Am I Dumb If I Do Not Go To A Great College.

What college should I go to?

If you have a C average, I would suggest that you go to a community college and get your associates, and concentrate that degree toward science and engineering, which is the field closest to what you want. While you're in the 2 yr program, you need to get real good grades and then transfer as a junior to a school in state with a good science/technology program. For example if you lived in Virginia, you could go to a community college in your area, graduate from that school in two years, and then transfer to a very reputable university with a good science/technology program, like the University of Virginia, or maybe Virginia Tech which actually has a somewhat better engineering school than UVA.

Given grade inflation these days, a B (3.0) average really means you're average, and C (2.0) is at best marginally acceptable. I don't know where your GPA is between 2.0 and 3.0. I'm not saying you're dumb if you're a 2.0 or close to it, but unless your SAT score is really really good, it is probably not going to be enough to get into most decent colleges, much less the most reputable ones.

Am I too dumb for college?

With college up ahead, and the time for applications drawing near it was necessary for me to take a critical look at my credentials before applying to college. Upon consultation among various friends, I reached conclusion that I was both mentally and academically incompetent for the vigor of the college environment. Simply, I felt as if I reached a fork in the road; with one path leading to a life without a formal education and the other telling me to go for it. Financial reasons deter me from attending a university, for If I decide to attend college I would have to foot the bill myself. Ten years down the road I do not want to be 50,000 or more in the hole due to college loans.

Secondly, like other collegebound teenagers the time to apply for college approaches nearer. Each passing month brings the date of application much closer. Two weaks are left in my junior year so it is necessary that I take both the SAT and ACT soon. To prepare for the tests, I took an ACT practice test administered by Revolution Prep and have just received my mock ACT score from them. I was disappointed to find out I attained a composite score of 27. This was with my mathematics and English scores being so dastardly low. It was my first time taking a practice test, as I've yet to have the opportunity to take the real thing. So that leaves me with an ample amount of time to prepare for the test and hone my math and English abilities. How can one "study" for the ACT, and is it plausible for me to get a score in the mid 30s?

So with a gpa of a 3.9 and a act score in the range of 27-29, what are my chances of getting into a decent college? I have taken 4 years of all the core classes in High School, 4 ap courses, and 4 years of foreign language. My first choice is University of Texas at Austin but they are one of the more selective schools in Texas. So is there any hope for me to get into a decent university, or am I too stupid for college?

I feel so dumb like I am not smart enough for college?

Well, I am a college student and a lot of the people around me are really very smart and intelligent. They just study very little but end up doing amazing. Even if I study and put in a lot of effort, I don't even do half as well as them and I have trying to work on my limitations like not getting too stressed for exams. But it just isn't working out at all, no matter how much I try. I feel burnt out, tired and extremely stupid- like I'll never do as well as I want to. And it is really getting to me, like really badly through really low self-esteem. Grades have been the things I have been obsessing over and I do dream of going to a really good graduate school with a good scholarship. But I feel like I am not really intelligent enough for neither my undergrad(let alone grad.) Any tips on how I can do well at college?

Am I dumb if I do not go to a great college.?

I have always been labeled as: dumb, stupid, just along those lines of criticism.

I was one of those people who did not really do anything in school, I did not do bad, just really did not do much. I took minimum amount I needed to graduate, realizing too late that I finally love eduction. Wanting to be able to do all these things that I did not do before, wanting to join the best college in my state which is: university of Utah.

Because it is not a top ranking college like MIT or California institute of technology, or one of the high ranking colleges. Does that ranking correlate to it being a bad college, and that I am greatly inferior in my education compared to those universities?

I try to educate myself in the mean time by buying math books and reading up on electronics and other things that have struck my interest

What do you think of someone who decides not to go to college or technical/trade school? you actually know how much it costs to live in the real world???? this is what we pay
300 groceries
300 utilties
100 cell phones
80 auto insurance
50 rental insurance
300 health insurance
100 credit card payments
100 random, extra, unexpected
100 entertainment, eating out, movies, babysitting, clothes

that right tehre is around 2,000 and thats not taking into consideration any medical bills we pay on thruout the year, or new tires we might need or a car breaking down, costs ALOT of be "HAPPY" as you put it, so if you think living in a dumpy apartment with NO CABLE, because u can't afford it is 'happy' then go for it....the average person has to work thier life away just to make ends meet, wouldnt you like to make a bit more money than lousy $13/hour? u cant live off htat with a family to support

Are you a loser if you don't go to college?

Before answering that question, I would need to know why you are asking. (are you trying to convince your parents that college is bad, did someone call you a loser, etc...)

Still, the simple answer is, no, you are not a loser if you don't go to college.

People who earn a college degree are more likely to get better jobs, and to be competitive, you may have to also get a Masters. This is not a rule though, it's possible to be very successful at a job without a college education. It depends on what you want to do. Going to college (a good college) is a good investment in yourself.

I don't want to go to college?

I am a freshman in high school. And I don't want to go to college. I am not a lazy bum or a slacker. I just don't think it would be right for me. I've been an honor roll student all my years in school and I am in all advanced placement classes (Except math, we've never really agreed) I am a good pupil - respectful and all. But I just do not want to go to college. I have an EXTREME passion for art and my WHOLE life, I have wanted to live in Southern California (Not because of Los Angeles or Beverly Hills or anything) I just really love the Southwest. But anyway, I thought I would move there and get a job at like Barnes and Noble or some regular job like that but also be a freelance artist. I know this sounds sooooooo naive, the whole idea of moving to California and being an artist ..etcetera, etcetera. But I don't really enjoy school, I'm just naturally good at it and always have been and probably could get a free ride to an in-state college if I wanted. But once I graduate high school, I don't want to go through four (or more) years of something I don't enjoy. You're probably all "What the heck is this kid's question already??"
I just want to know what other people think of this. Do you think it would be a stupid decision?
And please no "you could go to art college" or anything along those lines.
I just want to graduate high school and live a really chill life doing what I like to do.

Life is about choices. Sometimes we make great choices and other times we regret the choices we’ve made. Going to university or college is not for everyone. Having said that, what is it you wish to do? What are you passionate about?We live in a credential obsessed world. Certain companies will not hire people without degrees in specific fields or practices. Qualifications therefore count big time. Can you teach yourself? Of course, you can. Not all success stories hold degrees. Think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Most of us however, are not BG or SJ. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to go to school. It is never to late to learn and it is certainly never to late to apply to school. Just know the direction you want to go and build a plan to get you there.

It depends on you.If you collapse and give up if you don't get into the college, then it is probably was not worth it.If you are doing it because you are passionate about the subjects (or become passionate) and apply your knowledge wherever you do attend college, then it is worthwhile.Setting goals is a great thing. But we don't know yet whether you have perseverance. You'll know once you receive your college decisions. Perseverance is what occurs after disappointment, not before it.Good luck. I trust you will excel no matter where you attend college.

A few questions:Are you at a uni with people who are going to go places in future?Do you have social issues you should really remedy now?Will you regret not being young and stupid when you are older and reflect on life? Will you regret going off the rails in your 30/40s?Is there a more refined part of uni society that do dinner parties?In short, if you are asking this question, go party anyway. Realise:No one is paying attention to you anyway - they are focused on themselvesIf a douche bag gives you hassle, get loud and.or hit them. No one will pick on you again. No one wants hassle, only easy pickingsThe first few parties are hard, they get easier as you know more people. The trick is make a safety group. Make friends with a few people as soon as you enter. Then try make new friends. When you fail go back to the safety group. Then keep trying to meet new people.You will make friends that you can leverage 20 years in future. you may not have been homies, but the fact they remember you is all you need to get an edgeYour salary is based on EQ. Doesn’t matter if you end up a quant you still need to influence people. Going to parties and being social forces you to deal with people. If you end up a baller, you will still need to go to parties and be bored. Best to practice now when it doesn’t matterBy going to parties, you learn what a good party is and is not ;) You can go home at boring parties ;)If you end up moving to the Bay with other nerds, you can learn games and how to have fun to be the fun guy ;)I can write an essay on this. I grew up in 13 countries so I always had to make new friends. I can be shy a lot, and sometimes I hate parties, but I learnt how to still have fun and network anywhere out of necessity.Get good grades, but understand this is the main time in life you are OK to do dumb shit and be irresponsible. If you freak out in your late 30s it won’t be as cool. So have fun now.Bonus tip: If you don’t like parties, set up a dinner club or something more refined and cultivate people. There are lots of tribes in uni, so make your own- attract people like you. I always had the most fun in more intimate environments with like minded people.