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Am I A Bad Friend For Missing My Friend

Why am I missing my friends so badly?

It's not just your friend you miss. It's the moments you shared with them that you miss as well. You miss being around someone you've felt understood who you were as a person. Big or small, everyone wants a taste of acceptance. When someone considers another person a friend, it means they've built a strong bond. The best friends don't judge you, those are the ones we miss. They know each other better than the backs of their own hands. Sometimes people know their friend better than they know themselves, and that's a shame. Humans flock towards their friends because they feel respected, for a moment in time they don't have to spend time in a moment being alone. Those who are afraid of being alone are actually afraid of themselves because they know that they are their own worst critic. Friends come and friends go. There are too many people on the planet to think that one person is so amazing, that if that person leaves the world will end. My favorite phenomena is not seeing a friend for seven years. Theres an expectation that you've know everything about them, but after you meet them you begin to wonder how you ever spent your time in their company.

I miss my dead friend?

thats life. it may seem cruel and cold but you have to move on. that pain and sadness means he is still alive in your heart and in your mind. and that is all that matters.

Am I a bad friend?

My best friend is refusing to speak to me because I've started dating the guy she has a crush on. We went on a couple of dates before she found out. She shouted at me, saying I'm a bad friend. I said I didn't know that she even had a crash on him, but apparently it still makes me a bad friend. She's now refusing to acknowledge my existence and has blocked me on Twitter, unfriended me on Facebook, deleted and blocked my phone number and is refusing to speak to me in person.

Am I a bad friend? Do I deserve to be ignored?

I miss my old friends?

So this is really complicated at the begginning of this year i wasnt really in a good mood i had bad behaviours to my friend and at the end they got bored of me i guess i tried talking to them but they talked behind me badly so i stopped talking to them and started hanging out with new friends in school, my old friends are still messing up with me badly and they dont like me i think but i really miss them because i was having fun with them and we were really close my new friends and i arent so close i feel myself alone and like i dont have any friends, i miss my old group i see them in my dreams while we are talking and making peace i dont know what to do can you guys help me!!!!????

Why do I miss my imaginary friends?

I am 24 years old ever since I was in the first grade I was teased and didn't have any real friends if I did have friends they would move away but I really didn't care about that because I had my made up pretend friends. All though my parents were there for me I was afraid to go to them for help so I hold it all inside. I was very shy girl growing up. I am only child that added to my loneliness too.
All through elementary school my classmates teased me and harassed me it got so bad to where my mom took me out of school.
Everything changed in high school life wasn't so bad people stopped bullying me. I made real friends that were around me in high school all four years. But it was hard to let go of my imaginary friends I felt bad because I was becoming older but my imaginary friends were always there for me.
I didn't have any hobbies I just went to school and worked part time job I did not want to hang out with my real friends because I believed they would hurt my feelings anyways I feel like my imaginary life starting to take over like I didn't want to hang out with my boyfriend he started to complain about it then my friend complained too I just be lonely and they are comforting to me but now I am 24 years old I feel like I don't need them anymore.
I feel empty like being with my imaginary friends feels like a death happened when they are gone I am sad I think about them a lot but I know they were holding me back. Why do I feel sad for something that wasn’t real?

Am I a bad friend if my friend just broke up and I'm studying for my final exam tomorrow instead of comforting her?

You can give him or her 5 minutes, then explain the severity of your exam, and that you'll treat him/her to coffee or ice cream so you 2 can talk and spend some time together.

I am feeling very bad because my best friend broke up with me but I miss him all the time.He has blocked me from everywhere.How should I convince him?

Well answer is that DON'T DO ANYTHING.You can try to explain things about which it all happened. Still if he keeps his grudge on then leave it. Sometimes leaving up the things is the best way to get them back.Give him sometime to realise your importance in his life. If you keep on convincing him it will low down your dignity and self respect.Another thing, make other friends, not best or close but just friends. I bet if he was really ur best friend, soon he will be back.And don't worry at all, life is too short to do that, carry ur smile over ur face as ur permanent make up as only that can attract more friends and company to u. :)All the best!!!

My friend died and I feel nothing...Im a bad person?

Maybe you're in shock and it'll hit you later. However, if it doesn't it doesn't mean you're a horrible person at all. I can actually relate because I lost my uncle like 3 years ago and wasn't upset at all really... I kept thinking oh it's going to hit me later, I'm going to miss him so much and wish I'd spent more time with him. It didn' I thought oh maybe just a few more months, it's going to sink in sometime. It's now been three years and I still don't feel upset about it. I mean I'm sorry that my family has to suffer from missing him but it's not hard for me to accept that he's gone, I know he's not in pain and it's just life...doesn't mean I'm a bad person for not being all tore up about it.

Am I a bad person because I want bad things to happen to my friend?

So I’m adding some context to my question, for clarification.To begin I should say that the beginning of our friendship wasn’t bad, we got along quite nicely. However as we continued our friendship I noticed some things that began to seriously upset me.She would always act as though she knew everything. For example, she thinks that she can pronounce anything and everything right, even if someone tells her that she’s wrong. Then she’ll argue that she was right because she knows how to pronounce said word.As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, she’s white and will never experience certain racial prejudice because of it. I am not white, and have experienced racism whether directly, or indirectly, from her.Which leads to my next problem, she’ll make racist jokes like I’m always late because I’m on ‘Mexican time’. I have always been on time, but to her family on time means 30 minutes to an hour EARLIER than the time that some event starts.The last major problem that I have with her is that she is always complaining about not having money. Her parents are very well off and recently just purchased a house because they wanted to, they even bought her a new car before she went off to college. The reason she doesn’t have money is because she’s always spending it on things she doesn’t need and then she quits her job because the hours inconvenience her, but she’ll stay up until 3 every morning to watch cartoons.Am I really a bad person for hoping she gets her comeuppance?