Am I Making The Right Decision Leaving

Am I making the right decision by leaving my business under a trusted friend's care to travel the world for at least 3 months?

You are probably having second thoughts about this trip more so because you don't know what to do as you said.  Many people take trips to "find themselves" in those trips the people often learn about the hardships in the world and sometimes have revelations, but I do not think it is a cure-all for your problems.  When you get back your business and daily life will still be there to face you (in whatever condition your friend leaves it in), you may not have learned anything at all, and you probably spent a bunch of money you could have used on the business.  Instead of looking around the world try looking deep within.  Analyze your thoughts learn a little about psychology and philosophy and how others obtain happiness.  Try and find more fulfillment from your business put even more of yourself into it.  Take pride in all you have done and relish the challenges of life and the fact that you get a good one.  It will be less risky and less costly, thanks for the A2A hope it helps.

Am I making the right decision by attending college?

I see no comment posted. But deciding to attend college is definitely a good decision.Read this about the benefits of college education, .

Did I make the right decision by leaving him?

Nope ! you did not do any mistake if you know he never deserved you and treated you bad for no mistake of yours; its better to move out of that relationship.But consider this situation as well :Relationships always have their ups -downs.When you have enjoyed good times with a person, you also need to witness his/her bad phases also.Sometimes, in life you can not give importance to anyone because you yourself might need help with something. Living in such long relationship, the pampering also dies out with time.Relationships have phases, breakups, reunions and what not. Its how you are looking up to the situation.Your anger is apt over his behavior of not caring for you, but don't do it unless you don't know what is the reason behind his mindset change. Nothing happens overnight. Everyone loves to be in loving relationship.Don't assume things, If he loved you as well then there must be something bothering or irritating him also or you never know He may have found someone else. Try to know both sides of the coin then take a decision. It could be anything.Have a sincere, mature conversation , know his side also, If he also wants to move on, then do know the reason. This will help you in the end :1. You will be in peace if he's not worth you. This feeling of worthlessness will go.2.If you were at fault, you will know and you ll never repeat it. It will help you in longer run.

What do I do? Am I making the right decision to quit my job?

Only you can answer that question.Sit down, take a deep breath and do an analysis. Except for very rare circumstances, it is best to find a job before quitting.Having said that, i quit 2 jobs with 2 weeks notice and no replacement job.In both cases i had enough savings to carry myself thru and my skills were in demand so i did not expect to be out of work long.I always keep my resume and linked in account updated. I reach out to former bosses/coworkers to maintain my professional relationships and my reputation is good. All this enabled me to feel secure in leaving without another position lined up.If you are not in a similar position i recommend you get a new position first.Make good rational choices.

I caught my boyfriend with a call girl. Am I making the right decision to leave him?

No get married and then the cost for him will drop because you will be paying half . I’m sure he will appreciate your generosity. You won’t have spoilt kids either as for some reason you will never be able to save money.On second thoughts maybe leave him after all if you want AIDS just hang around him long enough and you can catch it from him.Leave him and never look back.

I'm leaving college, I think it's the right decision?

So I don't enjoy the school I'm going to right now, it's very small and I am having difficulties meeting people. I am also at a point in my life where I am struggling to figure out what I want to do and what I would be happy in. I am currently majoring in sociology which is just chock full of insane propaganda that I really don't agree with and I feel like if I were to graduate with this degree it would just be four years wasted. My grades aren't so good right now and I don't feel motivated to continue on with this, I feel like I just need a break from school in general.

I want to go back to college and maybe do something along the lines of product engineering or maybe pharmaceuticals but my school has a very short list of majors, most of which are liberal arts degrees which I am not interested in. I want something that I will feel proud of but I just need some time off to think things through. I was thinking about getting a job and working for a year or two and maybe take a few classes at my local community college just to get my bearings. What do you think of my decision.

How do you know if you made the right choice of leaving someone? I am having doubts and miss them.

You have answered your own question in that, first, you left someone for good reasons (I am assuming). Second, of course, in any close or energy and time consuming relationship, you will miss someone involved with those efforts and habits. So, it is not at all unusual to “miss them” until you have created, for yourself, activities in your daily schedule that make you feel good about yourself and your growth and choices in your own personal development.Right now, your job is to “fill the gaping hole” with self-affirming, constructive, actions that incorporate your own dreams and aspirations for daily life and a good future.Best wishes, I know that you can “go the distance” since you have made a healthy start!!! Get busy…and feel good about yourself in so doing - whatever it is, within normal life restrictions, that you want to do!!!Have fun, and keep in touch here on Quora to let us (your compatriots in situation and caring) know about how you are progressing in growth and happiness, fulfillment and purposeful joy!!

Am I making the right decision by quitting school for half a year to work on myself?

Without knowing what you will be doing in the mean time, I can’t give you a good response. It sounds like you could use it, provided you don’t start stressing about wasting time. What “school” are we talking here? High school? College? If you’ve got a place to stay and not need to worry about work, it might work out, as long as you talk it over with all relevant parties. If you don’t have it all figured out, then it’ll be even more stressful.Evaluate your life and talk it over with friends, family, therapist, and school councilor. No one else can make this kind of decision for you. Consider your options with a calm, level head and be strong whatever your decision.

Am I making the right choice to join the U.S.M.C?

I 've told my wife to leave because I caught her cheating with a homeboy.Now I cant see my two kids, I miss them very much but I cant see them cuz I really dont know where they went to so am I making the right choice by joining the marines?

Did Cristiano Ronaldo make a good decision by leaving Real Madrid for Juventus? And why?

Ronaldo made the correct choice of leaving Real Madrid because:In spite of winning 3 Champions Leagues in a row and scoring so many goals, he wasn't given a new contract matching to Messi's and Neymar’s.Real Madrid didn't show the support he needed during the tax fraud allegations.In spite of performing so well for so many years, being the best in the world and club top scorer, he was booed by the fans occasionally and was considered second to De Stefano. While on the other hand, Manchester United fans still love him and Juventus fans applauded him for his goal (which I'm surprised was not given the PUSKAS)His relationship with Asensio, Isco and Bale deteriorated.After leaving the comments from Bale, Ceballos, Carvajal, Varane and Ramos show their attitude towards him. He wasn't respected.Size of his friend circle in the dressing room went down after departure of James Rodriguez, Pepe etc. His suggestions were not considered for new signings. (like Andre Silva)This guy has won so many games for you. He is the first and foremost reason for your success. He isbthe top scorer of your club with a goal ratio of more than 1/game. Has won 4 ballons d’or for your club. 2 FIFA The BEST awards. Still what more he has to do?I think his decision was correct to leave a club who didn't love r him anymore