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Am I A Bad Person For This Or How Do I Explain She

My sister is a bad person. How do I explain to my parents that I never want my children around her ever?

You don't. You teach your children to simply avoid her by hanging out with the other cousins at the reunions. We go to the family camping trip and my daughter and I hang out with my other siblings and her cousins and we simply do not go out of our way to talk to my sister. At reunions we sit next to cousins we have not seen in a while instead of hanging out with my sister and we stay at our favorite cousin's house instead of staying with my sister. There are a dozen other people at the family parties and my daughter and I can hang out all day with my other two sisters or my other 5 brothers and their children and not miss the one. But I do not advertise this or put this up for discussion, I just do it and make no mention of it. If she does not miss us, we do not miss her but this is not a subject for the family to discuss or judge. Good luck in doing the same!

Am I Wrong? If So explain.?

you are not wrong. on the surface, it sounds sor tof blatently prejudice, but its not really. if they dont turn you on they just dont. no biggie. just as straight guys arent turne don by other guys(or vice versa) ...were just not wired that way.

you *might* try it, just to be sure. cant hurt to go on a few dates. but if the reason is they just dont hold the chemistry for you, then dont worry about it. you are who you are and theres nothing wrong with being turned on by what gets to you. ask this same freind if they would tell you that you were wrong if you wre turned on by guys in red hats, or people dressed as clowns. remov ethe black/white issue and all of a sudden its jsut an issue of what youre into, what gets you going. so you dont like us white boys...downer for us! but..what can you do?

How do I explain to people that I'm not a bad person, just misunderstood?

With actions, not words. You may have heard:money talks and bullshit walks, or talk is cheap, so show me what you can do.People will alost lways have a preconceived notion of you and the only thing you can do, is, show they that is not you. This is something I have had 57 years of experience with. They do not expect me to be the first to show up when they are in trouble, they all think I am either in the AB, or some other group. Everybody else that live within 20 miles of me lives on a ranch; I live in a compound. If anybody hears the sound of gun fire, i get a call asking me to please stop sshooting at them. Often, the shots are auditable on both ends of the phone, and it usually is louder on their end than mine.I can not control anybody but zed. What they think or believe is beyond my control, and even if it here not, i still would not try and coerce them. He'll, i will not even argue when they call me a bigot, or misogynist. What I can do is conduct myself in a forthright manner, and be honest and true in my dealings.All of this is the same for you. While i am eccentric, and reclusive, i do my best when I see them out in public. As I don't use any drugs (alcohol is a drug), i refrain from berating others hast do use. I I am in company of others an somebodystarts talking smack about somebody else, i politely ask them to not do it while I am present. I do this regardless of my personal observations of both parties. These are some of the things you can do, but they may not change anybodies mind about you. If they do not see the good deeds you do, don't go around telling beverybody what a great guy you are.Me thinks the lady doth protest too much! Let them think an say what they will. I know it is If He very wrong what others think, but only you can change you, and they, they selves. Keep you head up, be civil, and do your best to avoid trouble. What matters is not what they think, but what you know.BonChancezfc*needs edit. Should be done. By tomorrow. Thanks:-)

I am a bad person. What should I do?

You let your bad experieces change you in to something you are notAs you feel bad about yourself this shows that within you are a good person hence there is an internal conflict going on within you which avoids you to be at peace with yourselfMany people after being hurt several times embrace this defence mechanism and they start being arrogant and selfish towards people which not only tarnishes their image but intentionally or unintentionally they are promoting these qualities which inturn makes others the same...."Why shouldn't I be selfish? Everyone is...."I say if you know how shitty the world is then why add more shitty things to it? Why not be the light in the dark? The warmth in the cold?Why let something you hate turn you into that same thing?To protect yourself from getting hurt you dont need to be arrogant or just need to stop expecting good in return....Try to find peace in the good you do to others irrespective of what others do to you....This way you'll know that no matter what others did you did the right thing, stood for the good and thats what matters my friend....​​​​​These are some thoughts i wrote on this matter....Hope it helps....God be with you O:-)

How to explain you are a private person without being rude?

I live alone. I am 35 and dont want to date or be bothered by anyone ever.

I am a private person. I only work part time, dont have a Facebook, one friend, and I dont go out.

I used to work in law enforcement and was stalked. Maybe because I am single and naive. I ended up being too nice to people and ended up with a few guys following me outside of work. I have a few PFAs.

Anyway, Someone just moved in next door and he wants to know all about me. He just won't leave me alone. He follows me to my car and comes outside when I'm walking outside.

He asked where I work, what I do, where I was born, and called me beautiful first time we met. I am hiding in my house now and he just knocked on the door.

How can I explain I am a very private person who does not date and just wants to be left alone?

Do you think I'm just a bad person?

I am an unhappy person, and I just want to escape everything. I almost wish I had no family so I had no people to disappoint and I could just live on the streets and drop out of college if I'd like. Maybe I'm ungrateful, I always have been.
I find it hard to get along with people and make friends. I can't be myself or feel comfortable around people. Although I'm not a people person, I want to hook up. I try to have sex with as many people as I can, as long as they are decent looking. I know that I'm good looking, hell I feel better looking than most people and am kind of conceited b/c of it. (I'm sure some people would hate me for it) But I never did anything to hurt people, and I find myself feeling hurt and lonely all the time. I know that even though I'm better looking, I'm more miserable than other people.
I had a sh*tty childhood, my parents didn't bring me up right. I made friends who used me in middle & high school. My first bf lied & manipulated me & I still hate him to death to this day. I always had my self esteem beaten at home (usually by my dad) so I have been afraid to speak and self conscious.
It's like I focus on the physical pleasures and material things maybe to distract myself of the pain within.
I just want to run away from everything. The people, the environment, etc.
I fantasize about being a different person, or changing my name and lying to people who I am b/c I don't like who I really am. I don't agree with society, conformity, or following the law. I shoplift all the time w/ no remorse. My family is strict & traditional, & I wouldn't follow any of what they taught me.
I just feel that deep down other people are more fortunate than me, so I should just do what I want.

Am I a bad person? what would you do?

I really feel sorry for you, would love to know how old you are as he sounds very immature and not ready to be a full time dad. Start taking your meds as will help you emotionally etc and to get your grades. Do what you have to do as will only regret when you are older if don't make something or at least try your best. As for him and his lack of attention on you and the baby it is nothing you have done, believe me. He sounds cold and selfish and would you really miss him as what does he bring into your life. He sounds like he resents your lovely child and he has a violent streak lurking. I would go and stay with your family or get some place else to stay so you and baby are safe as has to be your first priority. He may also be taking drugs and this would explain his behaviour as alot men can't cope with responsibility of baby and can get very jealous of the closeness and attention you give your baby. I am speaking from experience so would not give this advise if did not know what am talking about. If you stay the situation will only get worse as he will become more controlling and abusive emotionally and physically. He doesn't want you to go to college as wants to control you to stay home and using breast feeding as excuse. You certainly need time away to think away from him as he will only drag you further down until you don't know who you are anymore. Talk to someone close who you can trust and get some help. Has to be some organisations that can help with housing or temporary housing. He should be helping you as having a baby we are very vulnerable and should be there for you. You sound strong and sensible so do what you know in your soul is best for you and the baby.He is a control freak and I hope you sort things and move on.Wish you well, really do. What planet is NT living on. You are blaming that poor lady when it is that selfish man treating her bad and not helping out and throwing something at the baby, what happens if is a cup or something heavier next time. You are unbelievable@hes hanging around with druggies. get real lady.

How do you explain a straight laced person?

A straight laced person strives for perfection. Very OCD type. They do not participate in actives that could cause wrong. They care about their looks and are similar to a preppy person in looks. Has high morals and values and strives to be the best.

How do I explain to someone that when she wants a man to beg her for a few words, she is being bitchy and psychopathic?

Don't...And if she is your girlfriend (or even just a friend), it's time to leave. She will try hard to grab your attention and threaten to do stuff to herself, but eventually will get over it and find another puppet.You can thank me later...

What is wrong with me? i think i am a bad person?

What is amazing is that you are very honest about yourself, which is the first step to any effort!

I have been mean to many people many times! And I hate that about myself! What has helped me is to imagine all the bad moments I have had and rehearse them in my mind with different behaviours. I ask myself what I could've done or said differently and run through the whole episode in my mind and it's helped me.

It's a continuous process though... so good luck with it!