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Am I Going To Be Sick

Am I going to get sick or die?

From the look of Wikipedia (Borax - Wikipedia) borax is sometimes used as a food additive and has low toxicity:(Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according to one study, is not acutely toxic.[28] Its LD50 (median lethal dose) score is tested at 2.66 g/kg in rats,[29] meaning that a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death. The lethal dose is not necessarily the same for humans. On pesticide information websites it is listed as a non-lethal compound and of no hazardous concerns.)[30]To put your mind at ease call your local accident and emergency or doctor.Maybe good advice to stop experimenting with chemicals and eating at the same time? Where does this ‘slime’ recipe come from?

What are some signs I'm going to be sick the next day?

Yes these are both signs that your body has begun to fight something off. I had a policy for several years that if I felt these or other similar symptoms, I would take all the usual herbs I normally would when being sick, then induce a fever by sleeping naked under a thick stack of blankets. 9 times out of 10 I would be the only one to dodge the bullet. People uses to make fun of me for my chemical sensitivities and the steps I took to minimize my exposure to environmental pollutants, but when you go up to 7 years without so much as a cold, and watch everyone else get sick 2 or 3 times a year like clockwork, it makes all the ribbing and criticism worthwhile.

My head feels warm, am I going to be sick?

Does this mean I'm about to get a cold?

No, it means you already have one...and it's growing in intensity
with each and every minute that goes by, to the point that by
tomorrow morning, you'll be exhibiting all the full-blown symptoms.

Am I going to be sick now dead lizard on my bed?

Am I going to be sick now dead lizard on my bed?
well I was sleeping and when i woke up i felt something on my ear it was between my ear and the pillow and I got up and it was a dead lizard which has been dead and it looked like it was dead for awhile i have no idea how it got there but i am really really disgusted. I just took like a 30 minute shower scrubbing my ears and evrything cause im worried dead lizard parts went in my ear and plus i have a cut on my ear that was healing up but i think it may be infected now ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww am I going to die, I already don't lik to touch living lizards but a dead lizard right next to my ear ewwww i feel like im going to die, i really hope my cut is not infected and there are no dead lizard parts in my ear. Am i going to be sick

I am sick, and my left ear is sore; am I going to be deaf in that ear?

Most probably you will.If the left year is sore while you are sick, the Great Compendium of Ear Illness says that you have a probability of 87% of becoming deaf in the first week after the symptoms started, if you don’t treat it properly.How to treat it properly, you might ask:If you can get across honey from Antartican bees, this will definitely be the best choice. Just boil it with a bit of smashed garlic and drop it over a cup of water. Drink that for two days, 5 times a day and you should start getting better.If the honey is not an option, you can try to use ice on that ear. But only ice that comes from bottled water, the purer the better. The water will slid into the ear and its mineralogical properties will help on treating the soreness. At the same time, you should use an ear-plug to protect the ear. Do this for 2 days as well.In case none of this works, I think the last option should be to go to a doctor. After all he studied many years for something! But only if the above options don’t work!Hope that helps!

My kitten sneezed on me am I going to get sick?

No you won't get sick. Your system and the cats system have nothing in common and colds are not transferable between humans and cats. If your cat is sneezing a lot, it may have and upper respiratory infection that can kill a kittens quickly if not treated by a vet. If it was just one sneeze, this is normal. Someone mentioned rabies. Don't even worry about that nonsense because domesticated pets just don't get it if living in a populated area.

I ate pink meatballs, am i going to be sick?

I was at a bday party and one of the food choices were meatball sliders. I had one full meat ball and i realized it was a bit pink. It didnt bother me much because i normally eat steak and burgers slightly pink. But i looked it up and saw that meat balls are different. Will i be ok? Am i going to get food poisoning from these meatballs. Its been about 2 and a half hours maybe 3. I feel fine but ever since i started worrying and my stomach fells un easy.

How long am I going to be sick? I just got sick today. I have a sore throat and basal congestion. I'm eating 3 soups, 33 crackers, lots of water, 1 Popsicle, and medicine. How long before I get better?

If I had a crystal ball I could tell you, but I do not. Even a Dr. cannot tell you how long you are going to be feeling ill. Generally speaking, if it's a simple upper respiratory illness, like a cold, typically those last up to a week. The flu may be a bit longer.In any case, there's far too many variables to give you a definitive answer. People who are immuno comprised may be ill for a longer time. If you were sick recently with something else, you may take longer to bounce back from feeling ill again. If you have a physically demanding job and cannot take a day off it may take longer.We cannot tell you. Rest, relax, and your body will heal on its own time.

I just ate expired food. Am I going to get sick?

If it didn't taste bad, you'll probably be fine......but I'm not an expert. I think the dates on some things are really just kind of general freshness dates. I would think syrup would be safe past expiration.........not like meat or other things that really get rotten and smelly. Good luck! Maybe you could call poison control? They might laugh at you, but better safe than sorry?

Should I go on work when I am sick?

If you are contagious, then no. Depending upon the severity of the illness, as long as you can perform your duties without sacrificing the safety of yourself and/or fellow workers, then that decision should be up to you. If you go to work and sit around for your entire shift without doing the work for which you are employed, then you are stealing from your employer.