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Aggressive Hermit Crab Pets

My hermit crab is gray!!!?

I've had my crab leppy for almost three months. now he is becoming less active and is turning a grayish color. it may just be aging but he used to be a vibrant orange-red color. i need help

My hermit crab is a bully!?

Well I always see my bigger hermit crab run towards the little one and stomp all over her! I always get worried when she does that! I don't want my little one to be killed!!! Please help if you know what she's doing or has any information on it!


My hermit Crab Killed my Other crab?

was it the new crab without limbs ??? that happened to a new crab i brought home and it had nothing to do with any other crab in the tank, it was a sick crab and died and the limbs were off the crab by morning ... hermit crabs are non-aggressive in nature ... if there are no other spares shells in the tank, the one crab could have fought the other crab for his shell ... but i really think you just got a sick crab ...

Should i buy a hermit crab or a rat?

ok i dont know which to buy. heres my reasons to buy them.

hermit crabs- well ive owned hermit crabs before. also most peoples die in like 2 weeks, but i know how to keep them alive for quite a while. i already have a terrerium for them and most of the stuff. i think they are cute and yea.

Rats- lets face it, when you go into a petstore and see those cute little rattys grooming themselves and playing around, u have to admit they are the most adorable little things. they are very tame and loveable. i read a book called stargirl where the girl has a pet rat and carries it everywhere with her and it seems like a really good pet. they are furry and cuddly.

well what do u think i should get??? if u have owned one of these let me know your experiance.

My hermit crab killed my other hermit crab for its shell and then got back in its old shell..?

out of my 26 land hermit crabs i had 1 crab that was a bully to any crab that got into his space. they can kill each other if they feel threatened or do not have enought protein in their system. there is a great site that has hermit crab food very very cheap it is, my crabs loved that food.

anyway you need to get 2 more crabs. there should be atleast 3-4 crabs in the tank. cause each crab should have atleast 2 friends to play with. once you get more crabs you'll see the bigg difference in the livelyness of your lone crab. but also sometimes, crabs can be bullies,

i would see one of my crabs just be mean and knock over crabs if they got to close to him. also here is a site is a land hermit crab forum, that has soo many people to answer any questions you have about your crabs.

i had to move so i had to give my crabs away, which i am still sad, but instead have all this knowledge to help other fellow hermit crab owners

Can a hermit crab breath underwater?

some hermit crabs Strawberrys in particular love to soak under water. If the humidity isn't high enough they sometimes hang out in the water more. Hermit crabs cannot stay under water for long periods of time but they do like to bathe themselves from time to time.

My hermit crabs attacking each other?

they're supposedly social and won't kill each other...
unless an exception happen, perhaps they lack food, perhaps that hermit crab is a bully / aggressive.

but i've never heard of them killing their own kind...

try separating them, not mixing the big ones with little ones...

My hermit crab kicked the other one out of its shell and stole it, what should I do?

From The Hermit Crab Association:

"Shell Fight

A shell fight is when one crab grabs a hold of another crabs shell and begins rocking it violently until the crab gives up the shell. Sometimes shell fights will result in death because the crab will not willingly leave its shell, so the aggressor rips it apart trying to remove it. Shells fights are a ugly part of hermit crab nature.

What causes shell fights?
Often just plain old jealousy. The aggressor wants the shell for itself. Other times, bringing a new crab home can start a fight. Its recommended that a new crab be isolated for anywhere from a week to 2 months depending on who you ask. After the quarantine period is over, you can bathe the new crab with the old crabs. This is to make them all 'smell' the same in hopes that the new comer won't be attacked. The bath can be a shallow dish with stresscoat treated water, placing the crabs in to wade around.

How can you prevent shell fights?
Offer plenty of empty shells for the crabs to choose from. Some similiar to what the crabs are currently living in and some new types of shells. More than one of each kind is a good idea as well. Hermit crabs change shells often, not just after molting.

How to break up a shell fight?
Most often when you approach the tank the crabs will pull back into their shells. If not, try picking them up and see if they release. Next step, try blowing on them gently, try misting them. If you still can not get them apart, try preparing a bath and place them in it. You most likely won't have to take things this far, but its good to know in a pinch."

And if you have a naked crab, try to put some olive oil around the shell openings to attract them to it.