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Am I Overreacting Being Immature

Am I overreacting to being called the n word?

At my school this girl keeps saying the n word. N word this,n word that, n word shut up. It always made me uncomfatable but I didn't want to say anything and seem like I was being too sensitive. Then today she decided she yelled at me n word come here. I told her nicely to not call me that please. And she was like why? I told her I didn't like the word and let it go even though she says it every five seconds. I told her just don't call me that. She told me I was overreacting and that everyone says it. All the rappers and black people say it so I can say it. I told her I didn't say she couldn't say it because I don't want to seem like I'm sensitive and I told her I just didn't want her calling me the n word. I was always taught to never say it and that it was a bad and hurtful word that people use to call my ancestors. I don't even like rappers or my friends saying it anyone at all. The girl called me a racist and said I'm only saying it because she's white. But that's not the case at all! I hate when anyone says it! What do you guys think?

Am I overreacting or is my boyfriend (period sex)?

My boyfriend and I started getting it on, with him knowing I'm currently on my period. We've had sex when I'm on my period before, but he was not sure if he wanted to do it now. So I jokingly said that it's more lubricated now. Jokingly!
He responded by saying ew ew ew ew that's SO gross etc.
So I thought to myself, well if you are being this disrespectful and don't want this you can't have anything and started putting on my clothes. He left because he said I was overreacting 'because of my hormones' (yeah right..)
I think he's being very immature and disrespectful. Not only to me but to woman in general.
So.. Who's being the ***** here?

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Im i over reacting to my wife's comment?

About a month ago my wife and I were having sex, and she seemed disinterested and kinda bored. So I stopped and asked

What's wrong?
I can clearly tell something is wrong, this goes on for about 10 min and finally she says
"I, I just wish you were bigger" wtf? We've been married 7 years and together 10. At first I'm just kinda crushed, but I tell myself you're well over average size so its not my issue. But that doesn't make it hurt any less.

I didn't really speak to her much over the next few days and thoughts begun to creep into my head about why the sudden desire for my penis to be bigger. I start to think maybe she has been cheating on me. I ask her and she says she isn't. Well I just can't bring myself to have sex with her its been over a month and she is starting to get pissed, she is crying a lot and is always saying she is sorry. But how can you be sorry for something you want? She says I'm being immature and I'm ruining our marriage. I just think in her mind if I have sex with her that its all ok. The more she pushes the more I dig in.

I can't get her to answer why the sudden desire for a bigger penis. "I didn't mean it like that" how else could she mean it?

Overall it shouldn't be a big deal I just want an answer.

Is it overreacting to block someone on Facebook because they unfriended you?

I'd say yes, but then again I think the fact people nowadays take social networks so personally is childish and overreacting.I think it's overreacting to even be upset whenever someone unfriends you or blocks you online. Unfriending someone is stupid on its own, in my opinion, unless the person who's been unfriended was somehow harassing the other, but blocking someone just because they've unfriended you is completely childish because it just means you really got butthurt over it and are lowering your level by doing so.What I mean is, whoever unfriended you was already kinda childish, but if you block them because of that you just prove to be even worse. Just let it go and move on, it's just a social network, don't get upset over such a worthless thing. If they don't wanna be your "friends", they why should you want them to be? They don't deserve it at all, so don't go as low as they have and move on.

Was it immature for me for getting mad at my boyfriend...?

every time we are out and he sees "emo" looking chicks, he laughs at them. when I brought up getting a tattoo he said "no don't tattoos are stupid." so today i was laying next to him and he was on facebook on his ipad, and i looked over and there was just half naked chick after half naked chick on his news feed. It turns out he started following "suicide girls" google it if you don't know what that is. I got kind of upset and he got suuper mad at me for getting upset and ultimately I left. I feel like if he has told me that he hates stupid tattooed scene chicks and even if he hadn't told me that, why does he need to follow it on facebook to make sure he sees tons of them everytime he signs on? Am I over-reacting and acting immaturely...? thanks

A girl got really upset after I rejected her. Is she overreacting?

I'm 17 and in high school. I'm kinda popular at school because of my guitar and my singing. Everyday at lunch, I go to some quiet location and just play my guitar. The girls at my school really dig it. A bunch of em have asked me out in the past but I've rejected them all. I'd rather focus on my guitar and my grades.

One girl in particular was really fond of me. She'd come over and hear me play every day. She talked with me and texted me alot. I tried to be friendly but eventually, she asked me out. I rejected her like all the others but she took it really hard. She started crying and then accused me of leading her on. She called me a jerk and ran away. Some of her friends are mad at me now as well. They're spreading rumours that I'm gay...

Seriously, are they just being immature jerks?

Am I overreacting or does my girlfriend touch me too much?

I love starting a new relationship. For one thing, we can never keep our hands off each other :).The initial feeling of infatuation leads to all kinds of spontaneous sexual activities. I’ve had sex with new lovers in airplanes, on beach blankets, against the wall standing up - and on bear skin rugs in front of the fireplace.No amount of touching is ever too much for me at that stage of a relationship.In my experience, as a relationship tends to evolve after some time passes, the non-stop touching of each other’s erogenous zones tends to calm down and settles into kissing and hugging, both before and after love-making.Your girlfriend is apparently still in the infatuation stage in your relationship. She’s acting like this is the first time in her life that she’s had full access to a man’s penis. It’s her newest toy and she wants to play with it non-stop. Can you really blame her? :)I do understand from your narrative that she seems to be going overboard with this:Q: “I love my girlfriend first off, and we have sex at least once a day most of the timeTwice. But in between all that, whenever we are doing anything, she always has her hands on my penis, like for example if we are laying down to go to sleep she has to hold it, if we are watching a movie same thing, if I walk by she does it. I told her about it and now she thinks I don't want to have sex with her and I don't like it and her feelings are hurt. This is also about the 20th time I've told her to stop. Am I over reacting?”You want to know if you’re overreacting. And you likewise ask us, is she touching you too much?I would respond to this by saying, “it depends.”If you feel it’s too much, then it’s certainly too much for you. But would it be too much for me? Maybe yes and maybe no — it would depend on my mood, the time of day and how frisky I was feeling at the time. I might even make a game out of it, letting her lead me around the room using my penis as a leash ;)It’s obviously not too much for her though.Can you two strike a compromise? She could touch your penis anytime she wants to, as long as it’s after, say, 5:00pm? Would that work for you? Or how about if she agrees to give you oral sex every time she touches you? Could you tolerate that much affection?I could.

My 17 year old friend acts so childish and immature?

it;s not even in a cute way. anything me and anyone else says she constantly going "OMG you loser, you ddnt even watch that program!"
it's like shes trying so hard to be cool, but coming across as desperate.. she doesnt have much other friends cause people think shes weird when she acts like that.
i think shes fun most times. just she has moodswings. my favourite thing on tv that i love she sais she knows whats going to happen, i said "Dont tell me"
and she told me, sent me a message saying everything! then she told my friends who asked her not to. then she said, "Wise up, you are losers it was so obvious anyways"
then i kinda said, ye"yeah,, shh,, go away" and talked to my other friend.
Then she randomly goes,"Btw if you put on any weight you would be really fat" to me
and i know im not fat cause im slighlty underweight so everyone just went "what you on about" and she goes "you have chinese evey night"
which is a lie so why she going on like this? to get attention.
she curses just to appear cool, lik calling me "slu t" or "wh ore" and we are far from it. and she called me a "dunce" today, saying shes never met anyone a f-ing stupid as me! and i came back with, "ahh didnt i get higher than you in my exams..?"

she often comes out with "OMG you are sooo sad, "
and i dont understand why she cantgrow up and show others respect! i know children who act more decent than her!

what should i say to her. when we've tried she does the whole not talking thing or goes "So?" orr "wise up!"

sorry a little rant i know! any advice ??

Do immature people get angry/mad/upset easier than mature people?

Everything else being even, including personality, mental state, etc, yes.  People are individual, and can be both mature and immature.  Rather than think of it as two people, since it's hard to imagine a real example, and perhaps a bit unfair, look at it this way.  Given one person who is at the moment calm and in control, that person will handle things better than the same person who in a different moment might act like an immature child.  If someone has a tendency to be one or the other more of the time, then you can see what will happen in an argument.  The mature one is going to win in the end, even if it takes multiple arguments, discussions, and time, because they are keeping calm and using their head, and if they don't win, then the discussion isn't over and they will calmly continue it later when the immature one has cooled off.People are more mature when they show good self control; they are able to remain calm, handle their emotions well, and think clearly.  People are thought of as less mature when they act up, seem selfish or egotistical, or show a lack of priority and understanding for what is important. Give a person who acts immaturely some time to recover and repent privately, and they may very well show their maturity afterwards.  The difference is that someone acting maturely will not only recognize what needs to be done, but they will organize themselves and take care of it with the appropriate manner.Gaitsiri Mongkolsmai Lin's answer to What is maturity? How can the maturity of a person be defined?