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Am I Getting Ripped Off By H

Am I getting ripped off?

Scam- I don't know why people ignore Craiglsist's very clear scam warnings page

"Deal locally, face-to-face —follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts.

Do not extend payment to anyone you have not met in person.
Beware offers involving shipping - deal with locals you can meet in person.
Never wire funds (e.g. Western Union) - anyone who asks you to is a scammer.
Don't accept cashier/certified checks or money orders - banks cash fakes, then hold you responsible.
Transactions are between users only, no third party provides a "guarantee".
Never give out financial info (bank account, social security, paypal account, etc).
Do not rent or purchase sight-unseen—that amazing "deal" may not exist.
Refuse background/credit checks until you have met landlord/employer in person."

How many more warning signs do you need? Craiglsist is ONLY for face to face CASH transactions or you will always get scammed. And who sends a *mover* to pick up rims? Movers only deal with whole houses or apartments, not small items. The check will be fake. The problem is, the fake check uses a real person or company account number which is why it will clear. It's not until the cancelled check is returned to the real payee that they notice a check they didn't write, they inform their bank, then it bounces a few weeks later and you could be arrested for bank fraud and forgery

Am I getting ripped off?

Well I looked into it a bit for you. And although the drive does suck. The current minimum wage page, as of June 1, 07, Is actually 5.90 for minors... So you are getting paid the right amount as far as that goes. Nothing really says in the law that they have to pay you more for traveling..But I would mention that to them.. Find out when your next raise is. It should be every 6 months for taco bell cause I worked at long johns for a year and they are both owned by yum. I would honestly suggest talking to your boss about it. Tell him/her that you are using alot of gas with coming back and forth and how much gas it takes you. And the prices where u have to get gas. Ask when your next raise will be... And make sure for about the whole month before that you are on ur best behavior and doing a good job. Cause usually they do evals. sometime the month before ( How well u do on ur eval, Results in how much of a raise you get).And they probably wont tell you when they are doing the eval. So that will be important to know when the raise is.. Fast food jobs can be rough but honestly I miss that job at ljs.. Working the other jobs that everyone thinks are so much better suck compared to how easy fast food CAN be. But Im not saying its easy, I know that stress... :) Well I hope this did help you...Theres a site below that tells u right at the top about the minimum wage in ur area, and what it wil be when ur 18.. So Good luck on getting a raise.

Am I getting ripped off?

YES!!! You got RIPPED OFF when you bought a SAAB. SAAB stands for Sorry A@#$ Arabian B!@#$#@!%. I once worked at a chevy house when GM bought out interest in SAAB . The first time I looked under the hood of a SAAB I was scared I had no idea what I was doing or looking at. I am a MASTER Auto Mechanic . I have 10 ASE' certifications and 20 manufacturer certifications from Honda Hyundai Toyota Mazda Ford and others. But SAAB?
I'm glad that GM was forced to do away with them in their bail out.
Want some advice? We in the automotive repair business have a saying. "Don't get married to that car. Divorce it and get another one

As a broad statement, yes you're getting ripped off fiscally.But it's your first sales job and learning the skill to sell is worth the experience.However, this may change depending on how the painting company operates. Having ran an exterior painting franchise, I had royalties and overhead to the parent company that made it not feasible for me to pay more than 5% of the sales revenue.I would also only do sales for 5% revenue if the leads were given to me and I had full autonomy to operate how I wanted to.Here's how a mid-high price breaks down.Paint: 10%-15% (for high quality paint, assuming Behr or Sherwin Williams SuperPaint or higher quality)Labor: 30%-40%Marketing: 10%-20%Plus fixed costs.Without any hidden costs, the company earns anywhere between 25%-50% of the job as revenue. It's a big reason why construction is so lucrative.If you message me more details I can break things down further and also let you know if the rate is unreasonable or not. Different companies have different costs.

Am i getting ripped off?

You are not getting ripped off. These iPods sold new for $200. If you are buying one for $30 with a small crack, you can go online and buy a iPod touch screen and replace it yourself using a YouTube tutorial (many out there just search on YouTube "How to fix a broken iPod touch 4g screen" ) for only another $25. This means you have a iPod in great condition for only $55! On eBay and Craigslist, these iPods are selling for around $125 and you could therefore sell it and earn a profit of $65, for spending only about 45 minutes of your time fixing it. Or if you do not mind the crack, you can just leave it like that. I professionaly buy iPods and refurbish them, and $30 is definetly a great deal!

Am I getting ripped off?

I bought a laptop from Staples about a year ago. I've had troubles with Staples in the past, but I've never had trouble with this computer until now.

The charger for it was left at my aunt's house by accident, and when I got it back, the plastic protective covering around the wires was broken at then end. Needless to say, I was pissed, but I didn't think it would cause any damage if I was careful. Well now, it's making a faint popping noise like it has a short in it--which I believe it does, because there are times where I'll have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work. I just recently discovered that, where the wires are broken--which is where it plugs into the box of the charger--the plug is melted!

My greatest fear with the issues I'm having with this product is starting a fire, but it's my only way to get access to the internet and, ergo, my school work. could a broken wire casing really cause this much damage, or was I ripped off yet again?

Am I Getting Ripped Off?

Okay, so here is the deal. I own a 18h Percheron. I am trying to find out if my "barn" I board at is ripping me off. I pay for all my own vet, dentist, and ferrier bills out of pocket for him. I am charged (full price, I just don't have to actually go get it and deliver it myself) for his sand-rid, his wormer, his salt blocks, and his equilix supplements.

The place I am boarding has a stall (no bedding in the stall, so it tends to be muddy) with a very small, often very muddy run. They provide the actual labor of feeding and watering him morning and night and occasionally let him out into a slightly larger pasture where he can run. They also provide about 2 flakes (small 50-75 lb bales) of hay morning and night. I am charged $300 a month for board plus 2-3 days a week I am required to come and help cleaning stalls, washing horses, moving panels, ect. , and $250 a month in additional feed (they buy Purine Equine Adult Active, Beet Pulp Shreds, and hay pellets with it). I will note here that my horse is NOT a healthy weight on whatever they are actually feeding him. He is pretty thin, with hollows at the hips and ribs are slightly visible with a winter coat (I do not own a blanket and they do not provide one and the "stall" is open on one side so I don't imagine it's terribly warm) and easily felt. They insist it it because I need to provide more money for feed, and a draft of his size cannot be fed and board for the $550 a month plus the 2-3 days a week (they ARE 6-8 hour days) of labor.

I know nothing about horses, but it seems like a HUGE amount of work and money, and they are still asking for more to get him to a more healthy weight. I am really, really having trouble believing all my "additional feed" money is going towards him, but again, I'm no expert. My horse is deemed healthy and has good teeth by the vet and dentist, they just say he needs more weight. I'm looking for some other opinions here.

Is $550 in board too little? Do I really need to pay more? Is it standard for the conditions of the barn and run to be so low (in my eyes) at this price range for board? I really need to get some outside perspective on this, I can't trust them anymore than I can trust myself, so any answers are HIGHLY appreciated.



Am I getting ripped off?

No, I don't think you are being ripped off. That is fifty, under the table, tax free, dollars. But, it is true, that if they did have him in an actual daycare, they would be paying more money. You said yourself though, he's well behaved, he does his homework, and he plays. You even have time to get your own homework done, so you're not having to put forth an incredible amount of labor to be compensated for. Its fifty dollars, more than you were previously making. Most waitresses who work for larger corporation restaurants, such as Ihop, Golden Corral, Chili's, etc, make around $2.50 an hour. I suppose one could argue, "tips, they make tips!", but those tips have to be reported to the IRS as taxable wages. Obviously the waitresses of America are not rolling in the dough or making a substantial living. I'd be happy with my fifty, under the table, tax free, dollars.

Am I getting ripped off?

If you feel like the intrinsic value of a Liberty is not $15K, then you shouldn't even consider it.

Jeep is essentially a DaimlerChrysler product and durability is fairly standard across the board. If you've ever owned a Dodge, expect the same types of issues. Typically a DC product has issues with auxillary equipment (ie, options, power steering, a/c, etc.).

KBB is a good source of general value, but if you aren't satisfied with it, try NADA.
If you're still not satisfied, buy an Xterra, which are much cheaper and higher quality.

The nice thing about a Jeep is the same reason it's so pricey: they maintain value quite well. There's a very niche market for Jeeps and that keeps depreciation low. So while you might pay a lot for one, you can expect to sell it for quite a bit as well.

Am i getting ripped off?!!!!?

That isn't a bad rate really. I would say it's on the high side of average but not by much. The plane rent is very fair but $50 for an instructor is higher than what I am used to but again, not by much. I have paid between 35 to 65 an hour for instructors, with most of my instruction being around $45 an hour. That is in the middle of nowhere Colorado, not Sin City.

Around here I can rent a da-20 for around $105 an hour. That is not a new plane and doesn't have a G1000, which you will pay extra for. Others will tell you about how you can rent planes for $60 an hour, which you can, but you are renting a new plane. Personally, I wouldn't pay extra to learn to fly in a fancy new plane (again). Learn in the cheapest thing you can find, as long as its well maintained there is nothing wrong with an old plane. Once you get your license then step up to newer and nicer planes, you WILL save thousands.

Location has a huge influence on what you will pay for an airplane and instruction. I would imagine ramp space at your airport is expensive and if its a large airport you can bet fuel isn't cheap. A place with a high cost of living will bring higher rates for the instructors, they do have to make a living...

Why does the other school not accept 15 year olds? That doesn't sound like any flight school I've ever heard of, unless it's a flight academy of some sort, which you don't want to get mixed up with anyways.