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Am I Like Big For My Age

I am too big for my age right?

Hi. Am I too fat? I am 13 years old, I weigh 85 lbs. I am 4'11. My bust is 30 inches, my waist is 25.5 inches, My hips are 29.5 inches. Am I too fat? I think I am way too big for my age. I am being serious, please answer with your honest opinions. Thanks!

How big should my Dick be at the age of 15?

im like around 7.4 inches right now. I was just wondering what the average was because i just want to know if that's considered big for my age. and just wondering if girls consider that big, for my age? so yeah thanks i guess.

Do I have a big cock for my age?

No one cares. So you don't need to be thinking about it at your age.

Are my breasts too big for my age??

They are rather large, but since your family has large breasts it's to be expected.

I am 16 and my size is 34C.Is it too big for my age?

Actually, I've read that 36 C is the average bra size for American women. Most 16 year old breasts have also stopped growing. How tall are you? If you are taller than like 5'6 and you are 112 lbs. then you are on the thin side and your breasts may be big for your body. My breasts are a 36 D and I'm on the thin side so they look big for my body. Here's a little article on the subject that I found interesting!

I am too big for my age right?

No, you certainly are not. If anything you are underweight. At 4ft 11, you should be around 90-95 lbs. If you are worried, see your dr. You are growing up now, you will get taller and heavier. You have to be a certain weight before normal puberty can begin.

My age is 26. Can I still do something big?

Yes of course! You CAN do something big! But that 'something' depends on what skills you have or what you are interested in doing. Truly speaking, it more importantly depends on how you define 'BIG'.I think I did something Big to my parents when it made them smileI think I did something Big in academics when I score better than last time.I think I did something Big in a game when I beat the top score.I think I did something Big in a sport when our team won the game.I think I did something Big in a debate when others appreciate my views.See? It all depends on how big you think you do. So, instead of having doubts on your abilities, just do whatever you are good at and do it the best. Big or small are just relative terms. So just compare how Bigger you are than yesterday. As long as you are satisfied with what you do, there is no question of not growing. Just focus on your talents and work on your dreams-daily, every minute, every second. You won't succeed in whatever it is that you want to do unless you yourself believe that YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING BIG.Good luck :)