All My Husband Do Is Sleep .does Anyone Have Any Answer To My Question

Newfoundland Question, Where does your dog sleep??

We are home, Bo loves the dogs, plays like a little kid with them,....he will let them chase him, then he just stops lays down and they just pile on top of him and lays down, he does not mind....he is so mild mannered and loving.

Now, the question is, he is sleeping in the house, of course you all know, Demon is first in the bed under the covers every night, then Koda one of our Akita's sleeps on the foot of the bed, sideways......

Okay for 10 big ole points, where the heck do you think this 163 lb Newfie is is hilarious........

and keep in mind we have an over sized king size bed, I mean it is huge, we had it special made in Wyoming and shipped to us, it is of Cherry Wood, big huge four poster bed.......

Best guess takes home the prize..

Its good to be home, and thanks to all of you, I appreciated everyone's notes and emails to me.....I missed you all alot..

Does anyone with sleep apnea have this problem?

My question would be...does your husband have GERD aka acid reflux? This can sometimes cause the symptoms you are describing. He should try sleeping with his head a little more elevated and talk to his sleep physician about it. My other question would be is he on his optimal pressure or is he going through the trial period before his titration for optimal pressure? The combination of the two could definately cause some issues. I would seek some help from his sleep physician. Im not sure by your question if he is using the cpap with these symptoms or if hes not. Good luck

My husband goes out every night and sleeps all day?

I can not answer your question but I would be interested in meeting one of your sisters if they have a tolerance level equivalent to yours. I enjoy gallivanting around every night and sleeping all day. Tell your sister if she is interested to call me late in the afternoon so that I have finished my sleep for the day but have not yet gone out for the night.

How can I train my husband to sleep somewhere other then the bed- he is really interrupting my dogs' sleep?

HA HA HA HA, a husband is easier to train...well almost. I have been trying to get my Weim to sleep on a bed on the floor. she has shared my bed for 3 years and since she has begun to fidgit she's been keeping me awake so on the floor she went. She's good but it seems that around 3 am on the dot she gets up and starts shaking her head - her ear flapping is very loud - which wakes me up I tell her to lie down and she jumps up on my bed. since I'm too tired to argue I let her up, which is such a bad thing to do because I've basically trained her that at 3 am it's ok to jump into moms bed, but at 3 am and the fact that it's cold out now I don't want to get up and make her lie down on her own bed so I put up with it.

Have you sleep-answered and talked on your phone before?

Sure. My friend used the fact that I was very sleepy and teased me only to get hilarious answers, but I digress…I don’t remember this at all but she does and when she told me about our conversation, I wanted to die of embarrassment.“Hey Lara”“Oh hiiii.”“How are you? What’s up?”“I’m greeeat. Nothing.”“Are you okay Lara? Your voice sounds weird”“I’m fiiine”“Lara are you even listening to me?”“Mhm”“I am going to move to the US. You’ll never see me again”“Aaha, great”“I am going to jump into the river and drown”“Aha, cool”“Lara you know that we’ll all die one day?”“That’s nice”“You’re one weird person, you know that?”“Mmm, fine”“Okay, I’ll leave you now. Bye”“Ok”And then I continued sleeping and woke up hours later. I was confused because I knew that I’ve talked to someone - but was that for real or did I just dream that? I unlock my phone and go to my contacts only to see that I spoke to my friend.Let’s just say that she was amused and I was embarrassed.

Did my husband have sex with coworker?

ok, they both slept together in the hotel room during business trip because they ran out of room. i found out when she posted their sleeping picture in instagram. I was so mad and he said he didnt want me to be mad so didnt tell me what happened. there was no other room so they were forced to sleep together and swore to god nothing happened. the thing is the picture clearly shows that both of us AT LEAST half naked because her bra and panties were on the side. he said he always slept half naked and he did not pay attention to her and fell asleep early. he said he would only get erection in front of me. but the thing is this biiittch gave him a french kiss on his birthday and always called him "hubby" " wanna be his mistress" in her tweeter and instagram. I knew he bought her underwear as a gift because of the receipt from Victoria secret, he said that was to build teamwork and morale and i am thinking too much. She is just out of college, very attractive and sexy. we had married 10 years.

should i trust him? did he cheat? they two always go to business trip together and this is the first time i found out they shared the same bed.

Buying a new Mattress: Does anyone have a Select Comfort/Sleep Number Bed? See additional details please.?

My husband has been complaining of his back bothering him in the morning. I think our mattress is fine. We went to look at matresses over the holiday break. I like a firm bed and he likes a little softer bed...seems to contour to his back better. We narrowed our search after we tried a top of the line conventional Simmons bed and the Sleep Number bed. We both were happy at different number settings. (40 and 60) I looked online at opinion websites and am here nor there about this bed. Does anyone have positive or negative comments about the bed/matress set up from experience? ...any troubles with the compressor or bed materials? We are considering the ....5000 and 7000 series beds/ the two below the top bed model. Any serious comments will be appreciated and considered for the top answer picked by me the asker.......thank you in advance for your reply!!!