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Am I Really Bad Looking Guy Be Honest. Pic Included

Am i a bad looking guy??

I was just wondering if you thought i was an ugly guy?? Honestly, what would you think if you saw me at random in the street or something. Apart from the hair, which i have since cut, how would you rate me?? Please be 10000000000000% honest. I am quite confused atm and it worries me a lot. Thanks.

Am i ugly? (pic included)?

you look like you're trying too hard to be 'cool'

Guys never flirt with me..? (pics included)?

i'm 14 and guys barely ever talk to me, flirt with me or seem interested in me. honestly (this is embarrassing) but i haven't even made out with a guy yet! honestly, i don't see why guys don't flirt with me or seem to like me. i don't think there's anything bad about me that is the reason they don't like me or what stops guys from being into me of all girls.
some people say "guys are just scared to talk to pretty girls like you", but i see guys flirt with better looking girls than me, and even not-so-good looking girls! so what's wrong with ME!?

like i said, i don't think i'm THAT ugly, fat, dorky, etc. or whatever other reason guys wouldn't like me, but maybe i am and just don't notice it.
honestly, what could be the reason guys aren't interested i really LOOK that bad? (I am not fishing for compliments)

thanks. :)

I really like a I guy met online and he likes me too. But I'm not attractive and he thinks I'm pretty just by my picture. I'm scared to meet him in person and that he may not like me at all. But I also really want to meet him. I really, really like him. What do I do ?

I was in same situation before 3rd December 2016. Because on 3rd I finally decided to overcome my insecurities, low confidence and to meet him. So I travelled all the way from Hyderabad to Mumbai to meet him. Time and place was decided. Few hours before the meeting I was stone cold and was running low on confidence fuel. I just made up my mind that this might be the first and last time I was going to see him. May be after this he is gonna stop talking to me. Point to be noted: He has dated all beautiful girls, few of them were model and struggling actresses too.So long story cut short, we met and we really had a good time. He complimented me. I felt good. We kissed. Yes we were seeing each other for the first time but yes the chemistry was good, so it just happened. Anyway after the first meet was over, we decided to meet next day. Next day was bit ugly. I was late. He was fuming. So after lot of fuss, everything was normal. While dropping me back home, he even expressed his desire to travel to Hyderabad to meet me. My happiness knew no bounds that day. I was awestruck.It was all like fairytale till this. I am not sure what went wrong. Once i was back to Hyderabad, he kind of ignored me. I tried my best not to be bothered about that. May be he has something else on his mind. So now the current situation is that he doesn't message anymore.My intention is not to bring your confidence down. I would like you to love yourself. I encourage you to go and meet him. Let that guy know that whoever he is, you are no less. You're queen of your world. But beware of what's flirting and what's genuine. Whatever it may be, never be heart broken.Atlast, All the best!

Am I ugly be brutally honest? (pics)?

no ur not but you should wear different clothes

How do I know if I'm a good looking guy?

If you’re looking for a purely objective measure of attractiveness based solely on your face (which I don’t particularly value highly as a human being, but obviously is my field of work), artificial intelligence (ai) can tell you how good looking you are:Am I good looking? - the website will tell youTo use it, just upload a photo and get a result (pretty simple)Or, if you are looking for a more subjective means of determining how attractive you are (since beauty is in the eye of the beholder) - this dating app will give you a pretty solid measure of whether you’re hot or not hot. The dating app automatically understands how attractive you are and who is likely to find you attractive based on many past interactions. For instance, maybe you are Asian or Swedish - both looks are quite different, and what makes an Asian attractive may be quite different than what makes a Swede attractive. When you match with someone, you will know they think you’re attractive.Even within a particular ethnicity, there are many different “looks”. For instance, is someone looking for a Jason Statham or a Chris Hemsworth? The app will automatically show your profile to more people who are looking for people with your desired look, and more specifically, people who have liked other similar looking people. The app also lets users search for a particular look and find celebrity look-alike dating app profiles. Users can do this by uploading a photo and find similar looking people.If you’re a developer and you’re looking for an API that you can use programmatically, you should try the this: Haystack’s Attractiveness API - Hotness API - It is used by developers and companies who need a way to automatically determine if someone is attractive or not in a few milliseconds. There are also other APIs that can do age, gender, ethnicity/race, facial recognition, face detection, same face detection and liveness detection here: Haystack AI.The technology behind these websites and apps is quite new (as of 2017) and uses a neural network that was trained on millions of face images that were rated by humans. I’d be happy to provide more details on the specifics of this research if you’d like.Regardless of your outcome, as a great used car salesman I once knew said, “there’s an ass for every seat” - Someone will think that you’re a good looking guy, even if you’re not good looking in everyone’s eyes. Just don’t give up!

Do guys like looks or personality!? (GUYS!!!) Pics!?

yes...guys go for depends what type of guy you like...funny, smart, and just good character is what wins a guy over...

Honestly, is my nose ugly ? pic?

i hate that huge bump on my bridge of my nose and the droopy thing under nostrils. and its huge, i think, too. what do you think about it ?
also guys, would you fin that kind of nose on a girl attractive?

Guys.. Is she a butterface (see pic), honest opinions please?

butterface as in everythings hot 'but her face'
(yea sorry i know.. wearing sunglasses )