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Affordable Yet Good Universities In Canada For Software Engineering

Most of the engineering programs in Canadian universities follows same engineering curriculum more or less. So instead of saying specifically for Sotware Engineering, I would say overall U of T and U of Waterloo has the best Engineering programs in Canada.However, if you look in the detail program structure of Software Engineering, you will see all of the universities have some core courses which are common. For example, Data Structure and Algorithm, Software Design Principles, Database Design and Computer Networking, I believe all universities have these courses in their Software Engineering curriculum. So you won't see much of a difference in course curriculum.Hope this helps.

Affordable yet good universities in Canada for software engineering?

You don't have anywhere near enough money. Expect to need at least CDN30,000-40,000 per year. Foreign students always have expenses citizens do not incur. Don't expect to work as foreign students are restricted. Plus they have multiple disadvantages in local job markets compared to local residents & citizen-students. Most foreign students never find any job while attending school. Furthermore, you must prove you have sufficient funds to apply for any student visa. You don't have it.

Your grades are nothing to brag about, especially with a D in one of your subjects. Admissions for foreign students are very competitive, and unless you perform far better for your A-levels, don't expect to go abroad for your undergraduate degree.

Good and affordable MBA universities in Canada..!!?

The Universities offering better MBA programmes in Canada are comparably bit on higher side of your budget... as they are two year MBA, & you need to bring two year of tuition fees & living expenses, & most of the better school will ask for GMAT Score.
there are few Universities you will get in your budget though. please send me your details at or at

What are some affordable university's in canada for international students?

hi... Canada is most inexpensive vacation spot between English conversing countries. also candian degree is highky first rate between employers . yet opt for to get in candian college isn't piece of cake as evaluate to different universities. Candian software for are round one hundred -one hundred fifty CAD in preserving with college. Theses are few sturdy universites that are low-priced are given below.. alberta college , Mcgill , waterloo , concordia , carleton , memorial college of newfoundland , calgary , dalhousie , uni of western ontario Theses are extremely low-priced and very sturdy college for an internatioal student.

Canada still remains one of the best countries to study. International students who are aspiring to study for free in Canada should consider the quality education, they would get if they finally found the opportunity to study in one of the cheapest University in Canada with low tuition fees.To study in Canada, does not mean you have to get a loan from your trusted bank. Leave your banks alone and make findings on the internet, as there are free in-depth guides you can learn from.A link I’ve provided to support this article contains list of low tuition Universities you can find in Canada and where you can get internship opportunity. The cost of living in Canada as an international student is also included so, it will be very good of you to check this post out.LINK - List of Low Tuition Universities in Canada For International StudentsYou can also see some low tuition Universities in Mexico by clicking here.

When you look for electrical engineering, make sure it is electrical as in USA electrical engineering in some or most of the universities consists of electrical and computer engineering, again not computer science. This computer engineering is similar to electronics and communication engineering in India.Coming to the universities:Arizona state universityMissouri university of science and technology( My university was a good experience)Farleigh Dickinson university( Better chances i20 pick or easy)University of California San Diego (computer engineering courses)

Any good and affordable universities for Business studies in the US and UK?

I am a high school student. I live in Lebanon but I carry an American nationality.

1- I am interested in studying Business, and getting a degree in Accounting. What are some good, yet affordable universities in the US and the UK?
2- Am I considered an international student if I study for my college degree in the US? If so, how much do international fees cost/year nowadays?

A detailed answer would be very appreciated!

It's rubbish..... you maximum expense will be 10000 CAD per year. If you want top notch, then money will not be a factor but you have to get a very good score in GATE (the global exam) to be even get considered for your so called "Top Notch University". Mind you, all the university in Canada are very good but see their course fees. I found it generally very less compared to others as I wanted to do the same ! You will also be able to do some on or off campus job while you study in Canada which will fetch you around 2000-2500 CAD a month with which you can have your apartmen rent , food, entertainment and few savings !Note- Studying your bachelor's degree in Canada and working back in India is a fool's choice. Study there and at the end of your study period, Canadian government will offer a PR which you are very likely to accept. Work there, earn good money and they decide whether you want to return or not!