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Am I Overweight These Are My Extra Characters

If a soldier gets chaptered out of the Army for being overweight, what will happen?

A lot of these questions will depend on the soldier's command and MOS. If the soldier is failing to meet the weight standard and/or failing to meet PT standards, he or she will likely get a bad RE code (general and NOT honorable)on his/her DD-214, meaning that soldier would have a hard time getting back in the military.

GI Bill will more than likely be effected if the soldier fails to complete his/her tour. I don't know of any place in regulation that explains that, because it's generally on a case-by-case basis done by individual commands.

Here is a link that explains discharge codes:

With retention being low, they might choose to not release the soldier. They could try many options such as constant counseling, bad evals, extra mandatory PT, weight-loss classes. Believe me, if the soldier is a good one, they will work with that solider to keep him/her in. If that soldier is currently deployed, this will not get him/her sent home by any means. They will be given diagnostic after diagnostic...essentially making their life a living hell.

My suggestion would be to avoid this type of release if at all possible. This is especially true if command in any way thinks that soldier is trying to shirk responsibility, i.e. avoiding deployment, etc.

Some options would include, trying to get transfered to a reserve or National Guard situation (this can often give you time to get back to standard), working with command to get back to standard, or accepting the discharge and forfeiting the benefits.

What causes azsma (20 characters)?

My child's asthma runs in the family, pure and simple. It's on my side and my husband's side, in people who were both formula fed and breastfed, and in people who have never, ever been around smokers. It's just genetics in his case. My kid was breastfed for a long time, and has never, ever been even close to overweight.

There's no such thing in medical terminology as "childhood asthma." It's just asthma. But the fact is that kids have smaller airways and are therefore often more likely to have trouble dealing with respiratory problems than adults. Often as they get bigger and their airways get bigger, they grow out of it. It's like ear infections. Some kids will have them over and over (formula and breastfed kids), and as they get older and their earways get larger, they quit having problems.

How is casting handled for roles that call for an unattractive person? How do the actors feel about it?

There is a lot about the way this question has been asked that gives me pause (and frankly, some of the answers sent my eyebrows skyward as well). I will address this from my own personal experiences as one of the "fat and uglies". I live in New York, not Hollywood, and make my living as a professional actress. I get auditions through my agent and my manager, just like the ingenues. Roles I audition for, and book, are probably 50% look-specific and 50% not. But I am, as is necessary in my business, fully aware of how I look. My fatness is not a secret that is being kept from me, that I feel uncomfortable with people addressing. I am fat. I also feel very attractive in my everyday life, because at the end of the day, what I do at work is PLAY A ROLE. TV and film are not life. I do not get my self-esteem from the outward attractiveness of the parts I play. I view playing a role that is described as "fat" or "unattractive" as a challenge and an opportunity. There is a widening chasm between how people on tv look and the appearances of the people watching at home, and I am proud to be an actress that women "of a certain size" can identify with. To me, it's not about being a freak. It's about portraying characters that could live in the real world, that are mothers or stage managers or fast food restaurant employees, that go through life without the benefit of plastic surgery and personal trainers. I am not an actor so I can look pretty, or to collect a paycheck and be laughed at. I am an actor because there is nothing on Earth I enjoy as much as acting.

Is being fat loosely equated to a "weak" character?

I know that some fat people are that way due to some medical condition, etc. However, in America almost 2/3s of the population is overweight and almost a 1/3 are obese. That means out of 300,000,000 people in the US...200,000,000 are classified as overweight and 100,000,000 of the overweight group are obese. With those kinds of numbers it is IMPOSSIBLE to defend the notion that everyone of those people have some kind of medical issue that prevents them from being within a healthy range. Not only that, but trying to make excuses for differences in metabolism etc are not possible because obesity was never an issue before the baby boomer generation. That being said...there can only be one logical, rational conclusion to this issue...character weakness. As a former fat person, I struggled for 3 years to lose weight through diet and lots of exercise without anyone to push me. No girlfriend, no family members, no friends for support. I did it all myself. And now, not only have I lost 30+ pounds but I have changed my lifestyle to include exercise 6 days a week and eat much healthier. I am no more or less human than anyone else, but I knew what had to be done because I knew that science has proven time and again being overweight/obese can (and often will) lead to heart disease and type II diabetes...or worse. So why is it that so many people are unable to lose the weight, in spite of all the undeniable evidence we have regarding weight and health? Have we Americans simply become apathetic and complacent due to our weak personalities?

Why do fat unattractive girls hit on guys in-shape?

I'm a gym rat kinda guy who has a very detailed diet and workout regularly. I don't eat junk food and I always try for 8-hrs of sleep a night and dot go out to bars or clubs often. My self imageand health means alot to me. My question is why do fat, unattractive girls seem to hit on me especially on dating sites? If I take care of myself, why would I want to be with someone that let's their body go and don't live the fitness lifestyle I do? The reason Im asking this is because growing up most boys are taught its what's on the inside that matters. But as an adult, Im looking for a girl that's outside matches her inside. I.e. She look as nice as she acts.

Can I get some opinions?

Has anyone quit smoking & didn't gain weight?

Not all smokers who quit, gain weight, it's about half and half, and then it's just a few pounds. It is important to quit sensibily, by not replacing one addiction with another, and most smokers who are overweight to begin with are the ones who carry on with their bad food habits after quitting, unless they deal with that with a good stop smoking program that covers their whole addiction character.

So, the 2 main reasons that people gain weight when they quit smoking are 1: due to the slight slowing down of the body's metabolism when there's no nicotine around, and 2. some people replace smoking with food.

There are a lot of other factors, such as exercise and emotions, but unfortunately the latest research to hit the headlines distorts the real truth, and that is much more pleasant. Remember so much research is done or funded by biased parties, so take everything with a grain of salt and look at the rational aspects of it. The rational facts about smoking and weight are here, plus some great free advice to follow: