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Am I A Sociopath Or Am I Just An Antisocial Freak

If your antisocial are you "stuck up"?

I've been at this little private school since last september but I still havnt open up. People think I always look mad or sad but its really my regular face. My cousin goes to school with me so she was the first to say I was "stuck up" (when I first came there was a girl my age and I talked to her until she went on homeschooled after that I didn't talk to nobody. I talked to my cousin but the conversation wouldn't last that long or she would be already talking to another person.)

Am I a sociopath, just depressed, or maybe... totally awesome?


As displeased as you may be to hear the news, you are probably neither a sociopath or a person with depression. It's true that your cognition follows many of the common tracks that of sociopathology, but that is simply not enough to diagnose someone with the personality disorder. A person with the disorder not only must have the cognition, but display other criteria, such as active disregard for the safety of others, reckless irresponsibility and aggressiveness. and failure to conform to social norms (to the point of grounds for arrest).

It sounds like that at most, you are toying with some intense nihilist, existentialist, and absurdist philosophical doctrines, which is, believe it or not quite common amongst gifted teens. I was in a very similar situation as you are now and trust me, it has nothing to do with having a personality disorder.

Also, demeaning the very people whom you're supposedly asking for advice (and let's face it, you're not really ready to listen, right?) is also something that a lot of young people will do. I just want to advise that you refrain from belittling others because it can cause some great embarrassment/harm in the end... on your end. I know you don't want to hear it, but it's very much a part of growing up and one day you will come to better terms with your existence relative to the rest of the world, and you'll realize hopefully that it isn't as bleak or ridiculous as you had once thought.

If you're interested in some classic literature regarding those aforementioned philosophies, I highly suggest that you look into (if you haven't already, and likely you have) Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Kafka, Dostoevsky--if you're patient--, Sartre, and Camus.

Good luck, and cheer up.

Can a sociopath lead a normal life?

Normal…….what a concept. What does it mean though?Can they have a family?They can!Can they hold a job?They can!Can they keep themselves out of jail?They can!Can they marry?They can!What it comes down to, sociopathic personalities are caused by varying factors, and to varying people.. Each one of these different factors will affect the person’s ability to function in a way that society deems acceptable. However, it might not fall into your version or definition of normal, but then again it might.Sociopathy exists within a person due to their own life experience. The manifestation of this condition in that person will depend on their intelligence, their emotional maturity at the time of the introduction of causative factors, and how they progress from that point. Their function within the condition will depend on these factors, and the impact on their life will be determinate features in the overall presentation of the sociopath to the public, and their ability to blend it. Thus their ability to live a “normal life”.

How do you tell if your a sociopath?

I have just noticed that I do not act like I guess you can say, "Normal" People. Like when my mom tells me she's having money problems at the moment I really don't care... I have a hard time making and keeping friends and and yeah. And I am very selfish, Like I always think I am right and I have an opinion for everything. I am 17 years of age and I am nice to my mom when I want something and I guess you can say I am an asshole and a jerk at times. My anger is bad I get angry very easily... Like I don't know if I have emotions, like for instance no body has ever died in my family so I don't know if I would actually hurt me, I never really had a father growing up... He is an alcoholic and a abuser. My mom had her problems but shes okay now. I can lie easy to get me out of trouble. I haven't never been in any trouble with the law. I really don't know if I should classify my self as a sociopath or just a person who can not express his feelings right or my anger of my dad and my life is covering up my emotions... If you guess can be honest and give me advice or answers that would be helpful..

Why do sociopaths stalk their ex-acquaintances?

They feel that their "EX" BELONGS to them. That they are a possession to be used and it makes them mad and they stalk their acquaintances. The sociopaths don't se it as they are doing anything worng. They don't think of it in those terms. All they know is that their 'special someone' left.

Boyfriend's dad is a sociopath?

Sociopathic tendencies may have some genetic links, there hasn't been any clear cut evidence to point at one way or the other. However, its known that environmental factors are important in many cases

It could affect a relationship, depending on how well he handles the outward tendencies. Antisocial personality disorder can express itself in a lot of different ways, and with differing levels of severity. Just don't worry about it, and go on with your relationship as normal.

What is a sociopath and also what does it mean to have a borderline personality disorder??

It basically means that the person plays by a different set of rules. A sociopath plays by a set of ethics and morals that is incompatible with living in a society. For example. Someone who feels justified in shooting a person just because the person is stealing their lawn ornament. That kind of mind set is dangerous and they prefer to seperate that kind of intolerance from the general population. No one will dispute that larsony is wrong, however, society as a whole will dispute that is should mean an instant death penalty.

As far as boderline personality disorders. That is just a basic measurement of how crazy they are. Everyone is a little strange if put in a difficult situation but some people function normally for the most part except for one little area that seems to be disrupting their life. Say approaching girls for example. That could be an anxiety disorder but it may not effect their live's as successful workers or fathers so its not like the person needs to be taken clear out of society in order to be treated.

A good example of a borderline sociopath here in Y!As would be these people that feel the distinct need to bash someone for misspelling a word. Most of us don't see the need to hyper-correct everytime a person makes a spelling or typing error. But to those that have little better to do with their lives in a given day, they enjoy the rush they get from trying to make a person feel small about making an error. Their lives may not be incredibly deefunct offline but they obviously need some help in the area of playing nice with others.

Can a person with schizophrenia have sociopathic tendencies?

Some schizophrenics who are abused in their childhood will develop an “attachment disorder”, which will lead to their inability to form normal bonds with othersIn the psychoanalytical terms : a lack of attachment means no identification whith any one .. no identification means no empathy .. combine that with their belief system “I am weak and people will try to exploit/hurt me “ therefore I will dominate them before they try to dominate me ..And because there is always a percieved attack in the mind of the paranoid schizophrenic they will use manipulation, gasslighting and ways of intimidation to protect themselves against their “attackers” who are essentially every one they meet ..This will manifest itself as a highly manipulative, exploitive, power seeking person ..Meanwhile a typical sociopath is unable to feel shame,The schizoprenic has a very cruel super ego that is projected into the world making it the reason for their aggression : I am not evil, people are .. and I will do my best to intimidate them before they attack me

How do I know if I am depressed or a sociopath?

I suffer from depression: you feel lonely, unloved, hopeless, etc. and those feelings persist for more than two weeks. You feel unmotivated, lose interest in things you used to enjoy. You may also be very sensitive to others. I am also the victim of sociopath: they have no empathy, little or no feelings for anyone other themselves, usually narcissistic, don’t adhere to social norms or laws, usually don’t conduct themselves well in public (antisocial and critical) - however, they can be very charming and lovable when they are after their conquest but once they get you to succumb to whatever it is they want, they turn abusive, drop you and go on to the next conquest with no conscious or care about the damage they do to others.