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All Of My Friends Are Changing

HELP! i feel like my friends are changing me?

Idk i guess before i was kinda like peppy i guess people would say. Well i started hanging out with my friend whos scene and overtime i just started hanging with her friends that our emo and scene.
Now im dressing different. From cute tops, now im wearing colored skinny jeans and DCs. I used to listen to Usher<3 and R&B now im getting waayy into rock. I even have plans to dye my hair black and pink!! Ahh i dont know whats happening. Im not changing to fit in, i just idk am changing and i just realized it. I dont think its a bad thing but...its change. Im kinda freaked out!! im even thinking of getting the scene hair cut o.0
Is it normal to turn into who you hang out with? I dont wanna seem fake cuz suddenly im turning scene from hanging out with em, ya know? I dont know what to think of this!!!

All my friends have changed :(?

I am a freshman in high school. I don't go to school with the friends I graduated middle school with because I decided to go to this more advanced high school that offers a higher level of education because it looks good on college application. My friends from middle school however go to the town high school. I have heard about how bad the high school is. Most of the girls there are obnoxious sluts and the guys are assholes. Like this guy I went to middle school with was a really nice and awesome guy but I recently found out that he failed a drug test because he was on weed and was sent to military school. My other friends said in the beginning of the school year that they didn't like the girls in there grade because they are slutty and snobs. But now they love the people in there grade because they act just like them. Today I hung out with my one of my old best friends who goes to the town high school and she had the sluttiest outfit on. She wore this supper tight short skirt that barley covered her a$$ and a V-cut tank top that pretty much revealed all of her b00bs. at one point in the night I had to tell her to pull down her skirt because her thong was showing. We didn't even go to like a club or anything, we went to freakin burger king and walked around town for god sakes. My other old best friend also dresses like a slut and drinks ALL the time. I can't even remember the last time I saw her sober. It's making me really sad because I have been friends with these people ever since I was little. I still want to be there friends but not if they act like this :( what do I do????

My friends say I'm changing? What to do?

Normally, I really don't talk to too many people at my school. Just mainly my buddies (who really don't spread their social wings at all either) and recently, I've started making a few new friends. Just getting out there more, people from the bus, some boys, some girls... etc. Lately, I've been sitting with a few new people at pep rallies, and sometimes at lunch, and having a lot of fun. But now, all of my regular friends say that I'm "changing." And I don't understand. I'm not trying to, and I haven't ignored them or anything. I just want to get out and meet people, and they are all very quiet and withdrawn. I like talking to boys and I like going to dances, and I have fun at football games. And a good friend of mine got mad at me the other day because I didn't sit with our group during a pep rally. And all I'm saying is this: These two groups of people that I like, are completely different. I would rather not have to choose between new friends and old friends. I've told all of my old friends, "Hey why don't you guys just come and sit up here with me and (the new friends) and we can all sit together?" They decline and I'm not the kind that would treat them differently around my new friends. What am I doing wrong? I don't know how to put the two groups together when they won't have anything to do with eachother, and won't even try. Am I doing something wrong, and if so, how do I fix it? I don't want to lose old buddies, but I'd like to make some new ones too, and actually get to hang out with other people?

My friends is changing for the worst?

Guess what! Everyone goes through this! You're either the friend that changes or the friend that watches another friend change. It's growing up.

What can you do about it? I know you care about your friend and you've been through a lot but at the end of the day if you confront her whether gently or directly she will become angry, defensive and cut you out. The best thing to do is simply fade her out. Treat her nicely but let her live her life.

She has chosen to be the "cool" kid. Yes, she is making very unhealthy relationships and seeks validation in having guys like her even if it's for her body and not who she is as a person, and she craves to be an adult and wants to drink and do "bad things" and be rebellious.

Let her do it. Let her fail her classes. The best thing you can do is let her know you're there for her no hard feelings and if she decides to change she can come back to you but I've had friends that did this. They lost their virginity and dated several crappy guys and were pressured into drugs and they did it because they felt noticed, appreciated, and they just wanted to fit in. Let your friend do her thing she will grow up eventually and see the errors in her ways. I know this is the answer you do not want to hear but I've been in that exact situation and this is what I would have done.

Should I change my school if I have no friends?

Honey, now why would you want to do that? You want to let the crowd win?You should enjoy your own company and take this time to work on yourself in order to reflect the best version of yourself possible. Eventually, your light will be visible to the others and they'd be the ones to want to be friends with you instead.Remember, If you're never alone, you can never know yourself. And if you don't know yourself, you will begin to fear the void. So, go explore within and make the crowd fall in love with your substance. You can achieve this by mastering the two divine states of life, Love and Solitude. All the best!

My best friend is changing for the worst?

ive been BEST friends with a girl for over seven years. We have been through ALOT together, and shes always been there for me. But recently, weve started high school and I was blessed with my first boyfriend! (Who i Love! ) Well, a month after we hooked up, she started getting colder, more bossy, and she acted like i was totally beneath her. I found out it was because she looked thru my text messages on my phone, which werent totally innocent. I confronted her about this invasion on my privacy, and she said she had a right to know what was happening in my life. I let this slide, cuz i didn't want a fight to start.
Then she started Hitting on my boyfriend! Right infront of me she would play with his hair, lean against him, grab for his hands, and everytime i tried to talk to him she would try to distract him! She denied it when i tried to talk to her about it, and once again, I let it slide. I thought " She is my best friend in the world, theres no way she would purposely try to hurt me." Recently, shes been texting my boyfriend when shes sad or bored, and even tho ive asked her to stop, she wont! Its even gotten to the point where she will tell him things about me that are horrible and not true (which he doesnt believe, thankfully)
Ive gotten fed up with her tricks and back stabbing, and so I sent a message to one of our mutual friends whom Ive known for five years and shes known for two. I told her how I was feeling and how I thought my best friend was acting. Well, apparntly my best friend has my other friend's password to her Facebook account and decided to destroy Her privacy: she saw the message. Now shes yelling at our mutual friend and me and cussing us out and saying a bunch of horrid things about me....

I want to know if anyone has any idea what I should do. I really dont want to lose my other friends over her, but I dont want to keep having to fake a smile and play pleasant with someone that I really dont like anymore. If there is some possible way you can think of that would allow me to have my best friend back and things go back to normal, PLEASE Tell Me!

My friend keeps changing her life story.?

See all I wanted to know was her life story and so she told me, First she told me that she had lived in a trailor all her life and that her family couldn't really offord nice things, and I belived I've went to her place so I gave her all of my big sister's clothes. Then a few weeks latter she came back to my house and I was playing with my phone smart phone, I showed her and she told me she had the phone before when they lived in thier apartment. I've went to her place before I know what her dad did before he got fired, he was a bell boy and her mom stayed at home didn't work so how can you be middle class over a small shift at some hotel, then be living in a trailor? What is she trying to do!? confuse me?

How to tell best friend your changing schools?


Wow, You said that you don't want to upset Besties... You know that you been hiding from your besties for 3 months now.. and knowing that you been lying to them too long... and knowing that they expect you to be with them next year... If you were to be honest in the first place... yeah they would be mad for short time... but for 3 full months you haven't told them... and you have them really high hope that will be together for next year and grad with them...

To be honest, there nothing to tell them in a fun way... They would not going to be happy about it... but If they Love you enough to really forgive you for that lying for 3 months.. or they would never forgive you for lying for 3 months...

You have alot to make up for your besties... I mean really you have to face it and tell them now... there is a fun or funny way to tell them about it... but you can tell them honest how you felt and tell them that you know I found out that i will be senior this year.. and just tell them I was so worry about hurting your feelings and Though you gals will hate me or be mad at me... you have the right to be mad at me for lying to you gals... but I made the wrong judgement for lying to you gals for 3 months... and I can't take it anymore for lying.. You have the right to be mad at me... but I really care about your feelings... so that might help you to tell them how you felt.. and let them know that from now on I would never lie to you again...

I hope this helps you .. smiling.. wish you luck and let me know how it out comes..?? smiling..