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Am I Considered Overweight

What is considered overweight in Japan?

If you're not Japanese, then the "normal" weight for girls in Japan won't apply to you. I don't mean that on a cultural level, but on a medical one.

I can tell you, however, that as a 5'7" girl weighing in at 130 lbs or so, I got tons and tons of compliments on my body in Japan. The Japanese aren't particularly naturally curvy, and neither am I, but this means that a little bit of hip and bust makes you look really cool to a lot of Japanese people. Also, if you have long legs, women will comment on them.

Since you're not overweight by America's medical standards at least (I'm assuming you're from the US, apologies if you're not), then no one will think you're overweight in Japan either. If you get a comment like "You're so big!" that's not someone calling you fat but a smaller Japanese person marveling at your height and build which is different from theirs. This isn't a common comment, but you'll sometimes hear it from really, really short girls in Japan or people who are surprised by your height upon standing (you're not particularly tall, though, so I doubt anyone would say this to you lol).

In general, though, no one will comment on your height or weight while you're there. You're not obese, or even fat, so no one will stare at you because they think you're large. You're not anorexic, so no one will stare because you're too small. You're a normal size, so the only people who stare will be staring because you're not Japanese (depending on where you go).

Hope this helps!

What is considered overweight for a 12-year old?

It doesn’t depend on your age, but how tall you areJust line up your height and weight to find your number and where you fall, anything beyond the yellow is considered overweight. You can use a BMI calculator to get a more accurate result. Hope this makes sense!

Am i considered overweight?

Lately I've been very insecure about my weight. I'm fourteen yrs old and a female I'm five foot six, i weight about 125 lbs and my bmi is 20.3. I swim everyday but the weekends so I have a lot of muscle.. but i still feel big like all my friends are anoexeric skinny and i eat way more than they do cuz i swim a ton? should i be worried or am i fine sorry ik this is a stupid question but i'm sick of ppl saying i'm skinny when i don't feel like it


No, you are not overweight. When I was 13 yrs old, many,many years ago. I was 5'9" and I weighed 164 pounds. Back in the 70's the doctors and my sisters proclaimed I was fat. On the contrary. When a person is tall like 5'9" to 6', the best weight a person could be is between 155-169. Tall people require some weight on them to maintain their frame structure of their bodies.

Who told you you were overweight? Many people are under the misconception that being thin is of today's society. Not true at all. Centuries ago women had to look like bean polls in order to please other influential people and men. Have you ever seen old movies where the women ate like a bird and purged and then were expected to wear corsets to make them look even smaller? Such torture!! The tortures of women, in many respects aren't that bad, but they are still not that great anyhow. Heavy set individuals are people too that have feelings and emotions just like any one else.

Often times, heavy set people are shunned or made fun of because they don't have a models body. To me this is wrong!!! Some of the most beautifulest people in this world are considered the "ugly ducklings" of society. But men in particular aren't interested in what a person has in their insides, they are more concerned with how a woman looks on the outside. Women do the same with men. I personally, don't give a rat's bum what a person (male or female) looks like on the outside. It's their insides I am more interested in.

Good luck and I hope I was helpful. Be happy with your body and feel good about yourself, no matter what people may say to you!

Considered Overweight, or obbesse?
If you're 4' 10", you're considered overweight.
If you're 4' 9", you're considered obese, from a medical perspective.

At 5' 2" your bmi is 26.2. Medically overweight is 25-29.9 but that's not universal, it depends on your body type.

I'm 5'7 and i weigh 160 pounds. Am i considered overweight. and if so what should be a healthy weight for me?

At 5'7, 160 lbs is a healthy weight if you have some lean muscle mass and/or a large bone structure/frame.

Do you feel healthy? Do you get regular exercise? A healthy heart and body require at least 30 minutes of mildly-strenous exercise 3-5 times a week. What are you putting in your body? Cut back on empty calories like sugar and simple carbohydrates, if you consume too much. If you lose by adding the exercise and cutting back on the stuff your body doesn't need,you'll be a healthier weight.

What is considered to be overweight for a 14 year old boy?

Gosh, who weighs themselves in "stones" any more?...12 stones might be a little high. Maybe if you just exercised regularly, your body would automatically regulate your weight to an appropriate weight. I'd say probably .4 sacks (10 or 11 stones) would be a more appropriate weight.

P.S. For those people trying to answer, 1 stone = 14 pounds.

Is 58.8kg n 160cm in hEIGHt.. considered overweight???

No. you are not overweight. Using BMI (body mass index), you are considered normal weight (your BMI is a little less than 23 and normal is 20 to 25). Your boyfriend, on the other hand, is considered underweight (his BMI is 18.7). He's probably worried about what you think about him!