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Am I Overreacting Or Am I Right

Play fighting gone too far or am i overreacting?

So basically like alot of couples me and my bf wrestle right. Sometimes he'll bite me playfully or pinch me or move me in a wierd way and i get hurt. I've told him i don't like it and he may not know his own strength.Last night i got really upset about it and told him to leave and now things are slightly uncomfotable between us. What can i do to make him stop? or am i just overreacting?.

Am I overreacting to him not texting me?

So... I'm not exactly sure what my relationship is with this guy right now. Here's what we have told each other: we like each other, and have liked each other for a LONG time. We told each other this in December. The other night he held my hand during a movie. It was a HUGE deal for me because that has never happened to me before. The next day, I had my wisdom teeth taken out (he knew this) and I have been recovering with no texts or calls from him. I mean, he was very much aware of the fact I was having them taken out... and I haven't gotten any texts or calls. He is younger than me, and he used to tell my friends all the time that I was way out of his league and that he didn't deserve me and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it, but still! Yes he's a guy, but we're so close and kind of boyfriend and girlfriend that I was just hoping for some acknowledgment of my existence during this time. Plus, before Christmas he promised me he'd take me on a date over the winter break and he also told me he'd bring me a smoothie when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I really, really like him... I just don't know how to handle this situation.

Am I overreacting or in the right/?

.There's definitely an issue there. Either she's got some kind of disorder (which should be addressed) or she's just really lazy (in which case her suitability as a partner might be in question).

I wouldn't stick with someone in that situation, if he was only working 12 hrs/wk because that's all he wanted to work (not for lack of being able to find work). Sleeping all day isn't groovy either. If you're going to be home, keep the house clean and do all the domestic stuff that needs to be done. Have you suggested that to her?

Do I have a right to be mad or am I just overreacting?

Dear Jason,My first response is that you have a right to your emotions. However, our enmotions may not always be sensible, logical or correct.The heat of anger can burn hot and cause lots of damage. You really need to examine yourself and see how well you deal with anger. Do you control it, or does it control you??I think many people are much better off if the stop and count to 25 ( not 10 ) before they respond to anything that has made them angry.Better yet is not to comment until any anger passes, and your emotions are no longer in charge.Sure, this approach can seem very frustrating and some might see it as not speaking up for yourself. But, anger attracts lots of other negative thoughts and feelings. You might be angry because of the way a persons drives too fast, but you don’t stop at their driving and start to add faults and instances that are a week, three weeks or four months old and have nothing to do with driving. kapmkapm

Did my sister overreact or did she have a right to feel offended by my so-called "sexist" comment?

I'm a gay man and my sister is a straight woman. I was visiting my sister, her husband and their children over the weekend. I had a heated argument with my boyfriend over the phone because he was getting very disrespectful and demanding, so I just lost it.

I said to my boyfriend "You better watch how you talk to me. I am not your wife and I am not your b*tch. Last time I checked I had a d*ck and two nuts in between my legs just like you do."

When I finished that angry conversation and hung up with my boyfriend, my "politically correct" big sister told me that my comment was very sexist and she took offense to it. I didn't bother to ask her why because I didn't want to argue with my own sister when I'm supposed to be spending time with her and my nephews. Did she overreact? What was so sexist about my comment? What did my comment mean besides me simply demanding my respect from my boyfriend?

Son spanked, daughter isn't?. is this right or am i over reacting.?

hi got a question. been seeing a guy, really good dad to his kids, he has son and a daughter. his son is 15years old, his daughter is 11 years old and there mum died in a car accident years back. I am a single parent myself. I don't spank my daughter who is 14 and never have, he does, well he spanks his son on his bare butt with belt but not his daughter, his daughter is constantly carrying on and he lets her off the hook. his son is a nearly 16 (2months away) and i have said to him about the way he treats them different. his son is well mannered and respectful young man to everyone around him, he does a lot more chores, well his typical day is to come home from school clean house, clean car garage and tidy up around house, weekends he works in supermarket and his dad requests he is in a club (boys brigade or somethin...), he pays money to dad for living there, he buys food, he also studies at intermediate 2 level for maths, english, physics and computing , plays rugby/football and goes swimming twice a week, plus its summer holiday and he is up at 6.30am out running as he also requests that, his daughter does nothing apart from mess around and has a laptop and lyes in bed all day, he doesn't get much time to do his own thing and doesn't get to go out much himself with friends, he also goes to church once a week (sunday). I guess you could say we are kind of in the beginning of a relationship, when i spoke to him about the way he treats his children he gets stubborn, his dad brought him up the same way. He does not abuse his son if that is what you thinking. he just comes down harder on him. and his son does have a busy life. He respects his dad, but every so often his dad will spank him when he does things wrong, if he is late or if his grades fall which is NEVER, i.e his dad checks his work and if it isnt correct after so many times he'll spank him. it isn't illegal to spank where we live, i just dont believe in it personally, but it obviously hasnt done anything bad for his son, you couldnt get a nicer boy. a lot of boys in the area have girlfriends, thats another thing he doesn;t believe in. i think that a young good look intelligent young boy/man should be out mingling>>>> do you think i am over reacting>>> as i say its not illegal to spank here. and he does show his son a lot of love.

am i over reacting?

Is my boyfriend treating me badly or am I over-reacting?

Your boyfriend is treating you badly. You're not over-reacting. This Quora blog may give you some insight...Relationships III by Rick Cormier on Rick's Rants

My son just told me he was gay so I told him he is overreacting. Did I do the right thing?

Seriously? Do you think this is the right thing?Telling your child they are wrong about one of the most important things in their life, you think telling him he’s overreacting, is the right thing to do? Are you out of your f*&king mind?You just did the absolute worst possible thing you could to your child, you told him, how he feels and what he feels and who he loves doesn’t matter to you, you think he’s being overly dramatic and you do not approve. Do you want to know what is going on in his head right now? Does my parent love me? Are they right? No, I know I’m right, could I be wrong? No, I can’t be wrong, I’ve felt this way for so long. But parent said….Do you want to know how I know about the inner dialogue going on right this second in your son’s head? I had the exact same one after I came out to my mother and her response was, “No, you’re not dear, have more tea.” I was 33 years, I knew exactly what I was, but her response still gave me pause and made me doubt my instincts, once again. The damage is long-lasting.The correct and only response is, I love you, thank you for respecting me enough to come out and would you like to talk about it? Just know, I’m here for you whatever you need, whenever you need it. I love you.If you can’t say that, shame on you, you never should have had children.

Am I overreacting to distrust my girlfriend/roommate?

Last night I was playing around on my girlfriend/roommate's cell phone trying to find out if one of her friend's number matched up with my latest missed call. After getting bored with that, I went into the inbox on her phone and saw three messages from her ex boyfriend.

She and her ex had met up on the day before valentine's day while I was at work. She had never said anything about it. All I did was say, "I knew I was right about you all along." Then I gave her back her cell phone and left to the apartment.

I don't think they actually did anything sexual or even held hands, but to me, it still seems dishonest for the girl to not inform the guy if she's hanging out with her recent ex boyfriend. What do you thinK?

Am I overreacting for worrying about my future and college during junior year? My family thinks I’m overthinking about it too soon, but I’m worried about my possible options.

Lol, I think your family might be right.Calm down.. there’s nothing to worry about here.. not at all.All that needs to be on your mind for now.. and for quite a while.. is your studies. Focus !!Concentrate on your DAILY studies.. your future will unfold as time goes by. You don’t actually need to specialise yet, do you? If you are pretty sure what you want or need to study for at least the next year or two.. then do only that.Worrying never did anyone any good anyway.. and it can (and does..) actually do a lot of folk real harm.Worrying never solves anything, how can it? But it CAN distract you so much that you ruin what you should be doing right now.So yes, you are over reacting.. try to stop dwelling on what’s important.. and concentrate on what IS important.. right now.The things that worry you might well become important in years to come.. but if they genuinely do not matter right now.. then let them go..To achieve your best in college.. or anywhere… you must live in the moment.. be focused.. concentrate on your ‘now’. Understand what it is that you need to do.. and then go to it !!Good luck.