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All Requirements To Obtain A Commercial Pilot Certificate In India

What is the procedure to obtain a CPL (commercial pilot license)?

Here’s the drill that will make you waste the least amount of money:Pre-requisites - should have passed in Maths and physics in class 12.Apply to DGCA for a P numberGet a class 2 medical done.after that get a class 1 medical done.apply for a RTR(A) at Home Page:Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, Government of IndiaApply online on Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India for your air regulations examGo outside INdia i.e. US/ Australia/ New zealand and fly for about 40 hours in under a month and earn your PPL.come back to India and apply to dgca for Air Nav and Metereology papersclear the papersgo back, complete your 200 + hours of flyingget IR/ME ratingscome back to india and submit all your papers to dgca for issue of your CPL.get all this done and thats itdo remember though…pass % in air nav is very low….need to work your ass off on itRTR(A) is another exam where the pass % is very low…..

Can i get commercial pilot job in USA?? Being an INDIAN citizen?

Hi there,i want to do my CPL Training in USA but i am an INDIAN...
Do i get job in USA after i finish my CPL training in USA???
And which country license do i get for my CPL
Need as many answers as possible....

Can I become a commercial pilot in India if I have myopia? ( 4 dioptres)?

I hope not

Which is the best commercial pilot training institute in New Zealand?

I am from India. I want to become a commercial pilot and heard about the aviation schools of New Zealand.
I came through the prospectus of Nelson Aviation College . Is it good one ?

As I would be spending around 70,000 Nz$ , So I want best institute and a good job after the course .
Plz tell me about some best colleges in New Zealand / or in other countries of world . ??
Thank you !!

What's the cheapest way to get a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence )?

well.. you need to get to the magical 250 hour mark to qualify for a commercial certificate.. so go to your local airport and rent their cessna 152 and get your instrument rating.. that will take about another 40 hours.. most of your commercial training is just time building, so you take several cross country flights.. but there are some maneuvers you need to learn as well.. you will also want to get your multi-engine license.. but thats like a 15 hour course after you get your commercial.. it will probably cost you another 30k - 40k or so..