Almost Wreaked Library Book

Almost got into a car accident, freaking out?

Its OK young lady you are going to be fine I read what you wrote and your right it is vary upsetting to almost get squashed by a big old bus not to mention it does not sound like any fun at all. Our life is often times pretty boring and seems to get kind of laid back and then WHAM ! something happens that pumps fear and anxiety into our whole body and we have to make a decision and when we dost know what to do it can be a terrifying experience. You lived through a near accident that's a good thing ok? what happens now is you will become a better driver because of it. Five yourself the gift of time thank who ever you believe is your higher power for keeping you and the other people there safe. Writing this question is a good way sometime to deal with problems you read the question and read some possible solutions and pick what works for you.
When ever something that creates fear and extreme anxiety happens it dumps huge quantities of chemicals in out blood stream. That is normal and that is how our body reacts. Usually two things happen people panic and run or they stay freeze up and don't know what to do. well you have to stay and deal with the problem if there was on which in this case nothing happened.l with the problem. but you have a bunch of adrenalin and chemicals in your body that had you ready for fight or flight so to speak. Its ok try to relax do something that relaxes you like a warm bath ( not a hot one hot water stimulates the body warm sooths it) or read a book anything to get your mind off of what happened today. tomorrow you will find you are going to pay a lot more attention to traffic and where cars and buses are this is a good thing you now know that you need to pay 100 percent of your mind to not getting squashed ok? be good stay out of trouble

Why don't the history books in our learning institutions tell us anything at all about white slavery?

White slavery has been around for well over two thousand years. There are some history books in our public and private libraries that will mention this but not in the history books of our public and private schools.

The only kind of slavery that young people are allowed to learn about is non white slavery, ie., black African slaves, Chinese slaves, etc. But never white slavery.

White slavery still exists until this very day. Stupid eastern European girls are lied to by corrupted members of their own race, and are then tricked into believing that they are going to find work in a nice office somewhere overseas in in Turkey, Egypt, Israel, etc. And then when they go over there, they are welcomed by a PIMP who then forces them to work as a whore in a brothel.

This kind of white sex slave trafficking has been going on for thousands of years, since the time of ancient Rome, when Mongolian Turkish Khazar sex slave dealers would sell white females off to......a horny prince of some nation, a brothel pimp, a.......whatever. And it is still going on until THIS VERY DAY.

Okay, so why doesn't our history books in our schools teach this sort of thing. All we really get out of our school books is the powerful subliminal message that Caucasians are very EVIL and that the hands of modern white people are stained with the dirty guilt of their wicked ancestors?

One more thing, have any of you people reading this question ever observed the name of the "author" of the history book that you're learning from?

Ten points best answer!

Question for liberals. Conservatives please answer too!?

I have two questions here if you are a liberal.

Why do you think government proposing silly laws helps us?
For instance, smoking in bars. In California, a liberal state, you can't smoke in any bar anywhere. You think because you, the only one out of ten people that don't like the smoke thinks the whole bar shouldn't smoke. Don't you want freedom? Shouldn't the bar owner be able to decide if the customers should be able to smoke in the bar? In my opinion, it's all about what the liberals want, not anything about anyone else.

Why do you bash President Bush so much? You think he wants to go to war? We are going to war to protect our freedom here in the United States.

Why didn't you all bash Clinton for going out and having s*x with a 20 year old female.

Why do you not respect our President? Even though conservatives didn't care for Clinton, we didn't go try to bash him and..... We respected him as a President. Why don't you all do this?

Has the Pope signed a death warrant for all religions mixing in national business and getting rich?

Its a matter of time before the governments takes action on false religion.

Very, very soon my true brothers and sisters.

Where Did "Paddington Bear" Really Come From?

When I was a little girl I remembered how much I loved to Read books and watch short films about "Paddington Bear" Even though that now that I am 28 yrs old, I still like Paddington Bear. However not too long ago believe it or not, as childish as this may sound to some of you who read this. We saw an advertisement about Paddington Bear on TV and all of the sudden my eldest brother just came out and
Said "Did you Guys know that Paddington Bear Really originated from Peru ?"

and then a disagreement occurred within our family to the point that we did not sleep until almost midnight because we were trying to find out where in the world did this bear really come from. We even place bets against each other in which the person who loses will have to give the other person $50.

Now as Far as my understanding I have Always known Paddington Bear To Be a Bear that is From England

My Eldest Brother who is 38, and Mother on the Other hand Thinks That this bear was created by The Peruvian.

Can Somebody out there really tell me where in the world did this Bear "Paddington Bear" Really Come From ?

Because as far as I know "Paddington Bear"Was Really Invented by the British, Not the Peruvians.

Or Is my eldest brother the one who is right, and I the one who is wrong ?

Am I going to be the one that is going to have to pay my brother the $50.00 ?

Or does it look like he is going to have to be the one who needs to pay me the $50.00 ?

Please tell me what you think. No Harsh Comments Please.

Thanks Everyone ! =)