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Aep Bills And My Credit Score

Do Electric Companies Report Delinquent Accounts to Credit Bureaus?

I was with Stream Energy and accumulated a $2000 electric bill last year after my husband lost his job. It's been sent to a collection agency and now they're calling me.

I am rebuilding my credit and paying off, little by little, my debt. And I don't won't anymore negative items on my report, if I can help it. I'm just trying to find out if these particular type companies actually report to credit bureaus. Is there any way for me to find out if Stream does?

They told me they will report this unless I work out a payment plan with them right now. I am planning to start paying them, but it won't be until I can pay a few of the other bills off that I'm currently paying, which should be in about 8-12 months. I have made a commitment with other creditors and I just can't afford to add another one right now. But I also don't want this to go on my credit report either.

How will i know if they will report this or not? Do any electric company report delinquent accounts?

What are skills that could help you become a successful entrepreneur? (Skills and not traits or characteristics)

Hello,Here are some skills of any successful entrepreneur:Success is an obligationInvesting moneyEmbracing changeUsing debts for investmentsHaving a financial planExpandingMaking things happenReading and studying every day of his lifeComplimentingGratitudeResponsibilityAttention to the futureThinking in solutionsBuying timeMultiple flows of incomeNet worth drivenPaying himself firstGoal drivenOutsourcing work to have more freedomForgiving othersTalking about ideasA real successful entrepreneur prefer to live a few years of his life like most people won’t, so that he can spend the rest of his life like most people can’t.Ordinary people take money and buy stuff while successful people take money and invest, which in return gives them more money.An example of great entrepreneurship is Elon Musk, he said “My proceeds from Paypal were $180 million. I put $100 million into SpaceX, $70 million into Tesla and $10 million into Solarcity. I had to borrow money fro rent”Give a successful person $1000, he returns with $100,000. Give an ordinary person $1000, he returns with a pair of Nike and some nice pair of jeans.These are some of the skills of any successful entrepreneur. They have a different mindset and a different way of doing things in life than ordinary people. But all this can be learned by anyone. Discipline, consistency and mindset changing will give you these skills.Hope it helps. Visit my blog Author Sergei VanBellinghen to read more articles on the subject of success or join my facebook page First-Class Lifestyle | FacebookThank you!

How do I get brand new $100 bills?

I checked out Brian’s suggestion and the online web store won’t help you unless you want to pay a premium for uncut sheets.My wife is from Russia and when she visits she has to take pristine $ 100.00 bills. They won’t except bills over there with even the smallest defect. We always need to accumulate a bunch of them. I have not had much luck asking for new $ 100.00 bills at my bank and asking is about like talking to a wall.I just start making some deposits and withdraws at different branches. For instance cashing a check for $ 1000.00 and asking for big bills. Then I pick out the good ones and go to a different branch and deposit the less then perfect ones. Then I cash another check and so on. I usually start way ahead since we need a lot of bills.You can try just asking at your bank. They may help you. If not just start making making deposits and withdrawals until you have what you need.

Did you go to college because your parents made you?

Thanks for the A2AThe fact is, I grew up in an usual household. Going to college wasn’t really on the table. It was more than an expectation, it was a given. Indeed, the question I grew up with came from my parents’ friends who were always talking about the Ivy League Colleges that they attended and asking me which one I wanted to attend. My parents had gone to Harvard and Radcliffe. College was not even so much the issue; somehow, it was always assumed that I would get a PhD in math or physics. My mother dreamed that I would be a great scholar. Talk about pressure.Things did take an interesting turn. As an undergraduate at MIT, I tried math and then physics but developed an interest in neurosciences. It turned out later, this had disappointed my mother the mathematician.This all came to a head when I came home to tell my mother that I’d been accepted to Columbia for an MD program. Before I had a chance to finish the sentence and explained that I would be working on my PhD concurrently, she freaked out. She literally collapsed to the floor crying in anguish and disappointment. There was a lot of drama. She accused me of forsaking my education to get “vocational training“. That is how she regarded medical school. In her view, a scholar could only be someone who was underpaid. Otherwise it was a vocation.It wasn’t until my father came home that she recuperated. He persuaded her that my getting an MD and a PhD wasn’t the end of the world. He suggested to her that it was just a phase and that the MD part was just for my personal amusement.She later recovered and acknowledged that my career was respectable and my contributions more than local. We both were able to joke that she wasn’t the only Jewish mother who cried about her son going to medical school though my mother’s tears were not of joy.So, to answer your question. If going to medical school was regarded by my parents as a cop out, then you can imagine that my attending college was not a choice.

How do I load a credit card with fake money and still withdraw it successfully?

I love that people ask questions like these on Quora! I should expect it by now, but I still laugh every time I read them.Do you really think that any company that allowed people to load a card with “fake money” and then withdraw real money would still be in business?This train of logic also applies to people looking for tips on stock market / securities / cryptocurrency trading BTW: If someone had valuable advice that you couldn’t just Google, they would already be acting on it in the past tense, so any advice they give you is to further their own ends. If Jim Kramer (or anyone else) tells you to buy stock in, it’s because he already owns it and wants people to read the post and buy to push the price up.It’s funny to read questions from people asking how to be crooks, but when you ask for trading advice you’re making the same mistake.