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Advice On Healthy Eating

Healthy eating tips!?

I am a senior in high school and I have terrible eating habits. I'm not fat, I just want to gain healthy eating habits for when I go off to college. I've tried asking this question before but all I got were answers with weird foods. I just want a simple list of breakfast lunch and dinner items! Thank you :)

I recently covered this question here: Adam Lumbley's answer to If I plan to eat only fruits, what are all the essential fruits should I eat for a healthy life?

What advice do you have for eating healthy when you go to restaurants that don’t specialize in healthy food?

What advice do you have for eating healthy when you go to restaurants that don’t specialize in healthy food?Don’t overthink or over stress— The main thing that makes food unhealthy is a high caloric density. This is supplied mostly from excess carbs and fat. You will rarely have a caloric issue with the protein portion of your meal. Concentrate on what you can control which is the total calories of the meal more so than the seasoning and preparation.Remember one imperfect meal is not going to hurt you so just do your best to control what you can and enjoy yourself.Forget worrying about the following: GMO, salt, fat (except for total calories), white bread, white sugar, gluten (unless celiac) ,processed, organic, most of these won’t hurt you ever, and for the occasional meal out , surely not. There are more myths in nutrition than facts. Google anything that you’ve been told followed by the word “debunked” and decide for yourself.Read the menu online before you go and search out entrees that are meat free or at least broiled or grilled options. Look for sides that are naturally whole foods like a steamed vegetable or salad, and order with dressings or butter on the side.Remember to have fun. You are out of the house and someone else is going to cook and clean up for you.

What is some healthy eating advice/tips for diabetics?

As food is digested, it is broken down into glucose. This provides energy and power to your cells. Insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas, moves the glucose from the blood to the cells. However, if there is not enough insulin, then the glucose stays in the blood and causes blood sugar levels to rise. The most common form of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes.Complications associated with DiabetesDiabetes that is poorly controlled over time can lead to complications that affect one’s eyes, kidneys, nerves, reproductive organs, blood vessels, and gums. But the most serious problems are heart disease and risk of stroke.Role of Diet in DiabetesPeople should avoid foods that increase blood sugar and those that raise cholesterol, such as processed foods, foods high in saturated fats or with trans fats, and foods with added sugars and syrups.Processed foods as well as items high in fat or sugar not only can disrupt the balance between glucose and insulin, resulting in inflammation, but can also contribute to risk factors such as being overweight.While carbohydrates are necessary to fuel the body, some can raise blood glucose levels more than others. The glycemic index (GI) measures how a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood glucose. Dry beans and legumes, all non-starchy vegetables, and many whole-grain breads and cereals all have a low GI.Ideal Diet for DiabetesA healthy diet for diabetes is virtually the same as a healthy diet for anyone. Eat reasonably sized portions to avoid gaining weight, and include fruits and vegetables (limit juice to no more than eight ounces a day); whole grains rather than processed ones; fish and lean cuts of meat; beans and legumes; and liquid oils. Limit saturated fats and high-calorie snacks and desserts like chips, cake, and ice cream, and stay away from trans fats altogether.

Can you give me advice on health?

I want to change my over all diet, but I don't know where to start. Can someone please explain health eating rules so I can get healthy and lose weight because I am really struggling esp. with proportion control!! Also exercise would advice would be helpful..

So, I want to start eating healthy..?

A good way to start eating healthy is to cut out all the bad stuff. You could take it slow and just cut out one bad thing at a time. It would be easier than taking EVERYTHING out at once and just eating the good stuff. Like you could start by taking out candy-if you eat candy that is. And start eating fruits instead. Try finding healthy foods you like. Like apples, I LOVE granny smith apples. I would rather eat that then candy. Some healthy foods are always more enjoyable than others. Also homemaking stuff you eat sometimes can make it taste better because you can just get the ingredients and make whatever you want taste however you want to make it taste. Just using meat, vegetables, and herbs you can make DELICIOUS meals! My little brother doesn't eat ANY starch and he is so much more healthy than he was before and he's lost a lot of weight.
An other thing you can do is go to organic stores and ask the people that work there for advice. I'm sure they've been eating healthy for a long time and have lots of helpful tips.

What are your 3 top tips for dieting and healthy eating?

For some people the thought of tracking macros and calories is about as interesting as painting a fence while eating a Ryvita!Whilst I will always explain and encourage the benefits of macro tracking to my clients, I am equally mindful that ‘if you don’t buy into it, it won’t work’.And, whatever some ‘experts’ may tell you, there are almost always multiple solutions for success!Below I am going to explain some habits you want to be adding to your life, and there’s not a macro in sight!!Here goes:1) DO NOT KEEP UNHEALTHY FOOD IN THE HOUSE, WORK, CAR, GARAGE........If there are Krispy Kremes in the house you will eat them. If there are family size packets of crisp in your cupboard you will eat them. Damn, if there was a KFC outlet in your home - you’d eat it out! And the same applies to everywhere in your control that you frequently go, be it your work office, garage, car - you get it!?Usually just not having the bad things to hand is enough to stop most people going out and getting any. So you should accept that buying a packet of treats means you will be eating all the treats, and do it very, very rarely.EXTRA TIP: only do food shopping after consuming a filling meal, or have a set online weekly shop. Food shopping when hungry will lead to a horror trolley!!2) USE THE ‘NOT YET, I’LL HAVE IT LATER’ PHRASE! This six word phrase can reduce bad food decision than making massively, and will work better than saying ‘that doesn’t fit my macro goal’ (damn - I said it!!).Most people do not respond well to the word ‘Never’ – but putting it ‘on hold’ - they can do that for a long time. If fancy a McDonald’s or chocolate cake, just tell yourself ‘have it at weekend’ or ‘I’ll leave it until after my tea’.And the extra win is that when these times come, the McDonald’s or chocolate cake are often inaccessible or less appealing!3) SET UP FICTIONAL DIETS! Family, friends and colleagues are often some of worst impacts on your eating, despite their good intentions. When offered a cake, biscuit or treat that you don’t need, or sometimes don’t even want, just state ‘I’m not eating (X) right now’.Don’t use the words ‘I can’t’ or ‘I shouldn’t’ or ‘I’m trying to avoid those’ as this gives the asker encouragement to keep on asking! Use ‘I’m not.’ This stops any negotiation or temptation, which can lead to ‘Oh, go on then - just the one!’.Ian David WorthingtonCreator, Owner and Coach at GymWolf

Do you trust advice on nutrition and healthy eating from an over weight healthcare provider?

Definitely not! Anyone who is knowledgeable about health care should be slim because they know the simple rules, such as “the more green, the more lean.” And avoid “S-O-S,” (sugar, oil and salt.)If they’re overweight, their diet isn’t mainly unprocessed, whole plant food, such as veggies, beans, nuts and fruit. Use | The Latest in Nutrition Related Research or the free app from that site, “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen.” Or read “Eat to Live,” by Joel Furhman, M.D.Vegans are the slimmest cohort, and there are vegan body builders and athletes with very little fat and tons of muscle. Try for a big salad every day with a nut-based dressing. Include a soup or ethnic dish with at least half cup of beans. Go for four fruits including berries. Try to have some mushrooms and onions every day, which can even be microwaved and seasoned for a quick treat. Enjoy a whole grain like oats (unless you’d rather have more beans) and lots of other veggies, especially cruciferous veggies like broccoli and nutrition powerhouses such as yams and tomatoes. (Low tomato consumption is linked to high mortality, according to a study cited by Joel Furhman, M.D. His books, by the way, are great.)

I want to start eating healthy, where do I begin?

Hi,I had the same problem a while a go when I started a low carb diet. So I read some articles around the web and found out that planing helps a lot.It will help you to find 6–8 breakfasts/lunches/dinners that you like and alternate them. also this helps you with the groceries because you stock only for them. this way you will have diversity and you will not get bored fast.After a while you will find that it gets easier to cook these recipes and you will find interesting ways to improve them. You might even find ways to batch produce them and this will free up a lot of time.If you dont want to do groceries and still have the exeprience you can try a service like Blue Apron/Plated, and they will deliver all that you need to cook good diverse and healthy meals.Regarding the salads, they are not a necessity, but they sure help a lot. You need to eat all 3 main groups of macro nutrients(protein, fat and carbs) in a day to have a well balanced day. Now the source of these nutrients matters a lot. It is better to have carbs from whole grains and fruits, fats from avocado, virgin olive oil and seeds, and get the proteins from meat, lentils, beans, etc.Salads will help you to fix quick meals because they are easy to make, throw in some leaves that you like, some seeds, some oil, a source of protein(meat, eggs, etc.) and you have a meal in no time. It will help you when you, after a hard day’s work to have something that you like made up rel fast and without a lot of fuss.One note, watch put for store bought salad dressings, because they can really pack a punch. I saw people that were wondering why they were not losing weight because they ate only salads, but when you pour over 800 calories of dressing over a 600 calorie salad it is not so healthy anymore.Let me know if you have any other questions.

Eating healthy at a Mexican restaurant?

My family is going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner Friday night. I have been on a diet for the last two months and I have lost around 30 pounds. Here's where I need your help. What are some of the healthier/lower fat choices that I should look for when we go out to eat Mexican? I know that I can get a big salad obviously but I would like something else if that's at all possible without going off of my eating plan. I have just been watching my calorie & fat intake. Thanks in advance!