a mire of drugs and alcohol or just warp you into thinking like them. Be around people you want to be like. Actively listen. DO NOT think about what you are going to say while the other person is speaking to you. Listen to them intently and form a thought after they have spoken. There is a lot more but I would need your guidance to direct what you need.Also read this book, there are many more amazing pointers that have changed and continue to change my life. 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson. Also, here is my blog Its aim is to support the working man and woman in anyway I can think of.

I need advice on how to tell my roommates I m not renewing my part of the lease and I m moving later this year. Please help:(?

I live with three of my best friends since high school and we are just now living together last April. Our lease ends this coming April and I ve made the decision that I m going to school in a different state and do a program there for the medical field I want to go into. Not only that but my long distance boyfriend of 4 years lives there. I want to go mainly for school but he is a big part of my life as well and I need to know if I m wasting my time or not. Moving there would be helpful. My friends mean the world to me and I m so nervous that they will not be supportive when I tell them. I m nervous they wont be able to afford rent without me. Is it selfish of me to leave them? My mom and dad are very supportive and tell me to go for it and do something for myself but I dont want to lose my friends. I also dont want my friends to think I m only moving for a guy when that s not true. I want to go to school and get my degree so badly and it would make more sense to go where I will be working in the future instead of wasting another 3 years of my life in a place I dont want to live. And I also have to establish residency before I can get in state tuition at the school so the sooner I leave the better financially. I know if they are my real friends they ll be supportive, but how do I go about their reactions if they re angry or shocked. Please help it s been on my mind and i have to tell them soon so that they re fully prepared.