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Am I Going To Be Isolated My Whole Life

Glory and passion are two different things. Instead of asking us whether you would have a successful career in boxing, ask yourself if you love boxing enough or not. Most of us here are struggling to find a passion that will define them. You must be proud of yourself that at least you have started questioning if boxing can make you successful or not. However, you are asking the wrong question.See I totally understand that we have to be successful and of course earn enough money to survive. We need money for everything. I am not questioning the need for money.But if you can see yourself in the boxing ring and enjoying it then I will probably say that you should go for it. Success will come sooner or later. Failure is inevitable and you will have to accept this truth. There is no such thing as a perfect life. You will have keep trying again and again. So that at the end and you can proudly say that “ at least, I tried.”“Most people die at the age of 24 and aren’t buried till they’re 80.”Lots of Love.

Am I going to be a virgin for my whole life?

Chill. It don't matter. If ugly girls can get laid, you can get laid no problem. Think about it -- if ugly girls can get one night stands, don't you, (a girl whom a lot of guys have asked out), want your first time to be with someone who isn't just using you for sex?

Trust me -- i've been there too. And here's a little secret I just found out not so long ago...when you get nervous about making out and sex and stuff like that? Guys actually find it really cute. (Apparently lol...) I am living with 2 guys at the moment, and have become intimate with one guy (as in, a NOTHER guy, not my housemates! God forbid...) And....I've started to realize that it's really the good girls who guys want. The bad girls are just for a lay and to dump once they've used something that is one step up from a blow-up doll.

The right guy will ease you into it...he'll totally know you're uncomfortable with it...and make you feel comfortable,...even say things like, "We can wait." Sure, some will say you're frigid. Pay them no attention, They're just sore they didn't get to the goodies. Pay them no attention....

There's no problem being a flirt as long as you can take the flak from your surrounding girlfriends. It's generally known that just cos ur a flirt doesnt mean ur promiscuous. However I suggest that PRECISELY because you are a flirt, you best be scared of physical intimacy because the first guy you sleep with...people gonna talk.

I suggest you get close to more girls. Be a good girl. Use your flirtations on the guy you actually want. My guess is, you may simply be "acting out", to conceal your insecurity around the opposite sex. Chill girl chill....ur probably gorgeous....some nice guy will come around :) If he doesn't, get his attention. Figure out which guy you like, and flirt with just him :)

P.S., If you manage to stay away from sex, I'd respect you. It takes a lot to be a load of fun, but be able to remain abstinent. It seems pointless, but it gets a lot of respect from girls and guys alike, cos it's like, being matured. Or rather, not being NEEDY. or HORNY (horny girls are embarassing!)

Am I going to be alone my whole life?

I was sexually abused in addition to other traumatic childhood events. Growing up I had trouble with all physical contact so I have some idea as to what you are experiencing. I was 18 when I got my first kiss and subsequently lost my virginity (not at the same time but within a few months). I married that man, for me I made the decision that in order for me to have sex it needed to be in the context of a loving relationship. I needed to feel respected and to be with someone I trusted. There isn't anything wrong with waiting, there's no rush you are 18 so you have time. I have been married almost 12 years now. We got married when I was 19, before him I honestly didn't imagine myself marrying. I told my husband, then boyfriend, before we had sex about my abuse, I told him everything. He was extremely gentle it took us a week, no joke, to have full intercourse he was unbelievably patient and would stop anytime I needed him too. Now we have sex normally so it does get to be much easier. If you've not talked about the abuse, it's time. Confide in a close female friend, a counselor, or it may be time to tell your mom. It will be hard, really hard but you will never heal to keep it bottled up. If you are like me you blame yourself for what happened. You need to let go of that guilt. You did nothing wrong. Love is worth the risk of getting hurt I never would have met my husband if I'd rejected him. I did reject a lot of guys but when I met him something finally clicked, it may be that that happens for you as well. I started being affectionate socially. This may sound odd but I could not even hug someone without cringing, so I would hug trusted female friends (you know platonic affection) you may have to work your way up. You may have to just make friends with a guy with no intent to pursue a relationship. I also had to get comfortable with my own body, I didn't push myself to masturbate or anything but I worked through the guilt step by step and now I can masturbate and enjoy doing so which has made me more comfortable sexually with my husband. That may be an important first step before having sex is to deal with your feelings about your own body. For me yoga, Buddhism, meditation, journal and poetry writing, talking helped me heal. You could try counseling with groups so you can meet other girls like yourself.

I messed up my whole life. What's the point of going on?

Graduated high school in 2006. I enlisted in the U.S. Marines as a means of escaping my bad home environment. I got separated for telling my instructor that I wanted to kill myself. I only said that because I did not want to be there nor do I support any of these for profit wars. Again, I only joined because I thought it would solve all of my problems. I've always wanted to be a police officer, but having this discharge may hinder that. I've also stole from an employer in 2009, which is another item that will probably stop me from being a police officer. Ever since I got back home from the Marines in 2006 I was so scared that I ruined my life forever and so I saw no point of doing anything to make my life better like attend college. It's been six years since I've been out of high school and I've done nothing with my life. I'm so dumb that I could barely pass an aptitude test just to enter into the military. Since I probably ruined any chance of ever being a police officer by my arrogant actions in my past, I've decided to pursue a degree in Nursing, but I've had some more hardships that have stopped me from being able to attend college anymore. Furthermore, I do not believe I have the brain power to even get a degree in Nursing.

My parents have never been there for me. My dad was an abusive alcoholic. He recently died from Diabetes. My mom never did jack for me nor my siblings and now I have become a product of my own environment. Currently, i live with my grandparents at the age of 24 and working a full time job at minimum wage. I hate living here, but it's like hell here. I see no point of even trying to fix my life because what employer is going to want to hire me after all of the mistakes I've already made? Also, my credit is ruined because I got stupid with credit cards and had to file for bankruptcy. I just want to end it all already. I see no point in going on. My family is always against me and I have no real friends. If my grandparents die and they will eventually, then I am going to be homeless. I am struggling financially and now I always being threatened to be kicked out by my own family who "loves" me. What's the point of going on?

22 years old / 216 pounds .. Am I going to live my whole life with loose skin !?

I am 22 years old with 216 pound weight, I have been with this weight for about 7 years
I want to lose about 62 pounds over a year as 5-6 pounds per month

experience with diet : when i was15 I lost 15 kg (33 pounds) , I went from 176 pounds to 154 in 3 months and I had no loose skin at all ! but gained more weight back (obviously)

now I am going to change my whole life style to a healthier one but the only thing annoying me is loose skin ..
considering my age, weight, weight loss speed . will I have to worry about this issue ??
I really think it's a nightmare !!

Where am I going with my life?

where am I going with my life?"

I've been asking myself that a lot lately...
See, when I was in school, I was working towards my high school diploma... half heartedly I'll admit, but I worked and on the side I never stopped drawing. Never. I've been drawing since I could hold a pen. I drew all the time during class. I made paintings, started a portfolio full of years of my work, wrote poetry, went to poetry slams, worked as a face painter and caricature artist at the local zoo, heck I even sold paintings. My dream has always been to be a successful artist. Art IS my life. Art = life. And lately I've been uploaded some photoshop art to my DeviantArt, but its really crappy compared to my offline work...
And now, I'm working a full time job, paying pills, paying credit cards. Groceries, Electricity, Rent, etc. And it seems like all i do is work and like I have no real life outside of that. Yet I still draw. But its still not getting me anywhere. And I kinda thought it would. It seems like my whole life has become this pathetic cycle that I have no idea how to get out of. And its scary. I feel like I'm wasting away, like time is running out. I'm spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere or making much progress.
One thing I did to motivate myself a bit was make a list of my goals, short term and long term. Well, that helped a bit... I guess its just perhaps Im moving slow at the moment... it feels like writer's block for life. Life block...

"There's nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost, so long as that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it."
That quote stuck with me since the first time I read it. I do feel lost, I have felt lost pretty much all my life. Like I'm just caught up in this big confusing world that's moving too fast for me.

By identity I guess you mean knowledge of yourself and a personal identity. You cast aside food, water, showers and clothing. You would have to have these things to exist. Therefore you would have some contact with people. To keep your scenario in perspective let's say they never talk to you, just throw in the supplies. I think such solitary existence would cause you to have hallucinations, nightmares and an 1 altered state of your true self. That seems to be obvious. The loneliness would become unbearable and probably cause animalistic behavior and a maniacal mind. I am using my imagination here. I've taken six post grad pysch courses which makes me a novice in trying to perceive what your reality would be. You might, quite rightly decide your life is not worth living and try to kill yourself. If you were of a philosophical bent you might be trying to figure out a meaning to how this situation is supposed to  affect your life in these circumstances and inventing games and puzzles to occupy your mind. If you were not exercising and getting no medical treatment you would soon have no identity to worry about. I hope someone else answers this question so you get a more astute answer.

Tired of being a loner my whole life....Can you relate?

Hi there Lol you crack me up cuz your exactly like accept that I am a 20 year old female.Yes I hear you I too do not have any friends but on the other hand I am an outgoing person so don't think that by changing who you are is going to make you get a girlfriend or more friends because believe me I've tried it and no every ****** person I meet tends to be a ****** shity *** friend. I have no friends and I wish I had friends and a lot of friends. It's weird cuz I am attractive and pretty, but I just don't have any friends I don't even know why I have a ****** cell phone cuz I pay like ****** 60 bucks a month for no reason cuz I don't talk to anyone I just have work phone numbers. And I go out but no so much cuz I don't have a car so to get around I have to take public transportation because nobody wants to ive me a ****** ride and that's exactly what I mean people are ****** shity it's hard to find good friends especially those who will offer you a ****** ride well apparently not I only have one friend and she lives out of the state from me and she lives in Oklahoma which a plane away from me so now I have no more friends, I just work and go to school and people who I meet and try to make frriends turn out to be shady *** people so don't worry it seems like the more I try hard to find friends the worse it gets and the more I find rude people. So Im about to turn 21 and I have no friends so whatevs I don't give a **** one day the right friend will come a long and the right boyfriend will come along cuz I also have never had a ****** boyfriend I have not even ever kissed a guy so that really embarrasing cus im almost 21 year old and I've never kissed a guy, had a boyfriend, never had sex, and everything there is in having a relationship, what a ****** looser I am, because I'm hot and gorgeous I mean I don't have boobs or a butt but I am pretty, so I don't know what it is because I talk, and I'm really nice and funny. So Idon't know maybe it's because I'm almost 21 years old and I don't have a car. I don't know so please let me know what is it? what's going on.

How long do you want to pay for it?The simplest policies are designed to pay until age 100. As others have mentioned, some companies offer “10-pay” or “20-pay” options, meaning that you pay that many years then do not need to make any further premium payments. Some companies offer “paid up at 65” meaning you pay premiums until the year you turn 65 years old, then you are finished. And, at least a couple of companies offer policies that you can decide how many years you want to pay premiums.Some policies may generate enough dividends at some point you can use them to offset or completely play premiums.But, there is another option. Most of the companies that I work with include a column called “paid up insurance” in their illustrations. There are guaranteed levels that assume no dividends are paid, and then there are the levels that take into account using dividends to buy “paid up additions.” If dividends are paid, the money is used to buy chunks of insurance to add to the policy. Generally speaking, if you keep the policy in force for 4 or 5 years, you can ask to stop paying premiums and just keep the total paid up insurance. I’m not saying this is going to be a lot of insurance. In fact, just the opposite is true, but you can top paying premiums and have something available for your beneficiaries.Finally, I don’t think it was mentioned that you can take policy loans to pay premiums or even turn any amount of insurance that was purchased with dividends and use that cash to pay premiums.