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Alright So I Got A Question. Can You Take A Look At Me And Be Honest Here How Do I Look To You

I am sweet, honest, and good looking. Why don't any girls talk to me?

I saw a lot of people giving advice about what you should be doing instead of looking for girl friends and focussing on better things in life and not having any girl to talk to, not being a problem. In my honest opinion, it is not bad to have a girl friend or to have feelings of not having friends from fairer sex community. In fact, having friends of opposite sex improves one's thought process as he/ she learns about the views, people different from you have. It helps improving your self-image and confidence, as you find yourself acceptable with people of both genders. In fact if you get a really good girlfriend she will help in bringing the best out of you.Coming to your question - being sweet, honest and good-looking - all are good qualities to have, however not enough to invite female attention. Girls like confident guys, who can make the first move and be good at starting conversations. Girls are usually good at doing the rest. They can build up on a conversation fairly easily. You need to have a good sense of humor to keep them interested in you. Watching people doing stand up comedies, movies, sports, and knowledge of what is happening around you can help you improve your sense of humor. Do not fear cracking a light joke or two on the girls, without hitting the sensibilities.Another thing that you can do is to practice. What is the best way to learn to swim? Go and jump into water. Try talking to strangers where ever you find them, and I am not just talking about girls here. Talk to old people in bus or train, people your age and kids. Do not hesitate in talking to a girl sitting next to you in the metro. Slowly, you will improve at the art of making conversations and talking to girls will come naturally to you.Last piece of advice - do not look for romantic relationships. That will happen when it has to happen, with the right person, and you will know it at the right time. Make good friends and foster respectful, secure and healthy relationships.

Do I look bad in a bikini? Be honest!!?

Well tonorrow i have to go go a waterpark and i dont want people to think i look gross. Ok so I'm kind of self conscious a lot of people tell me I look good but i don't know if their just being nice so please BE HONEST! Here's my pictures!

Be honest but not mean, do you think I look like a bimbo?

I really don't understand why everyone is being an absolute douche on here.
Anyways I'm gonna start off with you can do and look however you want. Because that is your choice and really not ANYONE elses business and girl you are slaying.
However, even tho wearing what you want is awesome. Less makes you acquire men or women (not sure how you sway) who will be expecting sex from you.What i mean is that you will be sexualized as soon as someone sees you. Studies show that men who see a woman with less clothes see them more as an object than an actual human being. And that is a con.

I do realize you do wear a lot of make up but thats not a problem if you do it correctly. Just talk to a professional makeup artist and get their tips and opinions. I swear that will help you perfect makeup and also have fun with it. Makeup is fun and it should enhance the features you already have rather than cover them up. So there is nothing wrong with makeup and it is a journey. Just get some tips on how you can improve :)

By posting this i can see you are going either through a hard time or are insecure and caring about other peoples perceptions of you. THIS will never make you happy if you do so. Everyone in these comments has a different opinion about what you should do, and look like. and if you give in to all of these comments you are just pleasing others. Like I always say if they aint paying your bills they have no right to judge you. You are beautiful girl and honestly i am not going to call you a bimbo. Because first of all i dont believe looking at some ones looks will prove that. Many of these people in these comments dont realize that and obviously are just basing your entire personality on your looks. It wouldnt amaze me if you had an amazing vocabulary and had a bachelors degree. This is because i really can only tell if someones a bimbo by how they speak not by their looks. Ive known many people who dress with more clothes and they are a complete bimbos. Like im not sure if they even passed highschool lol. But i really cant assume that about you.
You're an amazing and beautiful woman. Keep your head up! :) and dont let these bimbos get to you.
P.S. you literally are hot as hell. Own that!

Honesty-- the best policy?

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. It is the only policy for me,far as whatever I say to those around me.There is never an exception, in my opinion.If you can't tell the truth,than just don't say anything.Here's my way to do that,"I don't feel comfortable sharing that with you."If you feel you need to lie to me,then I REALLY don't feel comfortable around you at all.Lying sacrifices your intregrity & is never ok with me.

What is the answer to a question you don't know in an interview?

B.E Placement ..Company: IBMCleared Technical Interview.Here is the whole HR Interview process :HR: (After seeing my Resume)Ohk..Ritesh,Tell me about Yourself..Me: Told..HR: Ritesh,Is this your First Interview of Life.Me: No Sir..HR: So You gave Interview to which which company?Me: Infosys,Cognizant,Accenture and Wipro.HR: Great,why do you want to join IBM,you have so many other Options .Me: sir Results of these all companies will out along with IBM(As pool campus is going on) and I have heard from seniors as IBM is globally recognized company and I love research work,and scope of getting into Research field is very large if I join IBM .HR: ok..last question,what are the usage of chair .Me:(what a rubbish question and started answering)chair is mainly used for sitting.we used to keep all our cloths and other stuffs in chair only.we can use it as stairs for hanging something above our height.Again started thinking…HR: Tell me something more.Me: we can use it in games.Again started thinking..HR: Smiled and told…Think and say something more..Me: Thought a lot and then sir chair can be used in dancing steps.Silence…..He was expecting more and more…I got fully Irritated…HR: Think Ritesh Think…Me: In fully frustrated moodSir chair can be used as a weapon,we can hit our enemy by throwing chairs on them.During suicide ,Chair can be used (Thinking Go and Hang yourself to the ceiling fan)HR: Stopped me and told ,These Negative sentences are not expected from you Guyz.You may Leave.I really felt sorry that I can’t answer this stupid question.

Can you answer these questions of basic likes and dislikes in the opposite sex, and Beauty ?

ok here it is
- what do you look for in a girl/guy (PHYSICAL AND FACIAL ONLY)
- Would you rather be with a person of your own ethnic background or religion
-would you rather be with someone if they liked the same try of music and movies as you.
-How do I get rid of my acne scars, does scar-zone work?
-What skin tone do you prefer in the opposite sex?
- How old is "too old"?
-What do you dislike most about the opposite sex?

I thought I would save some point in just asking these questions in one
=) Thanks in advance for answering and looking!

Ok, can someone please tell me what my problem is!?

how you feel about yourself is really important. it may not seem like it's noticable, but it is.

take a look at what this guy has to say about how to attract guys:

Is it racist for someone to ask "where are you from originally"? What motivation would someone have for asking such a question? To stereotype you?

When someone asks me where I’m from, I say, “I’m from Seattle, Washington.”They say, “Okay, cool, but where are you really from?”So I say, “All right, you caught me. I’m actually from Redmond - it’s a little town in the greater Seattle area.”They give me an exasperated look, like they think I’m deliberately being obtuse. “You know what I mean. Where are you from originally?”At this point, I usually cave and reveal that my parents were born in Beijing.And then the person I’m talking to will finally look relieved and nod to themselves, as though everything makes sense now. Sometimes they’ll say something like, “Ah, I was right!” or “Dang, your eyes kind of look Korean. Chinese would have been my second guess, though.”I’ve had these interactions all across the United States, where I’ve lived my entire life.People asked me this question in Seattle, the only city I’ve really called home.People asked me this question in New Orleans, where I worked for a local government agency.People asked me this question in Washington D.C., where I was invited to shake hands with President Obama.The question “Where are you from originally?” makes it clear that no matter what I do, I’m still not regarded as a real American. The closest I can get is with a hyphen, as an “Asian-American” or a “Chinese-American.”If you’re white and you don’t have an accent, you can move to America and never hear this question once. But if you look like me, it’s a question that will follow you around for a lifetime.To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if it counts as a racist question. There are so many more harmful forms of racism out there that it seems like an exaggeration to stick this into the same category.But when a question like “Where are you from originally?” is asked solely based on someone’s race, it sure isn’t a very useful one.There are so many more interesting options, like “What’s your favorite superpower?” or, “If you were a sound, what would you be?” or, “Would you rather have every song you ever hear slowly turn into ‘All Star’ by Smashmouth, or have every movie you ever watch slowly turn into Shrek?”Next time someone tells you she’s from Seattle, try following up with one of those instead.

Why do people always look at me when I'm out in public? I don't have a low self esteem nor am I paranoid but I always seem to capture peoples attention. It makes me uncomfortable.

Well you might be a good looking guy.  People are going to stare.  Why?  Because people were never taught manners.  Barring you don't have gross tattoos, a huge chunk of your face missing or whatever, i'd say you're dealing with bad manners and poor etiquette.Also, people love to stare at pretty people.  It makes them feel good. Give them a little joy in their otherwise mundane and boring lives.Have fun with it.